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Organic Soya Fitz: 15 Days Program

Of all things to get is a slimming product lol, I know it makes everyone around me go WTF "you don't need to loose anymore weight!" Well this is just a review product that I've gotten in courtesy of OnlyBeauty.com.my  to review :-) So I'm just going to make thing post an honest, direct to the point review about this product.

First of all, if they want to market this product as a "New Organic Slimming Product" they should have a proper website instead of a simple Facebook page or at least more background information regarding the main distributor which is A Life Marketing Sdn Bhd.

My first opinion when I got the box? lol As a beauty blogger my limit to testing beauty products has always been outside and never once something consumable because you'll never want to take that risk. Well, I trust OnlyBeauty since they are careful in selecting their collaborators :-) Here goes to nothing and there are always lawyers lol :-P  /just joking.

The back of the box is just a simple packaging with not much information. For dosage and other details I got them from OnlyBeauty's website. It's scary how they make these consumable goods packages far too brief in Malaysia :-/ Overseas if they see food packages like these the company distributing them is sure to be shut down for good lol.

Ooooo! Spotted two of my favorite flavors soya and pandan♥

In a box there is 15 sachets you can choose to take them on alternate days, but for better and clearer results it's best to take them continuously. For me since this is a review I tested this drink for 15 days straight. According to OnlyBeauty's website's for: 
  • Rapid weight loss, take 2 packets of Soya Fitz daily before a meal
  • Weight maintenance, take 1 packet daily before a meal. 
*Best consumed 30 minutes before meal.

Information obtained from here : http://bit.ly/107tyrI

I also purposely bought my arch enemy for this review lol a weighing scale -_-;;; /swt.
To track my weight before the start of this 15 day program, I was 40kg. My bones are light so don't compare me to yourself.

I ate my meals daily as usual, make sure not to skip breakfast! I always have oats for breakfast, it's one of the most filling food you can get especially if you are going for a workout before lunchtime.
[ My lifestyle consists of healthy eating diet with a combination of weekly workouts + drinking more than 3 liters of water a day ] <---very controlled and boring, I know  (¬_¬)ノ

It's an easy drink to make, best to mix with 200ml of hot water to avoid the powder from clumping though they say can mix with cold water. It is a lie! lol It clumps up and you end up stirring like a mad person D: lol. But I really like the taste :-D It's taste like normal soya bean drink with a hint of pandan, so I pretty much enjoyed drinking it and I don't mind drinking it on a daily basis just for the taste and smell (●´∀`●)

Yesterday marks the 15th day (last day) of my review and I did weigh myself from time to time, my weight fluctuated between 38kg-40kg during these 15 days. For today's review end result I unexpectedly drop 1kg, I'm now 39kg :-( instead of maintaining lol So for girls who want to slim down at least you know that this product works ;-)

P/S : Now you know the reason why I'm so afraid to eat because my weight is so unstable :-( I can gain easily but takes ages to loose them (╯︵╰,) /sighs. If only there is a way to maintain how I am right now :-(

Conclusion :
No side effects like constipation, nausea..etc upon consuming Lol I feel like a Guinea pig :-P There is an effective weight lost result (unexpected for me!)
And F.Y.I this is NOT a meal replacement drink! It's something to boost your metabolism and block fats. You won't feel full from it don't worry! Take it as if you are having a small glass of soya milk before your meals:-)
To make consumption easy the smell and taste is great too ♥ For more details feel free to contact OnlyBeauty.com.my 



  1. 40kg was like my 10 years ago weight. yea.. i used to be 40kg, then i became 45 and now is so so so damn close to 50kg... huhuhuhu..

    1. LOL it's just a number haha you still look fine to me :)


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