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[ADV] Note II : Feisty in RED

Alas! Again Samsung never fails to surprise us with more and MORE temptations and this time spotted Galaxy Note II in RED (ruby wine actually)!

This is where is go....

And all this right after I got my Note II in Titanium Grey TT^TT *sobs* 
First it was in frosty pink which I found it surprisingly cute though I wasn't much of a pink color fan growing up I was pretty much of a tomboy :-P Guess Samsung picked the right color to attract us girls, if they ever come out a whole pastel collection for Note II like the fujifilm polaroid cameras I think I might just shoot myself lol (*≧m≦*) I'm a real sucker for pastel colors.

Now Red, oh la la~
The color that I've always found sexy and sophisticated especially when paired with gold (not black) like those Christian Louboutin Very Mix Strass peep toed pumps in RED

Doesn't the color just speaks for itself? ♥

If I could exchange my Titanium Grey Note II for a RED one, it would so fit into my current lifestyle right now because I'm single (but not ready to mingle yet LOL so back off!)! That is how feisty I am at the moment haha, sorry! :-P
just imagine single ladies holding such an eye catching phone color, that would definitely catch any guy's attention from a distance lol okay, maybe that was a joke but honestly I've always love the color red especially on lipsticks.

I may not have many red lipstick shades compared to a lipstick addict that I know of, Yukiko (haha) but at least I have a few that I really like (*´・v・) If i was "rajin" enough to wear make up everyday to classes I would have at least have red lips. 
But unfortunately with my course you get out of the house everyday looking like you haven't slept in months lol, not so glamorous as we imagined :-P Life of a fashion student~

But how do you like my red lips today? :D ohoho~ Matches the phone no? Fulfilling my red lippie dream to pose with a RED Note II trying hard to look sexaaaay lols! 
Whenever Samsung launches a new gadget you will never fail to see me have a syok sendiri moment with it XD 

Isn't the color such a beauty? ♥ Such dark, mysterious and sexy looking thing! ♥♥

Check them out at your nearest Samsung Outlets today! And If you are planning to purchase do hurry because stocks are VERY limited :-)

For more the latest updates on the new Note II, follow Samsung on Facebook and Twitter!

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