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Audrey Dark Romance Fashion Show 2012/13

Here as a short (yet feels like long) hiatus, have some eye candy ;-)
Earlier this month Audrey had their Runway show showcasing their latest collection (some are available in stores already and some of them yet to be released) for 2012/13. Not only an ordinary lingerie show but with a refreshing twist as Audrey collaborated with local designer Bremen Wong

Not only that we were also graced with a mesmerizing performance by a talented local song bird, Shila Amzah (runner-up of the second season of One in a Million in 2007 and the winner of Asia New Singer Competition in 2008. In 2012 she became the champion for Chinese TV Show-Asian Wave)

Directly a day after my VEET IT OFF competition, I'm already back running around attending events ;-) That's life on the go for me ♥

Floral Top : Brands Outlet
High waisted shorts: Diesel
Accessory : DIVA

The theme of Audrey 2012/13 show is Dark Romance. Indeed what lies beneath a women's garment is a mystery :-P

Please pardon my little photos, didn't bring my DSLR out that night and it was my first time in G6 Club, didn't know the lighting was so dim >_< Had to use two digital cameras (kept on switching left and right because one of them was nearly out of battery oTL)
I jelly Amber Chia because for a mother she is darn skinny T_T *sobs* why can't i have her bodeyyyyyyy ~

We were pampered the whole night with free flow of wine and yummy finger food, too bad i had to skip the alcohol because I had to take public transport back that night T_T I wish i had the convenience of a car since i travel around alot lol

First collection they showcased was the SUNSHINE HOLIDAY (that is currently available on shelf)

Fancy the sunshine? Enjoy them not only during summer but anytime during your holidays or every other day when you are in our Sunshine Holiday range. This range comes with sweet pink and baby blue exuding the candy and bubbly feeling. It also comes with a detachable piece that allows you to either wear it as a bra or as a cami-bra. The set comes with matching panty and nighties. A range not to be missed.

Followed by EXPANSIVE SIMPLICITY (soon to be launched)

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

This is a range that simple and yet expansive. There are times that we need lesser sophistication but more simplicity. A smooth surface piece which you can pair with any of your outfit. Expansive Simplicity comes in nude and dark colours. A must-have in the closet to match with any outfit, anytime.

NEON SUMMER (soon to be launched)

Always trying to play safe when it comes to colours in the closet? Perhaps it is time to take a change and splash some neon into it. In fact, Neon is BACK, FUN and SPECTACULAR! This range is complete with pieces that you can also hit the gym with. It comes with fuschia, indigo, red and black with a smooth surface to combat those challenging fabric.

ROMANTIC SPRING (soon to be launched)

As Janos Arany says, "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities." Feel the spring romance with a piece of Romantic Spring collection. Those deep purple and Deep-V cut exudes the scent of sensuality in you. The range is also complete with matching panty.

SECRET GARDEN (This is the current latest new addition to the shelf, available in all Audrey stores near you )

What will be in you Secret Garden? Audrey’s Secret Garden comes in deep purple and dark blue with rose embroidery enhancing your sensuality. Pair it with the matching panty to keep them all wondering what is going on.

Amber Chia looks stunning in Audrey's Secret Garden collection with a Bremen Wong headpiece  ♥

And that marks the end of a fabulous mysterious evening. 

Not forgetting Audrey's famous mysterious yet playful tagline: 
Discover Audrey. You’ll Discover Yourself.

For more information or updates do check out their website : 

And Facebook too :-)


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  1. What a fabulous collection! I love the purple corset and its pair! It looks so sensational! Its a mixture of class and sexiness! There's just something about the color purple that makes lingerie look sweeter!

    Ted Juhl


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