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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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K.I.S.S.E.D by KINERASE® [Literally!]

Who says you need BOTOX to look YOUNGER? 8D *trollface*


Last month I was one of the 20 bloggers (swimming in the room full of blue people 8D) that were invited via Plusizekitten.com to attend KINERASE 's exclusive Testimonial and Introduction Session by Tammy herself (who is a current Kinerase® user) and the Kinerase Team at La Bodega, Bangsar. I know you guys would be wondering, "Arisa is only 19! Why the heck would she need anti-aging cream for? >_>" lols

Not for me, but for my future self :-P I'm gonna age and grow wrinklies all over mah face eventually so it's good to educate myself about all this kind of stuff now, better come prepared than never. Ohoho~

From far left : Ms.Amy (Regional Marketing Director), Dr.Koh and Tammy (chief editor of Plusizekitten.com) holding Kinerase® products

Time to go "OOOOHHHH and AHHHHHHHs" ladies 

What is Kinerase®?

It is an Anti-aging skin care that formulated with a unique ingredient called Kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine), a potent bio growth factor found naturally in human cell extracts and DNA1 , not only delays the onset of aging, it also helps to prevent the cellular changes associated with aging.2 0.1% Kinetin Cream is also clinically proven to maintain more moisture with up to 26% decrease in trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)3, resulting in healthier, smoother, in other words, simply more beautiful and kiss-able skin. An enduring beauty that is timeless and ageless, with Kinetin, gifted by nature and discovered by scientists.

A picture of the full range products from eye to face.

Imagine how canggih our skin care technology has become, now we have the power to control our wrinkles at will 8D trololol~  

According to them, this product is ideal for all skin types (doesn't matter if you have oily/dry skin..etc) because the texture is made easily absorbed by the skin and it is also proven safe to use even after aesthetic procedures.

Kinerase® is indeed an exclusive brand! They are only available at dermatologist and aesthetic clinics (not available in your usual pharmacies or beauty stores), I think the idea is great because at least you get proper consultation for your skin before the doctor recommends a suitable product for your problem instead of us just randomly using any skin care off the shelf without knowing whether it is suitable for our skin or not.

I like it when Dr.Koh say that we are able to start anytime before the wrinkles start sprouting (like mushroom spores lol) "Prevention is better than cure" and also Kinetin works more effectively if start from young (credit info to cheebs for this) So It's an excuse for a 19 year old kid like muah to start using anti-aging products ahahaha /runs

For more information please visit Kinerase® website below: www.kineraseasia.com.my, and don't forget to check out the list of address for  participating clinics in Malaysia :-)

and oh...nearly forgot to add this in :
Check out the video below (my usual phrase, videos are for lazy people who don't wanna read XD /smack self)

All of us watching the testimonial video of the few renowned  bloggers that participated in the 12 weeks K.I.S.S. trial, all of them had visible results and gave positive feed backs on the product. Cutest and bubbly one among them is always Tammy  XD she said that her fine lines and wrinkles has reduced and her complexion started to improve alot since the usage of Kinerase® products. So yea, I feel so convinced with the product after hearing all the testimonials and I'm not being sarcastic here :-P

Tammy looking radiant in a Le Ann Maxima (LAM) piece! Really like her blog's tag line BOLD & BEAUTIFUL >w< I think only she is able to pull off that tube maxi dress from LAM! I can bet you guys 100% that i look like kid wearing a sarong instead of a dress lol that is for being flat chested /boobless ftw ♥

Really loved the idea of Kinerase®' s trademark blue lipped jelly. Yep, you read right, this lil yummy thingy isn't your usual cupcakes they serve in most events (so far of all the blogging event's that i've attended this is the first ever jelly in a cup I've ever seen! We usually only get cakes in shapes like that lol) and it taste sooooooo good too! Yummy ♥

Me and cheebs who is dressed as Alice in Chibiland (haha!) were the only ones there with wigs lol (biasalah~ because we are cosplayersssss :-P ) and yea, the blue lippie made us look like count dracula just drained all our blood, end result blood loss hence the blue lips lololol wtf

Come kisssss mehhhhhhhhh the budak kurang darah 8D
Finally wore my Liz Lisa Dress that I've gotten for Christmas 2 years ago XD First ever Japanese branded dress in my wardrobe :3

The coconut mocktail was very refreshing! And I was once told that blue is not an appetizing color, there are a few colors people consider "appetite starter and appetite looser" warm colors usually triggers our brain's hunger nerve so when we see the food, we feel like eating'em. But when they come in odd colors such as muddy green or neon blue our eyes automatically sends signals to our brain result of loss of appetite because the colors made the food don't look so appetizing /ignore me XD 
But somehow this shade from Kinerase was just nice, ain't too bold and scary for food XD

Fatin from chocolatecatsz.blogspot.com won best pose with her cheeky pose ( as expect from dear fatin XD) Congrats babe!

Rane Chin from waiyee.blogspot.com won best slogan (It was really a sweet one..something about her husband kissing her smooth skin, sadly I can't seem to recall the full slogan T^T sorry Rane!)

Best dressed went to Caroline from carolinemayling.com. I jelly her to the max for her slim figure!! T_T She is one of those who eats a ton but never gain a single weight ( I realised alot of my blogger girlfriends are like that! God is so not fair *sobs and emo in a corner*)

Conclusion of the day? I think I was the only one in that room that was below 20 -_- lol /sorry everyone! Please don't kill me! :-P
But Kinerase® is something I would keep in mind when the time comes for me to need anti-aging skincare   ♥



  1. Hello!! *waves hi* had lots fun during the event and seriously love ur look with the wig!! <3 And... am not slim ler.. im like too skinny. T.T even myself no likey. Trying to eat lot but no changes. T_T

    1. HAHA! *Waves Hi back* 8D thanks dear!! XD good solution for bad hair day :-P Donate some of your metabolism to me please T____T *sobs*

  2. Hi there... nice dress code that day. And I really like this blog post... nicely written. :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Josarine! :-)


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