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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Sparkling eyes of Love

I've fallen in LOVE again!  :P

As they always say, " The eyes are the window to the soul " and the first thing everyone notices on a person's face is they eyes..

Makes me wonder why~ ~ lol
As we all know on the 10th March was the Animax Carnival 2012, organized by Animax Asia

Was feeling like crap all thanks to the fever and i wasn't too keen to do anything especially putting on tons of make up just for cosplay.
Cosplay mood = 0 % last sturday = = ;;;

But just thought of dropping by to say hi to some friends and needed to pass some stuff as well, eventually i had to get out of bed lol

All of a sudden i felt so enthusiastic to put on some make up, and guess why?
I've just gotten a new GEL EYE LINER & LASHES from KISS ME 
was so eager to try them on that day and flaunt it!

Their lashes is definitely something different than the usual cheap ones we cosplayers always use. Once you have tried it there is no turning back!

Now i understood why most cosplayers would pay a reasonable amount to get a good pair of falsies to complete their look. And It plays a very important part in transforming a cosplayer's eyes for different characters .

So here is my experimented look i used for the Animax event, hope this review is helpful to you guys :-)

Here is comes!!! *drum roll please! *
Couldn't love this guys more 
I've always been a fan of gel liners when it comes to creating my cosplay looks, like the ones over HERE
See the naked, yet happy face? :D
And I swear, never once I've used pencil eye liners to do my cosplay make up after discovering i have oily eyelids (it always ended up giving me panda eyes) ever since, I switched to gel liners and NEVER looked back.
P/s : but i still do use pencil liners for daily natural make up (cuz it's easy to blend in, so your eye liner doesn't appear too harsh on your eyes!)
Application for the gel liner is beyond bliss! Just dab in the tip of the brush into the pot ( a little, so that it is easy to control the drawing later)  I'm even able to draw a thin line on the bottom lid without smudging all over the place! It's that smooth!
The color is Deep Jet Black so you may do smokey eye make up and yet your eye liner still can be seen :D
The gel liner will appear like liquid liner when drawn on your eye lids, don't worry! (the reason why you are able to draw smoothly, like you are painting) It will dry within 5 seconds. And the tip on the brush is  designed in a way to reach certain corners of your eyes (tear duct, bottom lid..etc)
Best part is I've used this for more than 12 hours and it hasn't smudge nor gave me panda eyes!
*and not to mention i have oily eye lids and i did not use any primer or whatsoever*
I also discovered it is also WATERPROOF because as a frequent contact lens user, your lens tend to dry up and it's time for eye drops. After applying eye drops and wiping the remaining drops away i noticed the eye liner didn't run a single bit!

Moving on to the Falsies!
Top falsies (Code : 04) with such dramatic designs! Really suitable if you want a change in your usual everyday boring look ~ lol 
My eyes are particularly small (cuz I'm Asian! :-P ) and i was wondering whether i should trim before applying (In the end i can't be bothered, such a waste to trim'em !)
And to my uttermost surprise "IT FITS PERFECTLY!!!!" *rejoice*
The reason why it's wide/ long, it's designed to fit the widest eyes as well :) so small to big can enjoy the love of  KISS ME false eye lashes
Not to mention each pack comes with their own individual lash glue. And their glue is quite strong, it is odorless and suitable for sensitive eyes, because it doesn't sting at all !
And these guys aren't exactly pricey either! compared to other cosmetic lashes.

Next the Bottom lashes~
The criss cross design makes the lashes appear natural on one's eyes once applied, it comes with it's own glue as well :-) It is easy to apply this bottom lash without the help of tweezers , because of the shape, application has never been any easier :D 
Especially for a person like me, whom always try to avoid applying bottom lashes lol~
Voila! Look completed :D  the transformation from my "mata sepet" to this wide eye doll look, all that is left is to put on a wig :-D
A picture of the complete make up♥  
And fret not about the removal :D It comes off quite easily ! Using Cleansing Express by KISS ME (as well :-P) It is a water based cleanser that is gentle with the skin and it doesn't leave behind oily residues after wiping.

See the results after I remove my make up? slick and clean skin without a single trace of make up :D
*excuse my mata sepet please lol* :-D

And All these Fabulous KISS ME products can be yours by just commenting in this Blogpost :- 

Give Me a Reason, Why You Deserve It!

*The winner will receive a goodie bag containing 4 of this heavenly KISS ME cosmetics
*terms and conditions apply* <----PLEASE READ

Your answers should be something like this : -

Example : I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because..I am too fabulous..blah..blah. . .<< your email>>

See? It's easy  and simple!♥ 

CLOSING DATE : 25th March 2012 , 11.59pm

Results :  27th March 2012 , 12pm

So don't forget to leave your comment & spread/Share the LOVE around :-)

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  1. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because I am your fiancee and therefore you should give it to me by default :p

  2. I am not really a fan of lashes when I am still new to cosmetic, it stressed ur lids and make you feel sleepy.

    After a few round of fights by putting on lashes. They really brings the soul into your eyes.

    It's what make me felt confident again , I am not very good looking but friends do say " you have a pair of pretty eyes" Especially when I wore liner + Lashie.


    I feel that I deserved to win this set of eyemake up, because it makes me more than just me. :D
    And I love falsie so much~ I started collecting diamond lash , dolly wink and etcccc~~~


    P/S: U shud give meeeee, coz u know why ×winks*
    plus I AM AWESOME XD

  3. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because having them that kisses-me-skin without making my eyes bleed creates a look so complete! =P

  4. i deserve to win this kiss me cosmetics is because ....i wanna look confident and fresh..because people always say i look like i had not enough sleep or i jz wake up..etc..la....so i hope this could help me look better..
    so hope i get it =) <3



  5. Guys don't forget to leave your valid email address at the end of your comment ya :)

    Thank you!

  6. I wish to win these KISS ME products because I absolutely love KISS ME cosmetics but I am unable to get any because I am saving for college and their prices are above my budget. I absolutely love their make-up remover and falsies. If I had any, they would last me a very long time and I would cherish them as if they were my babies. o(^▽^)o -Luna. luna.mak1994@gmail.com / mayikawnmak8@hotmail.com

  7. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because I love it make-up effect so much and i wish to have it~So that i can use KISS ME cosmetics to make-up and make my eyes look more charming & pretty~XD


  8. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetic is because, for Goodness' sake, Arisa, you know you love me & you want to save me from my disasterous makeup skills, right? =D *kena piak*

    Anyway, let's be serious *ahem*

    In my opinion, the falsies you are giving away will suit my eye shape as mine are more almond-shaped, it will add more drama to my eyes & I can be pretty pretty with you together =DDD *kena piak for being perasan*

    As for the lower lash, I am an idiot with lower lash, so you shall give me the good quality ones like KISS ME & I shall experiment with it (I'll take a picture of me in it, so yeah, just for you baby *chuuu*)

    As for the gel eyeliner, OMGOSH don't make me start on my eyes, they tear up like crazy when I'm applying makeup, my friends are scared to do my eye makeup 'cause I'll cry like they just torture me with some device, so having such a good waterproof gel eyeliner can save me from being a crying panda, yay!

    & for the eye makeup remover, well, a continuation for my epic fail eye story, I will love to pamper my eyes with such a gentle remover, just to avoid them crying again ='DDD

    So yeah, thankies Arisa for having this giveaway, can I haz it? *puppy eyes* *kena shot*


  9. Hello Arisa! :D

    I deserve to win these KISS ME cosmetics is because, to be honest, i've never really owned any Kiss Me products, not to mention any make up products from Japan! >__<

    By the positive way you review these Kiss Me products, i'll definitely really get my hands on some of them soon!

    But since you're having a giveaway, i might as well try my luck hehe! :P

    [ cloudee_days@hotmail.com ]


  10. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because KISS ME gave me confident and shine my looks .I not really pretty but KISS ME make give me confident. KISS ME cosmetic quality is good and lasting.


  11. So, I just need to come up with something witty huh? (;

    Well, I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because you will never have to worry or regret giving it to me, as I will definitely make the most out of it.

    Liner not only makes your face look shaper, it enhances your features that could send a "wow" to every eyes that lands on you. (;

    And most of all, of course I am the most jakun person who needs to be more girl with make ups. lol. Lastly, I'm still awesome. XD


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because I want to be confident with myself and I found out that I can achieve it through the wonders of makeup.

    I've always wanted to try KISS ME cosmetics ever since it was brought into Malaysia but I couldn't do so since it's a bit over budget for a mere high school kid. Nevertheless, I'd make the most out of the cosmetics if I ever get my hands on them! :)


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I deserve to win this KISS Me Cosmetics because I really want to put the Gel Eyeliner to the test. With my 'blessed' oily eyelids which no eyeliner can stay on without getting smudged with or without primer. Even Maybelline's Gel eyeliner smudges on me! :(

    Since it claims to be smudge proof and long-wearing, I want to put it to the test.


  16. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics becos I think I will be able to fully utilize them and it will help my make up to look even better and enhanced.

    I have really oily eyelids and till now, I cant find any eyeliner that suits me becos end up I will be like a panda, so I really hope to try the liquid gel eyeliner!

    besides that, talk about eyelashes, theyre my favourite! I have a lot of collection of eyelashes and I love this pair of eyelashes too! it look so natural and I bet theyre super comfy too!

    besides that, for personally im still searching for the best eye remover I can but seems like I cant find any and I would love to try the cleansing express! and some more it is water based ;) doesnt really like to use oil based remover :)

    Furthermore, Im a make up artist, these cosmetics especially the gel liner can help me a lot in my make up as well.

    Hope you will pick me ;) and I think we have really a lot of things in common, we love make up and I enjoy shootings too ;) love all your work in the cosplay partfolio :)

    have a nice day and really enjoy reading your blog :)


  17. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics because I hardly buy cosmetics due to some reasons but since there's a opportunity, why not just try and win this cosmetics? Thus I would like to try this KISS ME cosmetics as you said in this blog that they are wonderful.


  18. I deserve to win this because what can be even more awesome than having big n pretty eyes with non-smudge whole day long? If I get this prize it also marks the first time of me using the lower false eyelashes! I'm just excited !

    p/s you are very pretty <3


  19. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics because I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!

    But the world needs more convincing so dem falsies could help...


  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I deserve to win Kiss Me cosmetics because I'm a die hard fan of make up!

    I like to watch other people giving make up reviews and make such a great job doing it because I myself could hardly draw a straight liner and falsies because I'm terrible at it and don't know how to put on falsies!

    But after looking at your review, I fell in love with Kiss Me cosmetics because it looks so much fun and easy to put on make up! The liner is an easy, non smudge application and the falsies are gorgeous!

    How I wish I can use this as my basic daily make up! Hopefully I can get more practice and get my make up technique right with this fabulous Kiss Me cosmetics! <3

    email: littlelulu101@hotmail.com

  22. I deserve to win Kiss Me cosmetics because Kiss Me cosmetics looks really good and I want to win it badly!

    Although I've never used Kiss Me cosmetics before, I believe that Kiss Me cosmetics are of good quality and user friendly based on your rave review! The gel eyeliner is amazing as it can draw really really fine lines! I've never been able to draw those fine lines because my eyeliner always smudges and doesn't last very long.

    My cosmetics are cheap store bought products and therefore of not very good quality. Which is why I got very excited when I heard about this giveaway!

    Being a college girl, I love to dress up nicely and wear lovely makeup! However, I don't usually have the budget to splurge on cosmetics goods. Hopefully I will be able to get this! I close my comment with a poem:

    Kiss Me cosmetics are the best,
    It makes you feel confident,
    Sexy, stunning and flawless,
    Seems unbelievable.

    Must be tried and tested,
    Eventually you will be convinced,

    All that has been said and done,
    All that is left is to,
    Cross your fingers,
    And pray.

    email: jcjoannecheah@gmail.com

    Ps: I did read the terms and conditions, hahaha :P

  23. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics because KISS ME cosmetics is to die for!!!

    Fabulous Lashes!!
    Not only does the lashes are soft and comfortable while it's combination with it's gel liner are the Ultimate Duo creating the most look natural looks i desire. Having "electrical pretty big eyes like dolls" makes a woman much more confident than ever!~

    Do i deserve it? HELL YA!!! XD

  24. I deserve to win these products is because well...As you said, we cosplayers tend to use those cheap eyelashes to save budget.
    I would love to have a try on good quality lashes, and after that decide whether it would be worth the price or not.

    I would also love to try on botton lashes as well! Never use them before :x

    As for eyeliner, I have monolid,(my eyelid folds inside) and it sucks when I apply eyeliner because it will SMUDGE, and I tend to get teary as well.

    Hope to be able to win these so that I'll be able to try it, before I buy it.


  25. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because I really do not have the money to afford cosmetics and things like that, I also really enjoy using makeup and beauty products and I don't have many!My parents wont let me buy makeup but they agreed if I win a giveaway then it is fair. Becoming a makeup artist is also my dream lah. I've never tried KISS ME cosmetics before actually but after reading your post, it makes me want them soo so so sooooooo much! You're so good in advertising lah! :D Just so you know I'm really desperate to build up my make up collection. My collection wouldn't be as much as you guys as I only need one per item. one blush, one gel liner, one pencil liner, one one one.. etc. I hope you get me la. :(
    [ woon_diana97@hotmail.com ]

  26. I deserved to win this KISS ME cosmetics because I want, no I need to make my eyes more expressive! You know how they say that eyes are the windows to the soul? I am pretty sure Kiss Me eyeliners and lashies will make it even better! I also have deeply disturbing DOUBLE eyebags so when my eyeliners are smudged:
    Double eyebags + smudged panda eyes = OMFG! Po (Kungfu Panda) is here in Malaysia!=.=

    So save me!

    *Eyes're sparkling, so kiss me*
    (Sixpence none the richer - kiss me)


  27. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because my cosplay wouldn't look amazing without it~!! SamuiYuki1925@hotmail.com

  28. I deserve to win this KISS ME cosmetics is because I hardly can get my cosmetics for cosplay/crossplay because my parents thought that cosmetics are for girls and they don't want to spend any cent for them. I also want to give a try on this product so I can know whether this product suits me or not. ( ゚∀゚ )
    Thank you~



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