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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My annual holiday/ work trip to my dream work place once in every 2 years, Langkawi ♥ This is my 2nd LIMA and looks like i'll be attending future LIMAS' to come *winks* so if you are in the industry do expect to see me around 
Well..It used to be very fun for me until health issues and food became such a huge problem for me/sigh. I know I asked for it, well..have to start slow if you want to recover.
I can bet you guys, by the time you barely read through half this blogpost, you would move the mouse over the "X" on the top right of the tab and click it lol.

Yep, this post is more of a diary to pour out whatever that has happened over in Langkawi and if you don't like it I suggest not to proceed :-) 
But you can if you like pictures of sunsets lol :-P

Thank you!

The first sunset in Langkawi, arrived quite late due to bus delay in pudu station. Wtf

This time i wasn't working with my usual mama-san, Joe :-( so travel and logging was waaaaaay different. Instead of plane flight (which saves alot of time) our agent option for bus and ferry. Well, reason given with the last minute confirmation from some of the other hostesses, he couldn't get plane tickets I guess that is forgivable. But makes me wonder why didn't he buy plane tickets HOME since we are all going home on the same day (;¬д¬)

Before I elaborate more on what happened throughout this whole 1 week, better brace yourself with a hell load of bitching :-/ Because of this trip I got dumped, stressed out, wasted alot of time waiting, running here and there with heavy luggage. Not to mentioned starving.
Started off with bus from Pudu to Perlis jeti, we were told bus leaves at 8am SHARP, so be there latest by 7.30am. Everyone was punctual but guess who was late? The fucking bus driver :-/ they had us transported to another station, where we waited until 12pm before there was an available bus to the jeti. Hence the unnecessary waste of time, by the time we arrived in Langkawi jeti it was already sunset.

I'm not going to talk about our first motel in Kuah Town, it was so horrible that we couldn't live in it -_- just imagine, it doesn't even have a freaking sink and the tap isn't working! Wtf. On the same night itself we were told to pack up and headed to another motel in Cenang. A whole day of moving the luggage up ad down..worst part is, the next day we had to wake up early for work :-/ 

Nice meeting you girls! It was fun getting to know each and everyone of you :-)

Yep, the sea is my 2nd home. If I could live by the seaside that would be my paradise 

I've always loved watching the sunrise and sunset over the horizon♥

There is a long funny story behind this 100 dollar note I'm holding. Some dudes insisted on purchasing our book samples and said he'll pay "CASH ONLY" no kidding because in total there like 6-7 of this notes O_O after selling the whole sample set! Oh, and it's my first time seeing/holding a real US dollar note :D so I jakun abit snap picture while my boss laugh at my "Malaysian ways"*

*always snapping picture lol

Thank you to the nice pilot from AgustaWestland that allowed us to pose inside the helicopter :D Weeee~ Extra privileges when you work as a hostess in LIMA :-P teheehee~

Outside the exhibition hall where they display the life sized aircraft models and also did their airshows, which i didn't explore much this year because it was scorching hot (same display anyway lol) and tons of people as usual -_-lll anyway LIMA is only an event you would want to attend if you are interested in all this stuff, normal people wouldn't travel all the way here just to look at aircrafts. Pffft. But I do encourage to drop by at least once if you have not experienced LIMA before :-) 

LIMA is a week long event but usually the first 3 days is closed to Delegates and VIPs, it only opens to the public on the last 2 days of the exhibition. By then you'll experience massive human jam and tons of littering :-/ Malaysians have such disgusting habits.

My super duper nice boss the managing director of Shepard Media Darren Lake (in picture) and Mike, a jolly big guy with a genuine British sense of humor, not in picture cuz he was too busy with work to drop by the booth on the last day D: But If I ever go to UK, I'll promise to give you a call! :-)

Was working for a UK publishing company this time, Shepard Media :-) Though their booth is small compared to alot of other exhibitors at least working with them was fun and enjoyable lol something different this year compared to my previous working experience with a bigger company, Rafale. 

Night time in Cenang is the best because that is when everything comes to life. And since my last visit they have just recently opened their their very first sopping mall! There is a kind of mix feeling whenever i walk pass this place because people usually come to the Island to take a break from the city life but there is no way to avoid them since this place is one of the most popular affordable tourist destinations. But I can't deny that this is one of the best things that has ever happened in Cenang because if you forgot something you can easily get it there instead of driving all the way to Kuah town and it's within walking distance.

Guess what I discovered in Cenang Mall? It's going to be an exciting discovery that I'm going to share with you girls in my next blogpost ;-) so stay tuned

I was off on the 5th day because my bosses have to rush off to Singapore for their next exhibition, Wohooo! to holiday but Booo! because less one day pay :-( After dropping the other girls off at the exhibition we checked out from the motel around 12pm, that is where my long journey of tagging around  the whole day with my agent oTL Loads of shit happened that day till I don't even know where to start! >_>

My agent Roslan with his two sons and helper :-D We dropped by Cactus Restaurant for breakfast, great place to eat healthy food :-)
Finally some solid proper food! =_= It was almost a week of starvation wei...This is what happens when you are fasting and can't eat oily food D: 

It's really difficult and inconvenient to travel especially to islands because most of the food there are fried due to their limited supply of fresh food (unless seafood lol which I'm allergic to :-/). 
In the photo above photo is what I ate on the last day in Langkawi and it's my first proper solid food aside from apples before the hectic journey back to KL. 

I wasn't kidding when I mentioned in my FB check-in at Kuala Perlis Jeti that I was starving, try surviving with that amount of food the whole day of running around chasing after ferry and buses (include dragging around heavy luggage  =_=)
Nearly died of hunger and thirst that night on the bus ride back to KL, till the bus stopped at a rest stop in Bukit Gantang around 3-4am. Hallelujah for glorious fruits! If I had a car I don't mind driving down once a week just to stock up on fresh fruit supply lol /crazy dreams

Last sunset before I bid Langkawi goodbye :') I'll be back and I'll make sure by flight and never by bus EVER AGAIN! =_=

Exotic flavored pringles were part of my hauls, HUGE size ones for only RM7 each and in cold storage if I'm not mistaken they were quite pricey >.< and they only carry in limited flavors :-(

What I love most about Langkawi is the duty free chocolates and alcohol :-D ohoho~
Lol these are not mine but gifts for family and friends :-P 

Goodbye LIMA'13 thanks for the memories, I'll patiently wait for LIMA'15 before my next visit to Cenang. Hopefully nothing changes much by then :-)

F.Y.I : All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2



  1. work & play, seems fun~ and again i wanna say this: girl u need to at more! =p

    1. haha still slowly recovering, might take a few years :(

  2. Woots note 2 can take nice pictures! And you looking hawt there :p

    1. yea!!! I know! The digital camera i brought in the end also nvr use XD


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