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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Reborn by Christine Kong Peoi Yi

Yep, finally the photos from the photoshoot are up! :-) It's been AGES since i last did a model photoshoot due to my busy schedule and honest truth, an ordinary looking short model like me are not in demand T__T sad truth, oh well. Sorry for not being caucasian and tall :-/

The ever so famous abandon building among all photographers lol, located somewhere in KL. I can't remember the name of the road, but it ain't so "secret" anymore because everyone knows the place :-P

This was definitely an impromptu shoot lol! Received a message from my coursemate around like midnight that her original model suddenly couldn't make it last minute and she has already booked a photographer. Well, thank God everything went well despite the last minute planning, horrible morning traffic, tons of mosquitoes and rushing back to college to finish up all the assignments :-P 

Simple Nude Make up look by Peoi Yi 
P/s : Not only designer but also make up artist! Don't play play! LOL XD

Credits to awesome photographer Chee Lek, first time working with him and have to admit he was quite an easy photographer to work with. Oh, and this is also my first time doing a proper fashion photoshoot outdoors :-D It's usually studio photoshoots for me, and the harsh lighting can be a real eyesore over a long period of time :-/

This collection is designed and made (she literally vomit blood day and night just to sew this lol) by talented, uprising designer - Christine Kong Peoi Yi from Tunku Abdul Rahman College
Congrats to her and her New Zealand partner whom competed in the recent New Zealand’s Virtual Re-Start Fashion Competition.
You can read about it on my friend, Fishiee's blog here : http://bit.ly/10NOtne

My fav pic of the day :-)

Full album here : 

A brief description on Peoi Yi's collection :


Collapsion, is not the end,
is the begining of new life.
Collapsion, is not the sorrowful moment,
is the learning process of life.
Without collapsion,
We will never know how far is our strength.
Without collapsion,
we will never learn to be stronger.
Collapsion ≠ End
Collapsion = Reborn

It was an honor getting to model for your very first fashion show garments Peoi Yi! :-) Really love the designs! It's something I don't mind wearing everyday, If only Malaysians learn some manners on not to stare at people's dressing lol -_- seriously.



  1. i love the first and second photo!!! <3

    1. me too! XD overall i like both baju also <3

  2. I think the designs are gorgeous!

  3. omg love all the photos! Nice make up too :D!

  4. Nice designs :D The third one looks futuristic!

    1. Thanks dear! I'm sure the designer would be happy to hear that :)


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