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WeChat Launch Party @ Neverland

Was invited to WeChat's launch party at Neverland last night and had a blast :-D Because going back to Neverland was like walking down memory lane for me lol used to work there when Neverland first opened for operation 2 years ago, how time flies!
And I remeber back then what a drinker and party animal I was :-P Haven't clubbed in ages! Music, food, atmosphere and company was good that night :-) Couldn't ask for more :-P Lol!

Actually ealier yesterday WeChat had their official launching at Westin Hotel attended by their new fresh ambassadors Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam. If you have followed WeChat closely on Facebook you would have seen all the updates on their wall ;-)

If you have not, go "LIKE" their page : 

 The fabulous queue outside Neverland last night LOL. Think it was almost full house because it was so darn crowded >.< 

Bumped into Samuel while lining up during the registration and we get our own fluffy Green plush!
Yay ♥  A new sleeping companion (‘∀’●)♡ Thank you WeChat!

And some extra little souveniers from the photo booth lol the frames look damn funny XD 

Our happening "miang" Emcee of the night, Rudy
Guess why "miang"? Tried to sweet talk into getting to know one of the female contestants during the  games on stage haha but guess that didn't turn out so well XD LOL!

An energizing opening act, these people can really dance O_O 

Awesomely decorated chocolate and vanila cupcakes that look soo good as deco that you wouldn't want to eat them lol :-P I ended up posing with them but didn't have the heart to ruin such nice looking cupcakes XD lol wtf.

Opening Speech by Vice President of Tencent International Business, Mr Poshu Yeung

Follwed by their TVC showcase about WeChat

Heard of WeChat but not sure of what it is?
Let me enlighthen you guys abit ;-) 
WeChat is a new way to communicate on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Backberry for FREE! Yep..the word"FREE" gets everyone's attention :-P 

It supports sending voice,  video, photos and text messages. Works like your average phone functions expect FOC, no hidden cost because it works using internet service (data plan) and wifi. 
Just head over to the android market on your phones and download the app located in Top FREE downloads.

Local songbird, Vivian Chua mesmerizing us with her beautiful voice.

Duet performace by Vivian and Awi

Haven't heard of this dude before, but he wasn't too bad :-) lol

Congrats to all the winners and participants!

 Basically it was a night filled with lots of fun activities with attractive prizes and performances. And not to mention lots of mingling around getting to meet new people using our WeChat programs on our phones to communicate haha :-P

DJ SkyGroove, grooving the crowd with his skills.

I've lost my touch for clubbing music but I have to admit this DJ is really good! I pretty much like his remixes and the beat kept the party really going ♥ 

Quite alot of people went back before they even did the first round of lucky draw, too bad to those who had missed their chance to walk away with an Ipad :-P I've never had any luck when it comes to this kind of lucky draws so I don't usually stay back as well, I need more luck haha! XD

Look is finally back on land! 
Cockroach eating boy, Sam Insanity. He really lives up to his name (-_-lll) Eww! I swore I nearly died laughing after watching that video.

From far left : Grace, Eric, Me and Sam

Thank you for the fun night WeChat! :-)

For more details check out their official website :  http://www.wechat.com/en/
and follow them on Twitter too! : https://twitter.com/wechatmy



  1. why they look so serious the guys......................... hahahhaha

    1. agree with tammy, their face is too serious. but the name... cockroach eating sam? WHAT?!

    2. Tammy : Hahahha want to act "cool" ma XD

      Jean : Go watch the video link LOL

  2. Iewwwwww. And Sam licked it before eating it off . iewwwwww

  3. so syok get to go! envy! >.<

    1. AWWW... don't be sad :-( im sure got more future events to come :)

  4. It is so happening! Awwww envy also underage to get in the place :(

    1. haha I'm also underage ba :P I'm not even 21 yet LOL


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