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Scholl Autumn Winter 2012

Hey everyone! :-D How's the weekend? Good?
Not for me at least (x___x) I'm barely surviving the stress lol...ended up not sleeping last night because i was a pig the night before >__< slept from 9am-6pm lol my sleeping time is totally hay-wired now /slapself

Remember my last blog post on my mini "surgery" to remove half my toenail? :-D yes..as gross as it sounds~ lol

Lotsaaaaaa lurveeeee 

The comfortable shoes that aided me throughout the whole healing process is non other than Scholl! Knowing me, I've been a very particular person when it comes to buying shoes I always had problems fitting in them :-/ Makes me feel like the ugly step sister in the Cinderella fairy tale thanks to my ugly deformed feet ~_~ /truestorybro

When I received the invitation to check out Scholl's latest Autumn Winter collection I was actually kinda worried about my feet being unable to fit in their shoes (and i always had the idea that Scholl's designs weren't really suitable for people my age >.< Because people around my mom's age usually wears them lol~ Sorry Scholl!) But Scholl has proven me wrong! In every single aspect O_O yes...I've underestimated the power of Scholl shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My perspective of Scholl has totally changed (literally 360 degrees wei)

No.1 : They fitted me PERFECTLY, no pain and no struggle to wear'em!

No.2 : Designs and color selection were great! Not so "aunty" as i thought it would be XD

No.3 : Hidden benefits lies within the shoes (loads of stuff  that I've just found out and I'm gonna share with you guys here today :D)

When we first arrived at the Scholl outlet in Paradigm Mall we were given a slight introduction on Scholl shoes, it was really informative. Lots of things i didn't know especially on their biomechanics range and the purpose of it O_O and did you know that wearing flats is actually not good for your feet

It stresses your feet overall and don't be surprise that is has no shock absorbency and little heel support, there is the added risk of developing a painful heel condition called plantar fasciitis if you wear flats long term >.<  So my feet was smart enough to reject flats! ohoho~ I never worn any full covered flats/shoes because the skin around my feet is way to sensitive >.< Constantly getting blisters and sores all over  oTL  

This is how your feet should actually look like (left picture) on the right, the "senget" feet is one of the most common problems among us. With problems like that we tend to walk with both of our feet facing inwards without realizing (worst case are the ones that ends up stepping on their own toes as they walk) 
Cause of it? 
Wrong pair of shoes!

This is also part of their latest designs for women shoes, personally i think this design is more for middle aged ladies :-) Not my kind of taste :-P lol

"The Biomechanics" 
What is Biomechanics?
It is clinically designed to reduce heel, ankle and lower back pain. It has a tri-planar motion control system control and helps to realign the posture of your feet and body and to prevent excess pronation that takes place. It helps provide natural pain relief from common foot ailment.

Its specially engineered curved sole constantly exercises your muscles and tones up your legs, whether you’re walking or standing around. It naturally promotes better posture and improves blood circulation, while its double-density suspension pyramids absorb and reduce the stress going through your feet, for total well-being.

and not only that, Biomechanics is just one of SCHOLL FOOTWEAR TECHNOLOGIES
they have a few and all of them are directly implanted in the shoe itself, so you won't even realized that you are actually wearing a "medicated shoe" that helps with your feet problems and body posture. 
You don't feel so flawless now eh? :-P

It conforms to the natural contours of your feet for optimum comfort. Supporting the arch & heel, it absorbs the shock generated by every step and provides different levels of pressure and support to each part of the foot.

GELACTIV Providing maximum comfort when you are walking or standing, it reduces fatigue and revives tired legs with the impact absorbing gel that cushions and protects

Offering optimum comfort for flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches, it also provides relief from foot strain, tired arching feet. Its soft footbed cushions your feet.

It exercises and tones your toe muscles and provides grip while walking. It helps to lift weakened metatarsal arches to protect and relieve tenderness at the ball of the foot.

It has a unique footbed that adapts the contours of the foot and springs back into shape to offer the same level of support for the next wearing. It relieves aching feet.

It massages the soles of your feet and soothes away tension in your feet. which also helps to improve blood circulation.

They even have shoes for men :-) So who says scholl are only for ladies? Even guys can have feet problems and there is nothing to be ashamed off. Get it fixed before they permanently damage your feet and it gets worst as you get older.

They even supply a whole range of shoe and feet accessory cater specially for your comfort ♥ That is what Scholl do best, providing the best care for your feet. From odor removal all the way to extra biomechanics inserts (for your other shoes that are not properly padded at the sole)

Comforts at affordable prices  ♥ This are the add ons specially for ladies shoes, so now you can enjoy the comfort of Scholl's Biomechanics inserts with any current existing shoes from your collection :-) Doesn't necessary mean you need to purchase any of Scholl shoes just to experience the Biomechanics! :-P

This design is one of the latest collection for Scholl's Autumn Winter 2012, it was indeed love at first sight :3
When i first walked in the store, this little baby's bright neon color caught my eye *w* not to mention the cool floral engravings on the straps. Well at least this design looks "young" enough to me :-P
Me and my weird taste lol best part is it has a slight heel (about 2 inch +) great bonus for me since i have issues wearing flat shoes.

It's not about my height problem (yep, i hate to admit that i'm short, another reason why I'm constantly wearing high heels 8D *trollface*) but usually my back posture problems and wearing flats never fails to cause my back to ache D: I'm starting to sound like an old lady at the age of 19! *gasp* I wonder if any of you guys/girls experience the same problem as me~ >.<

Shoe no.2~ This one is another one that caught my eye in the Autumn Winter catalog >w< Been hunting for a pair of comfy wedges for AGES! Always failed to find one :-(  But I got lucky that day :-D Nearly missed it though >.< Would kill myself If i did lol

With other blogger babes raiding scholl outlet in Paradigm mall, Left: Tammy from Plusizekitten.com and on my right: Fatin from chocolatecatsz.blogspot.com

Tammy checking out their full range of shoes/feet accessory :D They are so well equipped that it is just too good to be true! 

The staffs in Scholl are VERY knowledgeable about their products, so don't underestimate them. At least they know what they are doing :-D They can even recommend you some choices if you do not know where to start, just tell them what kind of shoes you are looking for or what kind of feet problems do you have and I'm sure they would suggest the best for you :-)

Time to pay attention to your feet guys and gals :D Don't neglect them like I did, you will end up regretting and wasting a fortune on your medical bill. It isn't too late to invest on a pair of good shoes that will save you tons in the future!

Thank you for the Great Time Scholl!

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  1. like ur skeleton diy top, u make scholl look young u know? How's your toe doing now? the scholl sandals really helped in times of need!

    I wonder my feet senget or not.. hmm


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