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Samsung Galaxy Note II : Pink All the Way!

Oh My Gosh!! Just as i bought my new Note 2 phone in grey they finally released the pink colored one! T__T *sobs*
Anyone want to trade? My phone is less than a month old :-P

I've honestly never been a huge fan of the color pink, in fact i even remember loathing it because of barbie lol :-P But Samsung did a great job in selecting the perfect pink hue for their latest Galaxy Note 2 phone, sweet light pastel pink ♥

Even a pink colored hating person like me can turn mellow by just looking at this :-) Oh how I regretted not waiting slightly abit longer! I didn't know they were gonna release Note 2 in additional colors aside from Grey and white D: /sad

If given a chance to own a pink Note 2, I would just give myself a 360° makeover to make sure everything matches this cute phone  (‘∀’●)♡ the pink fetish has just begun and to prove it my current phone casing is in pastel pink decorated with macaroon and cupcake stickers. Guess my girly side has finally start kicking in after all these years lol

Well it's never too late or too old to have a secret little girl fetish :-P Like my recent "Princess for A Day" with Shu Uemura blogpost.

I would have loved to take more pictures with this cute pastel pink Note 2 but there is a queue of overexcited girls behind me waiting to get their hands on the phone too XD

Samsung why you tempt us girls?? T_______T *sobs* I really hope they let us change our phone colors for those who have just recently purchased the Note 2! Lol! It would be even more interesting is they came out with a series of limited edition pastel colored Note 2 phones for Spring! Imagine them in baby blue, mint green or pastel yellow :-D I wouldn't mind mint green too!

Head over to the nearest Samsung Outlet to check out this adorable Pink Note 2 today! If I'm not mistaken, the selling stocks have yet to arrive at all their outlets, so only the test unit is available at the moment :-)

Latest juicy updates on this phone can be found on Samsung Malaysia's Facebook page :http://www.facebook.com/samsungmobilemalaysia & Twitter : https://twitter.com/SamsungMalaysia
So make sure to stalk them closely!



  1. omg galaxy note 2 in pink!!! But I thought of getting galaxy 4 when it launch in Malaysia :(

    1. Samsung always makes us spoilt for choices T__T

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