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[ADV] Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch x Mini Review

The  most anticipated phone by Samsung this year the Galaxy S4 has finally been officially launched in Malaysia!
*Pops confetti*
Congratulations Samsung Mobile Malaysia! :-)

Did you guys managed to catch or stalk the S4 Mall hoping launch roadshow that was going around the 4 key operator outlets at different malls before the final stop at lowyat plaza?:-P

The Final Grand Official Launch was held yesterday in front of Lowyat Plaza, present throughout the whole roadshow were the Directors of Samsung, local celebrities-Awal and Liyana along with the Samsung performing troupe. 

Directors of Samsung showing off the Galaxy S4
Photo credits to Elvina Chua

Violin performers together with Dennis Lau spotted :-D
Photo credits to Elvina Chua

Didn't managed to catch the performances but heard there was tons of it throughout the whole roadshow such as cheerleading, flashmob dances and drum performances. And they were doing it since their first stop in front on Sunway Pyramid! O_O Woah!! Imagine performing 4 times within 4 hours at 4 different venues! Sounds really exhausting and insane lol.

As seen on my instagram's update if you have followed me @arisa_chow♥ 

Well, at least after braving through the insane crowd of people in lowyat plaza, managed to get hold of the S4 myself! :-D 
Thank god for the right timing~ While all the stores in lowyat (especially Samsung shop) were hoarded by mad Samsumg tech fanatics trying to get a glimpse of the S4, Senri, Fish and I went to the Mobile S4 truck that was parked outside of lowyat. Thanks to Samuel for telling us about that truck lol if not we'll be waiting forever before it's our turn to play with the phone :-P

First thing that went through my mind when I first held the S4 up was "Gawd, how much skinnier can the newer generation phones get?" (=_=;;) It looks so slim that I'm afraid by putting it in your back pocket, you can already kiss your new S4 goodbye lol. One sit and you hear this "CRACK!" Lol just kidding, I ain't here to scare you guys lar :-P 

Colors available : 
  • White Frost 
  • Black Mist
Didn't managed to see the black color unit because all the displays in the roadshow truck were white :-( awww.. Heard there was one in the Samsung store but no way I'm going there when it's so crowded =.= lol

I'm going to share with you guys some of my favorite functions that I've discovered while meddling with the S4 :-D 

1. Camera -13 megapixel (Goodbye DSLR, enough said) 

This picture is captured from S4's front camera and I used my Note II to take a picture of it, kept it original because I want you guys to see how clear it is ♥  

First function that i would attack in every phone is always the camera :-P Especially after hearing the main camera is 13 megapixel! For a phone that is ridiculously powerful stuff wei~ 
Meanwhile the front camera is 2 megapixel, which captures quite decent quality selca pictures O_O But it freaks me out abit though because it's so clear till all the pores on my nose can be seen Lol wtf haha! Seems they are purposely designing phones with more advanced front cameras to encourage selca-ing lol XD

2. Dual Camera Function

Thank you Fish for becoming my test subject XD hehe.

How awesome is that? :-D First ever phone that I have seen with such a function! You can take front and back pictures at the same time, comes with a wide variety of frame templates too. How i wish my Note II has that function too! *sobs* T^T 
This dual camera is useful if you want to check whoever is stalking you from the back haha! /Just kidding

3. S Health Application

Health freaks like me needs this very much lol. It's an build in application on the S4, you can count calories food, keep track of your workout sessions..etc

4. Air view

You guys would be saying, "Chehhhhh! Note II also got air view! Nothing special." But one thing that made S4's air view extra special is the fact you can control it with your fingers! Unlike the Note II where we have to use the pen in order to use the air view  :-) Basically the sensitivity level for the S4 is pretty high compared to the previous older Samsung Galaxy S-models.

5. Air Gesture and Smart Scroll

Watch this cool video ;-) Enjoy!

Last but not least of all my favs are these 2 cool new built in sensor features! With the Air gesture I'm able to move to the next screen without touching the phone lol So it's a YAY to non oily fingerprinted screens! Smart scroll is in fact waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to smart for me :-P There is a sensor that detects my eye movement (it will turn green once detected) while reading and auto scrolls down as I continue to read downwards. 

They even have their own customized  S4 casings, a flip cover casing that will display the time on top of the cover even though the phone screen is covered by it. It lights up and shows the time upon detecting the phone's screen it's called the S- View cover  

 Since now that the S4 is officially launched in Malaysia, drop by your nearest Samsung/ telco stores today to give it a try :-P It's also available for purchase on it's own or with telco plans but it's while stocks last!

P/S : I heard it's going out fast too lol

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  1. Don't say goodbye to your DSLR just yet, this phone cannot take good photos in low light.

    1. Really? I didn't give that one a test lol thanks for the highlight! :-D Guess some things remains the same for handphone cameras lol


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