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[ADV] Dermalogica®: Boosting the Confidence to Bare

Aging has always been part of the vicious life cycle and the one thing that doesn't welcome it the most is our skin. Especially our face, the skin at that region is so delicate that it is prone to damage easily which leaves us with ugly permanent scars and wrinkles that most of us have to be ashamed off  for the rest of our lives D: 

I know how that feels like because i have scars on my legs and believe it or not there are times when i actually use concealer to cover them up when i'm wearing skirt >.< Well, thank God I'm blessed with a considered "good" skin condition for my face because my breakouts isn't as bad as alot of people I know (I'm not bragging!) and the scars doesn't usually stay more than 3 months.

Dermalogica is back with their "Get Naked campaign", and the purpose of this is, Dermalogica dedicated themselves for one sole purpose,- To Treat and Protect the skin for a great and flawless complexion.

With the tagline “Great Skin Has Nothing to Hide”, Get Naked is Dermalogica’s initiative to encourage Malaysians to gain confidence through true skin health.

Dermalogica’s team of skin health experts recommends treating skin with boosters after cleansing and moisturizing (one of the things that is not in my skincare regime because I'm just too lazy lol) This step is to restore the skin's condition by hydration and it also slow down the aging process caused by harsh environments and stress.
But beauty comes with a price no? :-P And it's best to start taking precaution of your skin at an early stage rather than waiting till you reach late 30s (that is when your fine lines don't get too fine anymore lol)

Here is what Dermalogica® has to offer for you in order to achieve a proud naked skin, so say goodbye to make up and time to invest on a good skin care regime :-)

For the driest of complexions you can option for Dermalogica®'s Skin Hydrating Booster is a super-hydrating booster. Used with or before the prescribed Dermalogica® moisturizer, this booster works to smooth out fine lines. 

Relief on environmentally-sensitized skin also comes in a bottle of Dermalogica®‘s Gentle Soothing Booster. An ultra-soothing complex of botanicals and healing honey, this oil-free formula calms and hydrates irritated or sensitive skin.

To restore thirsty or prematurely-aging skin, look no further than the Skin Renewal Booster from Dermalogica®. Its exfoliating complex of hydroxy acids works to loosen dead surface debris, while soothing plants extracts smooth and improve the texture of skin.

For those seeking a healthy glow from within, the Dermalogica® Extra Firming Booster is the solution. This rich fluid of firming botanicals strengthens the skin’s internal structure with vitamins and proteins, leaving skin visibly uplifted and smooth. 

While powerful boosters heal and treat frazzled skin of the face and throat, let’s not forget that delicate areas around the eyes are especially vulnerable to dark circles and fine lines. Thus, protection of the area using Dermalogica®‘s Total Eye Care SPF15 is highly recommended, as the advanced eye treatment cream with skin-smoothing alpha-hydroxy acids help conceal dark circles and retexturizes to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

Dare to bare your great skin that needs no cover-up today! 
Drop by any Dermalogica® skin care centre or AsterSpring outlet for a free skin health consultation to identify the products that will best treat and protect your skin.

And "LIKE" their official Facebook page for the latest updates :-)

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