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Berjaya Times Square: The Season To Dazzle Media Launch

Taken by Shiro (Samsung WB150F)
Would like to thank Berjaya Times Square for having us bloggers over for The Season To Dazzle Media Launch last weekend :-) Had a great make up tutorial session by SUB International, make-overs and a lovely teatime by Starbucks ♥ Total Bliss~

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is already feeling the Christmas-y mood :-P
Spread the joy of sharing and thanksgiving, that is what Berjaya Times Square has in store for everyone 'tis joyous occasion.
Together with 1st Avenue, a few other participating beauty brands will be offering a month long filled with fun activities and interesting prizes, not forgetting great ongoing promotions too!

List of participating brands :
  • AGift With Care
  • Flormar
  • Holika Holika
  • MaskSlim
  • Mozz Perfume Collection
  • Savee
  • Tsuya Tsuya
  • Whitney International Academy

Dazzle and Win Contest 

Get your FREE beauty make over done by SUB International School of Beauty and Make-up with minimum spending of RM100 (maximum accumulated from two (2) receipts from the same day) head over to 1st Avenue's photobooth and snap a creative photo of yourself, share it on BTS's Facebook page. Prizes up to RM35,000 to be won ;-)
For more information on this competition : CLICK ME

That's not all, shopping can be rewarding in Times Square :-) with a minimal spending of RM250 (maximum accumulated from two (2) receipts from the same day) you are entitled to redeem a Limited Edition Aromatherapy Gift Set!
*While stocks last

For details on promotions do visit their website for the latest updates :  http://www.timessquarekl.com/


Follow them on Facebook too ;-)

Have you guys checked out Berjaya Times Square"s decorations yet? If you have not, do drop by today and be blown away by their giant decorations and colorful dazzling lights ♥

Taken by Shiro (Samsung WB150F)

The media launch was held at SUB International School of Beauty and Make-up which  is located on the 8th floor of Berjaya Times Square (there are quite a number of beauty schools on the 8th floor too), you won't get lost with the lift that brings you directly to the 8th floor :-P

SUB International School of Beauty and Make-up

Introduction by SUB's academy principle, Miyuki Ng

Was pretty puzzled when i first saw the program list for this launch because one of them states : Special Effect make up demonstration by SUB academy principle, Miyuki Ng lol I mean, Halloween had just passed not more than a month ago :-P Well, at least this would come in handy for next year's Halloween celebration. She started off demonstrating the bruises effect using just a few eyeshadow colors (the bruises didn't really show up in my camera due to the lighting, hence no pictures of the bruises T_T/sobs)

Miyuki's palette used to make her fake bruises

Moving on to making fake blood, with a minimal budget and lmited source of materials (improvising) :-P
Cheaper it is the more you can make~ time for a bloody massacre ≖‿≖ heh heh...

The recipe for special effect make up.

Imported expensive fake blood by Graftobian widely used by professional make up artists worldwide for special effect make up, here we are today to learn how to make "cetak-rompak" version of this :-D Save cost lols~

This is the first stage of making affordable yet realistic looking fake blood, using only water, cornstarch and red food coloring powder. Measurements? what's that :-P everything based on "agak-agak" depending on how thick you would want the blood to look etc. 

Scary usual sight of bloggers crowding around snapping photos non stop (。┰ω┰。)

Any random food coloring powder would do, but make sure to check the color code on the package of the bottle before purchasing, because sometimes you can easily mistaken the pink for red.

Fancy cutting yourself  because of heartbreak (oh such drama♥) but fear of the pain? Here is a solution for you :-P Real and bloody enough for you?
Here is a video of Miyuki demonstration on how to make burnt wounds. Enjoy~ 

Final product : 4th degree burn effect by Miyuki
Materials : Glue, Cotton and fake blood
With such simple materials, they are able to come up with such realistic effect O_O i really need to try this out one day! LOL 

So next year Halloween I'm well prepared, thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and skills Miyuki! It was a great experience indeed getting to see this done up-close by a professional make up artist guiding us step by step (*^▽^*)

A full view picture of their store, I quite like SUB's store concept, where it looks vintage-y and classy with a touch of mother nature, not your usual brightly litted up and modern furnished stores.

Their Store is well equipped with beauty tools (and comes in a wide range of colors too!) Quite affordably priced for professional make up tools :-)

After a long tutorial session with Miyuki, our tummies ended up doing the talking instead of our mouths :-P
Light yummy refreshments were prepared for us by Starbucks, thank you BTS for being so ever generous! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) *hearts* 
Before we ate, i guess it has turned into a tradition to snap pictures of the food before eating :-P Some kind of culture we have haha~

Yummy looking (because i didn't try this lol) blueberry cheese muffins from Starbucks. Tempting at first look though 8D *coughs* #diefatme

Something new i learned from Fatin, we are able to replace pure milk in our hot chocolate with soya milk instead and it still taste the same lol Didn't know about that! Finally a solution for people like me who are lactose intolerant :-P

From Starbucks latest coffee menu : Toffee Nut Latte
Do be honest this drink is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet for my tastebuds @_@ Nearly chocked on the sweetness lol

If you have a major sweet tooth, Toffee Nut Latte is just the drink for you :-P

Thank you Rihanna for helping us with this group shot! :-)

Take a wild guess whether this shot was taken indoors or outdoors :-P 
No prize for correct answer though :D
"I see skies of blue..... clouds of white 
Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights 
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world"

Because of my bad hair day, i refused to take off my hat, ended up putting the hairband on my hat..pfffffffftt XD looks weird and funny. Imagine a real bear with moldy green antlers (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

OnlyBeauty bloggers (a.k.a Shameless..pfffffttttt! *inside group joke* XD) having fun time posing with 1st Avenue's photo booth, lol all our random poses XD
Jean reminds me of a santarina elf especially with her clothes coordination that weekend and reiko's legs seems to go on forever *all of us jelly with her long legsssssssssssss*/molest molest ohoho ♥

My pose for Dazzle & Win Contest at 1st Avenue's photo booth, they even have props prepared for you, so just style yourself and give your best poses :-D remember~ prizes up to RM35000 to be won :-)

Last but not least a full picture of my #OOTD ♥ 

Loving my cute coordination by tanks for 5 >w< Call me owl bear! RawrHoot!
Long plain white tank top and owl printed leggings both from Tanks For 5
The leggings is one of their new arrivals (free size), and it's going fast too! So quickly grab them before they are all gone :-) Available in 3 colors : Grey, Navy & Black

Thank You Berjaya Times Square and all participating brands for the great afternoon session!

Wishing you guys an advanced "Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year"(❁´◡`❁)*✲゚



  1. HI Arisa,

    Thank you for attending the event and taking you time and effort to write about us... Lovely pictures taken and I hope you ladies had pretty good fun that afternoon :)

    Wishing you an early Merry Christmas and a brand new year ahead :)

    1. Thank you so much for having us over! Yes, We all did enjoyed ourselves with all the activities :) <3
      God bless!

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