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[Adv] Vanity Trove March : The Temptress

March has been a super busy month for me and I'm glad to find a lovely surprise at my doorstep last week :-) Thank you so much for making my dreaded month look a bit brighter Vanity Trove! ♥

This month's edition is the Temptress, which spells a whole load of a well deserved pampering in a box :D Sorta figured it out based on the March banner they had on their website lol

I think I can get use to the idea of receiving a surprise beauty box at my doorstep every month lol This time it's full of products that I haven't tried nor heard before! :-D Vanity Trove is awesome that way because they carry in a HUGE variety of brands and you can't even trace which brand you are gonna get every month, which makes this beauty box program more interesting! :-D

Starting with Bio-Essence Bird Nest Brighten Eye cream, a surprise product in the box because this wasn't mentioned in the March edition catalog o_O and while I was searching for my Asian potion product I found 2 of these 3ml sample size product in the box. Really unexpected! But thanks for the surprise VT :-)
This came in pretty useful for me since I haven't been able to get a solid 6 hours sleep since last month and my eyebags has already reached near my cheeks and i ain't kidding about that :'(  The sample size as usual was too small so i couldn't really get much result out of this product, at the size of 3ml It barely last me a week lol 

Sensiplus by Etre Belle 
Haven't had time to test this two midgets yet >.< As usual I have problems sticking to a routine :-(
Sensiplus hydrasilk gel tonic is available in a 140ml bottle priced at RM138
Sensiplus hydrasilk Day & Night cream priced at RM188 for a 50ml jar. 
The price itself scares me lol.

Love the smell of the mask, really soothing and helps re-hydrate my dull skin :-) and finally a full size product in a VT box haha! Enjoyed this mask and it's benefits, they are brought in by Timeless Truth Malaysia! This distributor have tons of face masks (and masks for other body parts) brought in to cater to your every need, it could be anti-aging, anti-wrinkle or whitening..etc. You name it and they have it O_O 
So mask junkies, this is your call ;-)

Moving on to Lunasol cosmetics,by Kanebo. I've heard of them but never tried them out and now it's a good time to  test'em :D

Lunasol's Skin Infusing Powder foundation came in a very cute miniature size with a matching tiny sponge, so cute! This product is abit too fair for my skin (yesh, i'm yellow skinned, call me a Simpson lol wtf) Works as a foundation and powder (sort of a 2-in-1 kind of thing) the texture was nice and lightweight. It's SPF 20 PA too, helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays at the same time making your skin look flawless.

Tons of vouchers @_@

Verdict :
Vanity Trove really read my mind for this month's beauty box, all the stuff I need lol :-P Could it be Déjà vu?

To be honest was kind of disappointed with this month's Vanity Trove's box :-( Because there were too many vouchers and so little products (in quantity and size) and my Asian Potion sample was left out! No wonder I couldn't find it, in fact I didn't even know it existed until i read other bloggers VT review post >.< 
Hope Vanity Trove will look into this error and will not repeat this careless mistake on their future beauty boxes because at the price customers are paying, they expect the best of best for the products and services.

Hope the feedback in useful VT! Keep up the good work and keep making us girls smile every month with your wonderful surprises :-)

Want to be part of the fun? Get your handpicked beauty samples by subscribe to Vanity Trove Malaysia today! 1 more day to purchase April's beauty box edition ;-) *winks*

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