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Juice Beauty :The Organic Solution Review

Wonder what's inside? :-P *click read more to find out!*

A lovely surprise from OnlyBeauty arrived sometime last week before my LIMA trip, thank you Reiko for taking the time to pass it to me :-) *hugs*. Excited as I am to try out this new organic skincare product, I had to wait till I'm back in KL. I'm still slowly trying to adjust back to my usual busy hectic schedule which is taking longer than I expected and more work is piling up. Stress level has already "naik" since I arrived back in KL last Sunday  (;° ロ°)
Thank You so much OnlyBeauty for giving me this wonderful opportunity to review such awesome stuff! ♥
Remember to sign up with OnlyBeauty.com.my  today to receive your free samples! :-) So happen now they are having Juice Beauty's Antioxidant serum and Roc Wrinkle Correction  daily moisturizer samples up for grabs ;-)

Juice Beauty skincare range that comes together in a adorable reusable tin casing ♥
  • Cleansing Gel (120ml)
  • Oil-Free Moisturizer  (30ml)
  • Stem Cellular Eye Treatment (3ml)
  • Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer (3ml) 
  • Blemish Clearing Serum (2ml : x3 packs too! *A*)

At the back of the casing is a summary on their products. Not only they carry skin care products they also have other stuff ranging from hair care and even makeup too :-D To read more about Juice Beauty you can check out their official website : www.juicebeauty.com

 First review victim of today is the Cleansing Gel. Label at the back of the bottle says this product contains antioxidant-rich cherry and lemon juices. Works by gently removing all impurities while protecting the skin's natural moisture. 

Even the color looks like vinegar lolol or apple cider (whichever) lol wtf. One pump is enough to cover the whole face. Be careful while pumping from the bottle because the texture of this facial wash is more diluted compared to the normal facial cleansers, hence you can "over-pumped" this face wash if you aren't careful enough.

Not your average foamy cleansers, this is slightly more milder than the rest and a little slight warning on the smell :-P It might smell abit sourish (almost like vinegar) to some people because it's made from organic fruit juices lol The texture is easy to lather too! Anyway, the proper way to use facial wash is to lather it on your  palm first before applying it on your face. Aside from the not so pleasant smell, this facial wash gets a thumbs up from me because it leaves the skin feeling very soft and refreshed almost throughout the whole day!

Right after the cleansing, I decided to complete the regime with the Oil Free Moisturizer, don't worry this one smells pretty pleasant because this one is made with organic white grape, pomegranate juices, sea algae and soothing aloe vera. These 3 main key ingredients works by hydrating the skin and giving it a beautiful matte finishing. Sounds very promising eh? :-D

About not more the size of a new 20 cent coin is enough to cover the whole face and neck :-) Easy blending and the cream texture is lightweight, so you won't feel like there is something sticky or creamy on your face. I can proudly swear by this moisturizer because my skin was oil free for almost more than 8 hours yesterday! For once i don't have to use a facial blotter lol best part is, NO visible pimples popped out upon using a new skin care product *Yay!*. Mild and gentle indeed, I approve (=w=)b *thumbs up*

I haven't given the rest of these guys a test yet because at the moment i do not have any pimples lol but i'll give them a try if eventually one sore pimple pops out of nowhere (hopefully that doesn't happen! @_@)  

Overall, Juice Beauty has proven to be really skin-friendly and is a good option for those with sensitive skin but want to try out a new alternative skin care range :-)

Products are available online and their physical store in Gardens, Mid Valley too.

F237A, 1st Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City

Phone : 03- 2282 1250
Email : juicebeauty_my@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.juicebeauty.com


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