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[Review] Kiss Me X Chupa Chups Lip Gloss

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the famous lollipop, Chupa Chups! My childhood is filled with those >w< Always had a sweet tooth since young, thank god I didn't get cavities from all those sinful sweetness :-P And recently my favorite cosmetic brand Kiss Me has collaborated with Chupa Chups on a new product, which is the lollipop shaped Lip gloss! And only sold in Watsons Malaysia.

Specially and limited edition just for Christmas (I hope more to come because I just adore how they smell♥)

I first had my doubts on the product because I wasn't sure whether this product is really under Kiss Me until i saw the authentic sticker at the back of the packaging (maybe they sort of expected that reaction from customers since it's a newly launched item lol)

Other flavors and colors are available too ♥ 
They have Vanilla, Cherry, Caramel, Grape and Milk strawberry 

I seriously wished they had testers for each flavor :-(  I went to two (2) different watsons on the same day and neither of them have a full tester set (managed to try only Grape flavor which smelt sooooo good and sweet! Color wise it's pretty much just transparent gloss), which i think it's ridiculous for a new product to not have testers :-/ 
Then how are we suppose to know the color and the scent ((T.T; )(; T.T))おろおろ・・・
Watsons Malaysia please do something about it!

Couldn't resists caramel because it's the closes to chocolate *kena piak* XD

I think this lip gloss concept is pretty good for those who like small cute stuff (*≧▽≦)
The size isn't too bulky, easy to carry around too. But can be hazardous to little children because of the packaging >.<;;

For Caramel, the color is pretty much like Pale Milky Beige (very natural looking shade) Texture isn't too sticky and the smell is heavenly! Recommended for Toffee sweet lovers  ♥ :-P
The application wand was a wee bit disappointing though (>_<;;) just a normal plastic stick. Thought they would use the usual fuzzy lip gloss head, but nonetheless this small wand makes the application quite smooth and easy on the lips :-) So at least that makes up for it lol. 

Pardon my dry looking lips >.<
As you can see the gloss is so shiny, makes your lips look pouty and Oh! So kissable :-D

Lazy to wear full make up lol so I just used some eyeshadow and mascara XD

*Derp face* ignore me please  :-P Just like how my lens look with natural lighting~

Something worth getting since It's a limited edition product from Kiss Me (who knows you might never get a chance to try it again) It's available at all Watsons Malaysia  shops originally priced at RM32.90 (for non members) and  RM29.90 (for members)

Disclaimer : This Item is not sponsored, I've purchased it on my own and just sharing with you girls my thoughts on this new product :-)

Don't forget to join my Kiss Me Christmas Giveaway Girls! ;-) Closing date is 24th December 2012!



  1. I was so tempted to buy this when I saw this at Watsons, but I already have too many lip products!! >_<
    It's not new btw, Singapore already got this quite a long time ago last year. Was hoping to see it in Malaysia but I guess we always get items later than everyone else. :(

    1. Hahah as usual, Malaysia is always slow :P Malaysia "boleh" ma~~

  2. So cute!! If only it came with more colour though.

    1. true :) but most of their glosses are almost transparent/ glittery or has a slight tint

  3. I wish this wasn't transparent or I'd soooo get it to try. The packaging is adorable though! Thanks for the review~ :D

    1. Only the Grape is clear gloss If I'm not mistaken :) The rest has a very slight color, most darkest should be the cherry. Welcome dear :)

  4. haha really cute! but gotta keep out from lil kids! later they eat it! haha

  5. what the composition about the product? please respond my comment!^^


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