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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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New Hairstyle

As you guys know from my latest update on Facebook, I was stuck 3 days at a saloon getting my hair cut, bleached, dyed, washed countless of times and styled

yes, it was the most dreadful experience ever.
Sitting there for 3 days (each day was like nearly 8-9 hours)
and I SWEAR never to do another job like this ever again ~_~ seriously isn't worth the time I've wasted sitting there, unable to do anything.. *sobs*
I have better things to do with my time like finish up my assignments or cleaning my house >_>
A lesson to be learnt.

And there goes my lovely, wavy long black hair TT___TT
Believe it or not, this is my first time dyeing my hair,
my entire life, all i ever did was cut / trim. Never once permanently straighten,nor curled.
i was planning to keep my hair un-dyed till the day i die, well then again.. Work is work >___<

This was done for LOREAL hair competition ( i also don't exactly know the title of the competition lol)
Well, do let me know if you guys ever come across the photos in any magazine :-P
Thanks in advance!

I'm already missing my long black hair * le sobs*

Thanks for dropping by Sugee & Daphny :-)
 It was so funny to see Sugee's reaction when i mentioned they are gonna cut my hair short lololol~~ she feels the pain instead of me XD
For the memories XD

God, the bleaching part was the WORST! because they wanted my hair color to come out "gradient"
so they bleach part by part (in small portions around my entire head)
It took forever to be serious @_@ Another reason why i will never dye my hair again

This is how it looks like after it's been bleached, It look green-ish at some parts..maybe because my hair was too AWESOMELY BLACK? 8D *trollface*
yep I was blonde for a night :P I didn't even dare to show up for class the following day because of the unfinished hairstyle >_< lols~
Thanks Bryan (my stylist) for letting me keep the whole ponytail as memories, you must be thinking I'm insane to request something like this XD

Didn't really take any photos on Day 2, because it was just trimming (again) and dyeing + hair steam lol

 Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~ ~ ~
My hair has turned COPPER
Sorry, this is the only clear photo I've got of my first hairstyle,and it's poor quality because i took using the front camera on my HP (it's MUCH lower resolution)
But i will try to get the photos from the photoshoot soon :)
Me no likey the color, cuz it's starting to get more orange-ish now :-(
But i love the haircut though  ♥ 

Left : Getting my hair styled for the 2nd shoot, yes my face says everything. I'm exhausted lol
Right : with one of the stylist :-)

Then again, this was definitely an unforgettable experience @_@
Well, there is always a "First time" in everything..never try, you'll never know.


!@#$%^&*#!!!!! I MISS MY BLACK HAIR!! 

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