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Sushi the Cat [and our Story]

When sushi first got dumped unto me unexpectedly i was totally blank of what that was gonna happen next. Yes, is the furry fluffy cat you have seen on my instagram does not belong to me but a friend of mine who went to Taiwan few months ago to study, Isabella.

All my entire life of taking care of cats, i've grew very fond of them despite breed nor looks. And what hurts me most is them been taken away from me unexpectedly (God is so cruel in that sense:-/ ) i remembered my first cat twas a mix Persian kitten with a knotted tail (was told by the seller the mother cat accidentally stepped on the kitten's tail while it was still very young, which resulted the tail bone to be knotted)

And one fine day, i came back home to the news of my cat, Elliott was mauled by bunch of stray dogs. Was told he had his guts ripped out and that time Elliott was barely 1 years old. That really tore me apart, the cat who i talked to whenever i cried, slept on my bed despite having flea problems and responded to his name effortlessly (he could even do tricks that put dogs to shame) If you ask me to rate my cats, Elliott was the the most intelligent cat i ever had, he was born with it. I cried for weeks, refused to eat, all i ever wrote about in my dairy is about my cat (which i still have it in one of my keepsake boxes) and I was only 10 years old back then.

Following year, my family decided to buy another Persian kitten (the old man's obsession for pure breed animals *rolls eyes* I couldn't care less even if it is a stray) and then it got sent to my grandmother for training, few years ago heard Smokey (because she was gray, and she really did live up to the term-SOUR PUSS) got road killed. Well, she wasn't that well missed by the family for being such an ungrateful cat -_- lesson learnt, female cats are the grouchiest EVER especially after being castrated.

Then came along my most loved dumb cat, Fluffy (another Persian *rolls eyes*). He was dumb, in a good way he pretty much reminded me of Elliott despite being very good natured he had a real pretty face for a male. Fluffy was 2 years old when he went missing, might say STOLEN by an asshole [see the links here? misfortune after misfortune with cats] found his collar around the neighborhood but never the cat, few weeks later my schoolmate told me she saw my cat around my school area which was like 2 km downhill from my house (how the heck did the cat get there? My guess was someone kidnap my dear fluffy!) 

My adventure of looking for my missing cat begun from there, printed out posters and putting them into every postbox that i could find, after months still no news. Following year i found a kitten near the school that looked exactly like him (minus the persian genes lol), white cat with gray patches and a white star on his back. Couldn't help the tears from falling and even typing this right now I'm already tearing up, I knew that kitten's father was none other than my cat, fluffy because this kitten that stared at me was an exact copy of my dear cat.

And all these cases are just 3 of the major events that has happened while i was taking care of cats, minus some strays that i took care on the way..etc.

The point is, God just hates me. What have I ever done to deserve such misfortune? 

And along came Sushi (which i personally find the name wee bit ridicules because it took the cat a very long time to recognize and respond to her own name -_- up till now she is still not that familiar with it) sorry bells.
When I first agreed to take in sushi because of your desperate pleas and last minute you couldn't find anyone else to take care of your precious cat. I did it because you needed help, and i don't mind since as a friend the least i could do is care for the cat till you get back. I don't think you know about cats that well having the idea of dumping the cat all over your friends houses for them to take turns to care for sushi. Cats are very delicate creatures and they are not really fond of changing owners as far as i remember (so that original failed plan of yours didn't work, which I'm glad for it) 

Sushi excited over her new toys

Dear, Bella 
This is for you and you may call it what you want -me "nagging", "lecturing" or whatsoever. Time for you to grow up and learn a thing or two about responsibility

Owning a pet is sure fun and cool (yea, people think its awesome to show off their pets) but have you actually thought of the consequences before doing so? You know that you are gonna leave the country, but yet you  had to pull a stupid stunt by BUYING a pet 3 months before leaving the country.

I know you bought this cat out of pity and you thought you have done a good deed by "saving" her from the rest of her siblings. Instead, look at her right now - she has no owner ( i wouldn't dare to call myself her owner as she does not belong to me since you are gonna take her back) she is even more pitiful to look at right now knowing that she is being abandoned by everyone she first knew as a kitten. Yes, "ABANDON" is such a harsh word to use but admit it la.. even that friends of yours who claimed that they can care for your cat while you are in Taiwan, in the end pulled out and gave hell load of excuses.
And the people whom you called your "BEST FRIENDS" are pretty much the type of people who makes EMPTY PROMISES. I'm pissed, but i'm nice enough not to list their names.
Once you have given your word, stick to it for Christ sake! Don't last minute back out and make life difficult for others. If you can't do it from the start, don't make promises that you cant fulfill! WTF is wrong with you people?

Remember the original plan of 3 people taking turns to care of it? And one of them involves me? Guess what. The two other friends of yours never contacted me after coming back from their holidays. And I've yet to receive the vet card from this OTHER friend of yours who also NEVER contacted me. Another WTF moment, but fine why stress over stuff like that? No card, i can't send the cat for check up and if the cat falls sick,sorry la bells. Nothing I can do about it because it is so difficult for this friend of yours to just pass me the frigging card.
And anyone can come up to you and offer their help to care for your dear cat, but none of them realized how difficult it is to care for a pet until the cat starts scratching their furniture, shitting all over the place..etc

But that aside, I don't blame the cat, as an animal is not like she knows any better. So she is forgiven, in fact she is the victim in this whole drama. 
I'm sorry if you couldn't handle my sudden outburst on facebook, It's been bugging me for a very long time now and I've decided to let you know about it.What i was upset about is you being VERY IRRESPONSIBLE (yes, i'm gonna take this blogpost to pour everything out and i hope this gets into that thick naive skull of yours)

You know i'm already having financial problems, with the worry of every month whether i have enough to pay my rent or even to eat because i do not have a stable job with my current situation and looking at you enjoying yourself in Taiwan with all the partying and drinking with friends, though I know that you are there for studies and who am i to deny you of your life? You claim that you have your "personal problems" which i find it a minor issue if you were to compared to mine because in the end from my perspective you are just a little girl who refuses to listen to her parents. I mean come on la, you have a roof over your head, parents providing you with your allowance, paying your education fees and covering your life expenses.So what is there to complain about? Just because you think they are taking away your freedom? Grow up please. 

And I'm glad at the fact you agree to be responsible for the cat's expenses (you should be in the first place! Tak kan you expect your friends to pay for the food and litter after you trouble them for having to care for your cat) because I wouldn't want to pay for something that doesn't belong to me, sorry to say that money doesn't flow out of my ears so i can't take care of your pet FOC especially if it's gonna be for a year >_>
The least i could do is provide a roof over sushi's head and some love (+cuddles too). Period.

Okay here comes the shitty part,
I live in a house filled with strangers and all of them were upset when they first saw sushi, so in the end sushi couldn't live in my house and thank god my boyfriend allowed me to put sushi at his place and every weekend i'll try to visit her. I feel so bad for burdening him to care for the cat when it was my responsibility, and it didnt get any better :-/ JC had to pay for the cat's living expenses because of my financial status I'm unable to pick up anymore extra expenses.

p/s : it would really help alot if you could to allocate some money every 1-2 months to be banked-in for the cat's food and litter instead of asking us to keep receipts that would eventually fade :-/

Here is an honest point of view :
Both me and Jc don't mind taking care of sushi in fact we grew very fond over this skittish cat of yours after caring for it for months and i thought you would be at least be more understanding especially on the state of your cat when she first came to us looking so pathetic and scrawny (don't you dare blame your maids or mother for neglecting her during her feeding time! It's your responsibility anyway >_>)

sushi and her first bath (the day when she first came to me)

and it took sushi about 3 months (to be exact) before she started sleeping on our beds (and literally on us), she does have feeling too. I remember one of the days when i came back home after my toe surgery i couldn't stop crying because of the pain and guess what? Sushi slept beside me the whole night.

And just because of my outburst you think transferring your cat over to another friend helps? Hello, you forgot that guki also has other cats in her house and just imagine the amount of stress you are putting on the cat with your selfish ways bella. It took sushi long enough to get used to the environment and new people around her and now to want to strip all those away from her ? Put her through another hell amount of stress all over again? How could you, seriously. And you call yourself a "cat lover"? PUH LEZZZZ >_>

and last but not least, the idea of you coming back to take sushi away from us after 1 year, have you ever consider that we might get attached to the cat too? We are humans not robots maids :-/ and we even wonder will sushi even remember you by then? Sigh.... It's hard not to be attached to a cat like her. Well, that can't be helped i guess.

Sushi is a life breathing creature and not a toy for you to move left and right sesuka hati.

here are some photos of her current growth right now, and i do hope you realized by now what you have done is VERY SELFISH. 
So please think about it and what you do affects others around you. I know that you miss your cat dearly but can you please try to over react like a drama queen?:-/ It gets really annoying to see such fake reaction (¬▂¬)

Her horrible sleeping positions lol

she loves being a figurine ♥

Sushi attacking my coconut (picture taken earlier this month) 
She is now a fat healthy, wuffy and fluffy kitty :-)

Enjoy the videos of her, you can see how happy she is right now~ 
She is such a random lovable kitten , we all love her to bits!

Sushi with her new toy

Ganas as usual.

This video was taken last week, now a fat happy prima donna cat (no longer a kitten lol)

Thank you for taking your time to read my long awful blogpost. Hate me much now? Sorry, I can't please everyone. 



  1. ahahah! urs(life) high maintenance. cant afford =p

    1. hahaha where got :-P *puss in boots eyes*


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