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Interesting Ways to Use a Blusher

Weird tutorial? Nah...Think of it as a way to reduce the amount of cosmetics you have to carry around in your bag daily, in other words, improvise :-)
I understand the woes of living without an emergency make up kit especially on days when you suddenly get calls for sudden interviews, casting..etc. That is the time for us freelancers to start panicking lol
So some make up essentials is a must in every girls handbag ♥ Not only freelancers, to all girls out there you will never know when the cute guy you fancied suddenly calls you out for a movie or coffee :-P

To me Blusher has always been a must in my handbag, why?
Because I have really pale dull skin and applying foundation or BB cream doesn't really help with my complexion, hence blusher to give a healthy glow to my skin tone.

Without blusher, I look so pale >.<

I personally prefer cream blushers because they can work both ways. Easy blending texture and doesn't cause an extra cake layer on your cheeks, and best part I don't need to bring around a blusher brush (Yay! less one item in my pouch) Cream blushers textures is creamy enough so it is quite suitable on the lips, doesn't cause your lips to dry or get chapped (well no harm done if you girls prefer powder blushers instead, you can also use them to tint your lips but you will need to apply a layer of lip balm before you start) Therefore KISS ME [Heavy Rotation]'s cream blusher is my ideal choice for blushers ♥

Color code : 02 # Cutie pink

Easy to apply on the lips, doesn't dry up your lips too :)

And blushers not necessarily meant only to be use on the apples of your cheeks or side of your cheekbones.
The usual way of us using blushers

You can apply them evenly around the bridge of your nose and spread them out evenly to your cheeks ( start from your nose to the side) This gives you a "flush" look.

If you have a slightly more darker shade of blusher (with a slight hue of orange or dark pink) you can use them to highlight the bottom sides of your eyes to give it a subtle doe eyed look

Color wise? Feel free to choose a shade that compliments your skin :-) Experiment with a few different shades, at least you have more variety for cheeks and lips at the same time. Hope you girls find this useful!
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  1. I've been lusting for this Kiss Me cream blusher ever since it came out!! :O Thanks for the useful tips; I never knew blusher can be used so many ways! :D

    1. Welcome Laura!:D glad this tip came in handy :P

  2. Wow...really love d color!so cute...btw thnx for sharing how to use blusher as lippy stuff n eye stuff...

    Feel free to visit my blog

  3. Din know cream blusher can use on lip! But is it safe to eat in? :p cos i always eat my lipgloss..


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