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[Review] Maybelline Long Extreme Stretch

As you all girls know about my little goodie bag that I've gotten during OnlyBeauty's Official Bloggers Launch earlier last month (Yes, I'm very happy and honored to be apart of OnlyBeauty Official blogger program) and I've just recently had the time to raid the bag and test out the products one by one :D After opening the bag i seriously feel like a L'Oreal and Maybelline ambassador XD haha~ Had fun testing them out but don't worry girls you are not forgotten :-) I'll be giving away some stuff too so stay tuned to my blog k? *winks* 

As usual, I'm a mascara fanatic (all thanks to my short lashes) so I'll seize any new mascara whenever I have the chance :-P No harm done testing for new ones, you will never know you might suddenly come across your soul mate cosmetic (sorry for the exaggerating term lol)  

So, here is our test subject of the day ♥

Before starting, I'm equipped with my best weapon, lash curler (I'm using a cheapo one from daiso because I lost my previous one, despite the cheap price it works fine anyway) and Maybelline Long Extreme Stretch Mascara. The mascara has two heads as you can see the numbering on the tip of the cap ( no.1 & 2 ) So the cap numbered one (1) is the first one you should apply first, followed by number two (2).

A glimpse of head no.1, It's like a base before you apply the actual mascara coat on your lashes. I guess this works by making your mascara long wearing without smudges as well :-)

Don't freak out when applying this coat, it's not meant to be "white mascara" :-P It's just a base. Almost the same procedure for your face. Before foundation you always put primer to make sure the make up is long lasting right? :-)

Moving on to the second head, this is where the real black mascara is :-) Love the wand because they have a mixture of short and long bristles that helps catches all lashes regardless how short they are (what sorcery is this *gasp* lol)

Left eye with mascara, right eye naked (just curled)
It really enhances the length of the lashes but volume wise I would give it a 4 out of 10

The length power is awesome (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Verdict : 
This mascara is easy to use, even though the size might look bulky for gripping but that doesn't really affect you during the application, and doesn't smudge too. Usually some mascara (for me) when I'm applying for my pathetic bottom lashes there is always a tendency to smudge and it's a real pain in the arse when you don't have a cotton bud to clean it up 
And It doesn't clump you can go on reapplying the coats without having to worry about it clumping. That is one thing why I love this mascara, pretty much reminded me of my old Dejavu mascara 

And It's easily removed with warm water, it doesn't give you panda eyes upon removal. No hassle of using make up remover or waiting for it to melt :D *lazy people ftw*

You don't even need eyeliner for alluring eyes anymore ;-)
Best of all, It's affordable! Priced at RM39.90 can be found in Sasa outlets too :-)

And you are in luck, pokai month as it is...It just gets better and better :-) You might be able to grab this mascara at a discounted price 
OnlyBeauty will be having their warehouse sale at Centro Mall, Selangor on this coming 3rd - 6th January 2013! 
Sales up to 63% discount for personal care products brand L'oreal, Maybelline, Garnier and more up for grabs!

Not only that, more surprises awaits you ;-)
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