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10th Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards X Kaki Seni Festival Tea Party

Last weekend was indeed a crazy experience for Senri, Fish and I because we rushed to cover 3 events :-P
From Tea party at Paradigm to lowayat for a Samsung event and last stop was this BOH tea party in Pavilion.
A big thank you to my daughter, lil Yuki and son-in-law, Yukito for the lift to KL! Your squabbles are really cute la!! Haha, but don't gaduh too much k? /sayang ♥ 

Cool huge backdrops can be found displayed in Pavilion's concourse area with their huge Black Box Theatre.

In conjunction of BOH's 10th Annual Cameronian Arts Award, BOH held a mini private tea party for their fans and bloggers at DOME, Pavilion.

The whole purpose of  BOH organizing this tea party is to bring the performing arts closer to the community by providing an opportunity for the public to catch free performances at the Kaki Seni Festival.

Limited edition packs for BCAA, specially designed by a team of artist led by talented local graphic designer, Sidney Tan.

While waiting for the tea party to start, we helped ourselves around snapping pictures (normal lah! :-P) and tried the different types of chilled BOH canned beverages. According to Fish and Senri the can drinks are tad too sweet for their taste buds haha thank god I avoided that because I think I've recently developed acute case of sugar allergy. Worst nightmare came true for a dessertarian o(╥﹏╥)o Just kidding! There is no such allergy la :-P  

First time seeing so many different flavorssssss! w(°o°)w

Helped myself to their hot tea, best to appreciate the taste by not adding anything at all :-) Drink it plain! The rich flavor is something you would want to savor.

When mention the word "BOH" the first thing that comes to my mind is their plain tea and iced tea series (my favs are peach and lemon ♥) But i seriously didn't expect such a HUGE collection from them @_@ Indeed a shocking discovery lol makes me feel like I've been living in a burrow all these years, well my rented room is in fact a small store room so maybe can be consider "lubang" (hole) la LOL :-P

How many of you know the entire BOH Tea collection? :-P 

Skincare pun ada *faints*

There was even a magician that went around table to table showing us some cool tricks :-D

Group photo taken using my phone because my camera battery was low >.< 
Sorry not that clear girls!

Our MC looking good in a stunning bright orange wig to match the event.

One of the lucky draw winners receiving her prize from Caroline Ruseel, CEO of BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd.
 The tea party did not end just there, we were given an opportunity to catch the production of "Cinta Sang Arnab" inside the make shift black box theatre. My first time watching a live performance in Bahasa and so upclose! :-)
Thank god my BM is still passable, had no trouble understanding it though they do have English translation available on screen projector for those who don't understand.

No photography are allowed during the performance, so therefore no pictures of it to show you guys. Kinda expected that since it's a normal procedure for theatres :-P

Thank you so much BOH for the great evening! :-)

BOH's official Facebook page : BOH Tea Malaysia


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