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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Sinful indulgence: Free Mori Bakery

Lol that is the name of the shop "FREE MORI" not the food is for free :-P Originated from Taiwan, this franchise is sprouting all over like mushrooms lol.
When Free Mori's first branch first opened in SS2, I went in there out of curiosity (after the SS2 Monday Pasar malam) because they had cute decorations and delicate looking pastries on display  XD I'm a sucker for anything cute especially if they are food :-P

Remember my old Instagram photo?

 Couldn't resist this, so ended up buying their chocolate mousse to try and it is heaven with every bite! Texture is soft and smooth, you don't even have to chew it lol but just a warning, even a chocolate addict like me couldn't finish this small cake (It's about a size of an adult female palm) a small slice is enough to fill your chocolate cravings XD 
More than that you might feel "loya".

The interior of their bakery, clean and cooling :D 
Disclaimer : *only this picture is taken using another camera*

Last sunday I was around SS2 area to meet up with dear Jaycee, owner of Corset Me to collect my early Christmas present that I've won on Mandylogy.com last month :-) Thanks Mandy and Corset Me :-) Yay! Super happy with my new corset >w< Can't wait to wear it out ♥

Back to Free Mori :-P I actually planned to wait for Jaycee at Mcdonalds and maybe treat myself to their latest coffee, chocolate sundae ♥ (haven't had a chance to try until now /sobs) but we couldn't find a near parking oTL Ended up parking outside kamdar haha!

Passed by Free Mori on the way and decided to stop by to look at their Christmas decorated pastries (so cute and colorful *w* couldn't resists as usual lol) from browsing me and Jc decided to just wait in there instead of McDs since Free Mori has a build in mini cafe at the back of their bakery.

What caught my eye was their icing coated candy cane shaped biscuits, and loads of other Christmas-y designs too!

They serve drinks too! So people can enjoy their pastries with a cup of drink instead of just taking away.
Pricing for drinks is just average (not exactly cheap), because at most places drinks are roughly priced around that range too :-P  

Their mini cafe area where they prepare drinks and heat up your pastries (an extra service if you dine-in)

The warm display section where pastries are kept warm, all of them look so mouth watering wei... 
(´ε` )♡

In case you are not sure of what's inside the pastry, Free Mori has a display of them by the cashier :-) so at least you know the filling before purchasing :-P Not sure whether they are fake or real though @_@ They look too real to be fake lol

The refrigerated section with all the cute pastries to die for ♥

We ended up buying their chocolate cake bun (outside is bread and center filling is a chunk of chocolate and chocolate cake) It is heated before serving ~ Yummy (´ε` )♡

I know it's in the middle of the night and i'm evil enough to post pictures of food :-P *nyek..nyek* I'm already hungry since i started this post, so now i shall poison my dear readers lol 

Lol me and my typical tourist pose XD No make up day for me ~ Looks so empty deshou? >.<
Shiro-chan always managed to make my face look so flawless because of the Smart settings will automatically detect faces and set itself to the beauty function :-P

You can check out their official website for latest updates and promotions ♥

All pictures are taken using  Shirokuma-chan(Samsung WB150F)
*No edits except for putting the watermark and minor cropping*:-D


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