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Vanity Trove : The Shower of Summer (April Edition)

I can't express how happy (more like overjoyed lol) I am upon receiving this box from the courier man :-) Thank you Abang for the careful hard work on delivering my darling VT box in such a good condition!
I've seen so many reviews going up over the past few days and the more I read about them, the more excited I got lol. First thing I did upon receiving the parcel was rip it open right at my doorstep like a kid with a present during Christmas :-P

Vanity Trove Malaysia is back this month with BIGGER and BETTER surprises for all of us ladies out there who deserves to be pampered and reminded every month that we are fabulous despite our hectic schedules ♥ Read more about it below as I un-box my VT's April edition. :-)

P/S : And VT is doing a great job at it too!

I'm feeling the summer alright! And such a funny coincidence that I just got back from my konon "summer holiday (more like work)" at Langkawi too!  LOL ( ̄ω ̄;) And i purposely took out my batik fabric to use as a background cover and straw hat just to match the "beach" theme :-P

LO and BEHOLD, a Treasure Chest is found! ♥ And lots of pink colored stuff this time too *winks* Guess Vanity Trove has been stalking me lately trololol~  
Can you spot the 3 FULL SIZED products? ;-)

I have to admit last month's VT box was a huge disappointment and there were some stuff missing..etc, but this month's beauty box is definitely making up for it :-)
Upon opening it, I could help but to squeal in joy because they are really giving us more than RM60 worth of monthly beauty samples!

Remember back when I received the very 1st edition VT box (Read about it here : http://bit.ly/ZigjLD), I suggested that it would be great if they would include at least 1 full size shelf product since a monthly subscription fee of RM60 deserves more than what we previously received in the box. Guessed my wish came true because this time it's not only 1 full sized product, but 3! (´⊙ω⊙`)!

CLARINS, has always struck me as one of those high end brands (to me at least lol) maybe it's because of the pricing :-P It's meant for steady income earning people I guess? This little booklet really took me by surprise because usually sample packets some in 1-2 pcs but for this....No. It came in 5 sample packets! OAO Talk about CLARINS being so generous! I ain't complaining because the supply is sufficient enough for a week (using every night) which gives us enough time to actually see the results :-D Yay! 

This product is available at all CLARINS counters in full sized bottle of 30ML, priced at RM295. I estimated the sample packets to be about 3ML worth of serum, which means each sample pack could have easily worth almost RM30! <---If my maths calculation isn't wrong lols.
And not forgetting the 50% discount CLARINS gift card for face/body treatment that came together in the box too.

See what I'm talking about when I said we are getting more than we pay for? :-)

There are 4 types of fragrance being featured this month and all of us were given random brands  :-) I've gotten Issey Miyake! The scent I adore most, reminds me alot of fruity+ floral with a hint of vanilla  (all my fav scents) it's long lasting, even after my shower i can still detect the perfume scent on my skin lol. 
So happens this lil guy is also in pink lol wtf. Pink ftw.

Pink with tribal patterns! Thank you for knowing me so well VT ;-) 

It's so hard to believe that this month's selection is all a pure coincidence! All that PINK. This is just one out of the 3 full sized products we received in this month's box.

Slowly and steadily I see a HUGE improvement over the past 2 months, they also included more variety of products this time plus recently Vanity Trove Malaysia has waived the monthly subscription fee to RM50 instead of RM60! Not only they made it more affordable, we are getting more than we bargain for :-) Finally a beauty box worth subscribing to every month because we know, VT isn't here to disappoint us any longer. Of all the beauty boxes I read about out there, to be honest nothing beats VT because even if we pay about RM20 more than other beauty boxes, we are still getting more than our money's worth :-)
I'm looking forward to see next month's surprise *excited*

Kudos and Keep up the good work Vanity Trove Malaysia

Want to experience all this wonderful stuff too? Make sure to subscribe to Vanity Trove's May edition @ RM50 only! (๑・ω-)~♥

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