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Nya Nya 猫 Earphone Jack

Recently came across WooJapan.com, they provide ordering services directly from Japan for cute stuff like phone accessories and toys :D And so happened they were selling the Nya Nya cat earphone jacks that I've been eyeing since last year! >w<
I previously remembered it was sold more than RM50 on some random Facebook shop and i found the pricing to be a bit wee ridiculous especially if you are not sure whether the item is an original or not :-/
Thank God for WooJapan! :-)

Official Website : 

Official Facebook :

I was super excited because :

1. First time ordering/ receiving goods from Japan (It's always been China,taobao before this lol :-P)
2. The content inside the envelope :D

You can imagine my squeal when I opened the parcel O(≧∇≦) O Seriously, loud enough to make your ears bleed :-P

By looking at the picture above and below, I'm sure most of you would be familiar with this item that I'm gonna review today. I was seen going viral all over Facebook sometime around last year when you see online shops selling / doing pre-orders for this particular "toy" because it was just too darn adorable to resists >w<

This kawaii earphone jack designs were originally launched in Japan and as usual after a week you would start seeing bootlegs all over websites and pasar malams..etc lol

100% original Nya Nya Neko earphone jack directly from Japan ♥

Thank you WooJapan for the fast and efficient delivery service, not to mentioned how well it was packaged too! Bubble padded envelope to protect the cats during the delivery process, but somehow i felt the size of the envelope was outrageously over-sized for 2 small earphone jacks LOL
That was how I got trolled, i sorta expected a small parcel to arrive instead of a huge one like this XD

I've gotten myself 2 designs, to be honest I couldn't decide which to choose from because all of them are just too darn adorable!! *sobs* T^T

More earphone jack designs offered by WooJapan can be found here : http://www.woojapan.com/accessories/earphone-jack

Descriptions are printed in Japanese and well packaged compared to the bootlegs.

Like a sir neko reporting for duty~ :3

This design is one of the new ones that was launched late last year (or earlier this year) after the overwhelming response for the previous batch of designs 

Previous batch designs

I always have a soft spot for orange colored cats lol must be the Garfield influence :-P Like the time when I was obsess with fruits basket series, the only character i found most amusing was Kyo Sohma (orange colored feisty kitteh~ XD lol)

Look at the detailing of this cat! I'm amazed at how detailed the painting is on this cat especially on his paws O_O! 驚くべき!!

In my personal opinion, if i was given an option, i would rather buy originals than bootlegs :-) Bootlegs are something i come across at random and purchase without thinking twice (just for fun since it's cheap lol :-P) I do not source purposely for bootlegs, I'm saying this because I know there are tons of people out there not willing to even spend a little bit more for quality ~_~ and yet they want the item so badly , hence pasar malam comes into the scene *kenot brain*

The 2nd earphone jack I found most "eye catching" out of the whole lot :-P It's pretty "obscene" but at least I know it's gender :-P 100% 男の子 (otoko) haha!
I'm currently using this sleeping neko on my phone, because I like flashing people my neko's balls wtf lol.

You get what I mean when I said "too much details" lololol XD

What you see and order on the website is what you get :-) Colors are accurate, guaranteed not fakes (if not why the trouble to getting it delivered all the way from Japan lol) and reasonably priced too!

Each earphone jack design is priced below RM50 and WooJapan has a loyalty shopper reward program where  you would be rewarded by points with every purchase, and the points accumulated can be later can be used to pay for your future orders :-)

Product Satisfactory : 

Shipping Efficiency :

Seller Feedback:
Very helpful and knowledgeable about the products, also consistent follow up replies :-) So if you have any inquiries, feel free to contact them : admin@woojapan.com

P/S : I apologized for the colors in the pictures not being consistent in this blogpost because I had to use my phone's camera to snap all the pictures for this review >.< Shiro (samsung WB150F) decided to die on me on the day I wanted to review Nya nya cats, I guess he got jealous of my new Note 2 and decided to "harakiri"  T______T Now i need to send it for servicing sigh~

And last but not least I have great news for all my dear readers! Make sure you are my Blog Subscriber and Instagram follower in order to get hold of the special discount code which I'll be updating on my Instagram very soon! ;-) *winks*

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Stay Tuned ~



  1. Moustache neko is cute! :3

  2. Everything in the website is so cute!

    1. YEA! shop with them and remember to use the code to get at 15% discount :)


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