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Lezzetto's Premium Gelato (Via Samsung WB150F -18x Optical Zoom)

Had the most awesome weekend ever :3 Filled with ice cream and desserts! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*/diefatme
Last Sunday was invited over by my jie, Tammy from Plusizekitten.com for gelato tasting session at Lezzetto's Premium Gelato's outlet in Sg. Wang (don't be fooled by the looks!)

As a dessertatrian (self proclaimed lol) this is the first time I've eaten such fresh and flavorful Gelato! And the flavors isn't artificial, they are made from REAL FRUITS *you can taste them in every single scoop, I kid you not!*
Thank you Mr.Jamal and the crew for having us over! ♥
I've taken this opportunity to bring shiro-chan out for an outing and test out her 18X OPTICAL ZOOM
Wondering how they got the name Lezzetto? It's actually "LAZAT" in Bahasa Melayu but since Gelato is originated from Italy they have decided to give the name an Italian twist to it. 

P/S : All photos and videos are taken using SAMSUNG WB150F 
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Lezzeto is not really new in Malaysian market (yes, it's 100% locally made) it's been around for quite some time and I understand that most of us tend to avoid Malaysian made products in fear of the quality :-P But this is something different, Lezzeto's gelato is made fresh every 1-2 weeks (unlike most ice cream parlors that imports their goods and store them for long period of time) Not only they sell retail, they also do wholesales too and their regulars consists of renowned 5-star hotels all around Kuala Lumpur, so when you are eating fresh,rich, fruity and yummy gelato in hotels you will know where it's from *winks* ;-)

Founder of Lezzetto, Mr.Jamal Surani started off with one outlet in 2007 with only 9 basic flavors to sell and currently have now expanded to 5 outlets offering over 40 flavours too (counting more to come)! and there is a strict quality control over the gelato produced by their company to ensure their customers get the consistency and quality of their premium gelato. For Example, their fruits are carefully select from  particular fruit orchards only so that the flavors of their gelato maintains the same..just imagine if the fruits are seasonal >.< I really applaud them for the hard efforts!
Their main key attraction for their koisks is their Turkish Barrels displayed beside their koisks and from time to time to can see them stirring (or beating lol) compressed gelato, it's a real eye opening sight to witness it XD
I've even recorded a video using ShiroKuma (Samsung WB150F) so sit back and enjoy the short video :-)

Love how I'm able to zoom-in during the video recording and how it automatically detects and focuses on the subject you are shooting.

What makes Lezzeto special? They do take in orders to custom-make flavors (I've tried teh-tarik gelato and it was really something different! I even heard from Mr. Jamal that one of their customers even requested for Wasabi flavored gelato lol :-P) 
It is also Certified HALAL by JAKIM and they are the ONLY Premium Ice Cream manufacturer in Malaysia with that certification♥
Their gelato is made 100% vegetarian! So, you need not worry about about it if you are vegetarians.

Best part about Lezzetto's is their pricing is kept affordable so premium gelato can be enjoyed by everyone. And this is the most affordable priced gelato i ever came across-ed! O(≧▽≦)O
I would highly recommend their durian gelato (not from the turkish barrel) for Durian lovers out there! I'm not a durian fan myself but all my blogger friends were saying how strong and rich the taste and texture was, it cost abit more than the usual flavors but totally worth it :-) It's like eating the real fruit itself lol

Price Range

Single Scoop : RM5
Double Scoop : RM8 ( you save RM3!)
3 Scoop with Waffle bowl : RM12 
Durian Single : RM7 
Durian Double : RM10
500ml tub : RM30
500ml Durian tub : RM40  

 They were invited to set up a booth during MATTA Fair, their unique Turkish barrel concept attracted so many people during the fair. *right click open in new tab for bigger view*

 The flavors that are available at their kiosk in Sg.Wang I would definitely recommend is black sesame, Mint chocolate and coffee mocha ( A MUST for coffee addicts like me ohoho~ ♥)

 with the 18X OPTICAL ZOOM features on Samsung WB150F, photos turned out so nice and clear! >w<

 Was taken with shiro via zooming-in (through glass display too :-P) Mango flavor gelato.

 Viola! Compressed gelato, that takes one hour to melt (seriously) watch the video above to see how he swings the cone around without it falling off his metal rod and chocolate taste is soooooo rich and....gawd...i feel super hungry just typing out this blogpost lol (●´∀`●)

 Bloggers in action, snapping pictures non-stop XD As usual~~ lol

Check out Tammy's attempt to stir Gelato in the Turkish Barrel! XD Sooooooo cute! haha~
Sorry if i keep on zooming in and out during the recording, just love playing around with Shiro's 18x Optical Zoom >w<

 The full crew behind this successful business :-)

Their strawberry flavor taste exactly like the real thing! They even allow tasting (like baskin robins) so don't be shy to try out the flavors! I'm sure you will find something that fancies your taste buds. :-)

Love their black sesame! And to be frank i never was a fan of black sesame until i tried their black sesame flavored gelato  ♥ sooooo yummy >w<

Chocolate Gelato fresh from the barrel 

Group photo with crew and bloggers ヾ(^∇^) Really enjoyed myself, thank you everyone!

Their stores can be found in these four(4) locations below :

Giant @ Sungai Wang, 
LG floor @ Sungai Wang, 
Kasturi Walk @ Central Market, 
Ground floor @ Pertama Complex

You can support them by liking their Facebook 
For more info/inquiries do check out their website :

Now to my dear readers, time to reward you guys for faithfully following my blog and I want you guys to experience this yummy gelato too! ♥ I'm gonna reward two (2) lucky winners with 500ml tub of gelato (each) to bring home  :-) 
in courtesy of Lezzetto's Premium Gelato's generosity ♥ 
Thank you Lezzetto!

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  • Closing date for this giveaway is 30th November 2012, 11.59pm (Friday), winners will be announced on the following day, 1st December 2012 (subject to change)  
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All The Best Dearies!♥



  1. Gelato originated from Italy
    The Founder of Lezzetto is Mr Jamal Surani



  2. Hi Arisa,

    Gelato is originated from Italy and the founder of Lezzetto is Mr Jamal Surani.


    Thank you and have a nice day!

  3. Hi hi xD,
    Gelato is originated from Italy desu! The proud founder of Lezzetto is Mr.Jamal Surani desu! o(^o^)o

    Thanks for the great intro!!! ❤

    1. please leave read the steps properly dear :-P you missed out something lol

    2. Ooops lol the gelato got me doozling >_< hope this no consider spamming >_<

    3. foreveryuki31@gmail.com

  4. Hi babe <3

    Where is Gelato originated and who is the Founder of Lezzetto?

    The answer is from Italy and the Founder of Lezzetto is Mr Jamal Surani

    devilflames08@hotmail.com :3

    looking at your pictures make me crawing for it TTwTT

  5. Where is Gelato originated and who is the Founder of Lezzetto?
    Gelato originated from Italy and the founder is Mr.Jamal Surani


    Thanks!! Cheers!!

  6. I love gelatoooooo!!
    Answers are Italy and Mr Jamal!


  7. Gelato is originated from Italy itself. Lezzetto is founded by Mr Jamal Surani.

    email me at cindytong86@gmail.com

    Eversince my last visit to Italy, I fall in love with Gelato...I remembered how the chocolate gelato melt on top of tongue before it goes down to my tummy. Really hopes I can have gelato again. A 500ml tub of Lezzeto Gelato is perfect for me!

  8. Gelato originated from Italy and the Founder of Lezzetto is Mr Jamal Surani..


  9. Gelato, originated from Italy and the founder of Lezetto is, Mr Jamal Surani.



  10. This giveaway is officially closed! Thank you everyone for the participation! :-) Results coming soon ~ Stay tuned!


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