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Jojo Goh as Shizens' Ambassador

I've Finally met Jojo Goh!!!!! (*≧▽≦) And at the first glance i thought she was a Taiwanese actress or something because (sorry to say to say so lowly of Malaysians) you rarely find them looking this fair! O_O lol!
Thank you so much Tammy for inviting me to the launch, too bad couldn't meet you because I had to rush off directly after the event to avoid the horrible after work jam :-(

The media launch was held at Shizens' Pavilion outlet which i blurly walked passed without realizing lol! That is how blur I am :-P

The session started out with out MC of the day beautiful Xandria Ooi interviewing newly elected Shizens ambassador, Jojo Goh who amazed us with her simple yet sleek look.

When I attended this launch i had no idea who she was, basically non existent to me *blush* (>///<)
Jojo has been in the entertainment industry as a TV presenter after winning the title Miss Astro Chinese International 2006 2nd runner up.

According to Roger Ko, General manager of Shizens, " Jojo embodies one of Shizens' core values-passion and commitment. She was at the launch of Shizens' Hydro series at Mid Valley in October 2012. From interactions, you can tell that she has an alluring and attractive personality which is unique in her own way."

Well said Roger Ko! I have to strongly agree with that, Jojo is one of the most friendliest local celebrity that I've ever met :-)
She was really sweet to agree to take a group photo with me and Angeline though the media were trying to rush her for an interview session.

During the official backdrop signing ceremony where she left her signature part of Shizens's wall. It was so hard to take a proper photo because everyone was hoarding her for a picture especially the official media. Well, Bloggers are considered some sort of form of media too no? :-P

Jojo Goh best represents Shizens brand's philosophy that is why she is the Ambassador :-)
A real effortless beauty *jelly* 

Together with dear fishiee, Jojo (she is so white! Reminds me of Snow White lol except she's missing the red lips) and Angeline

The event never complete without yummy looking food served, nice to feast my eyes but not my tummy *sobs* (/□\*)・゜



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