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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Why No Meat?

Finally after a long hiatus from my busy semester to working for LIMA'13 >.<
And I still haven't had any proper sleep since I got back to KL *sobs* Need to clear tons of backlog blog post before Wednesday ( ;´Д`) 

Even though I missed Easter Sunday Service today, nonetheless Happy Easter to all my fellow Christian brother and sisters in Christ :-)
Blessed is the Lord who has risen from the dead on this very day so we all may have salvation.
I have to admit that I ain't a staunch Christian and I've lost my faith many times but by God's grace he has always managed to lead me back to him.

Through the thick and thin I've never stop counting the blessings he has given me, I am truly blessed in so many ways :-) Thank you Lord!

Many people has asked me why do Christians fasts during Lent?
Well I'm too lazy to type it all out because it might bore you guys as well, but I'm sure our best friend Google here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lent 
can answer all your questions ;-) *winks*

So yea, Jesus went fasting for 40 days in the dessert withstanding all of Satan's temptations ..etc. This has became an example that we Christians practice today before Easter.
To simplify even more : Lent = Giving up temptations.

It's usually the Pastors (or higher ranking church people) who still practice fasting completely from all food and just drinking nothing but water for 40 days, well it's just SOME. Not all still do that lol.
Because the original fast was giving up food :-P

But now in modern times fasting has evolved, it's no longer food as an fasting option but everything else can be part of your fasting practice as well :-)

For example like if you choose to fast from Facebook for 40 days
Means no checking, no logging in until lent is over :-P Temptation of checking it can get in the way sometimes, but you are suppose to meditate and overcome it.

P/S : I would love to see someone do that haha! Let me know if you have succeeded doing so XD 
I'm finally answering all your questions on why I was fasting 40 days without meat (of all things, why meat?)

To be honest I have no idea why LOL maybe because I love my meat too much? I was never a fan of meat until my crazy diet 3 years ago, i totally went berserk and cut myself off from all sorts of food because i was darn paranoid ( I still am though!) 
Then somewhere around last year i started introducing more healthier food options into my diet, which includes lean meat since i want to build/ tone some muscles :-D

Okay, jokes aside..I've been practicing "The Daniel Fast" since i was told i was old enough to understand fasting back in Sunday school, I think i was around 8-9 years old back then?o.O
You can read about the Daniel Fast here : http://www.daniel-fast.com/index.php/about-the-fast

I know that i can choose to give up other stuff aside from meat but I've been practicing this since i was young so it's sort of an automatic thing for me to do every year lol. Old habits are hard to die oTL

It was indeed difficult for me to go on without proper food with this diet so I substitute my meat loss with fish and eggs as my source of protein. If I haven't done so I think I would have fainted after a week >.< But strangely I didn't because while I was in Langkawi for LIMA'13 I haven't had any vegetables nor fish for a whole solid week :-(

Being on an island is indeed very difficult for me since I was on my last week of lent. Temptations really started kicking in >.< nearly succumbed at the sight of awesome Turkish Kebab(; ̄ェ ̄)
I survived basically on apples (smuggled in my luggage bag), expensive yogurt (priced RM2.50 a small cup in Cenang T__T *cry*) and meal replacement drinks.

It was a damn unhealthy week for me because I was barely surviving..thank God I made it :-D yay!
And upon arriving back in KL today I decided to treat myself to a steak & cheese salad at Subway for lunch! ♥ It was worth the perseverance :-D

Spent Easter alone but it was total Bliss ♥

Hope this answers all your questions n my funny eating behavior! LOL :-P


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