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[Review] Bachelorette Manja Sparty @Vila Manja

Ever thought of making your Bachelorette's day a relaxing pampering session in a spa instead of the usual crazy over the top live like there is no tomorrow kind? lol

Well, most girls would option for the wild kind of celebration the number one famous reason lol
It's your last day being single, so let all hell loose.
But all fun things has a catch and for bachelorette's parties is usually about planning within a budget, imagine trying to organize a crazy party included with a stripper since no party is complete without one :-P

But here is a place I can suggest where you can arrange your dream party (according to the owner can include stripper upon request too! lol) the relaxing way without over exceeding your budget and a big thank you Tammy and Vila Manja for inviting us girls over to experience this relaxing package, great way to end the hectic week with a SPARTY (Spa +Tea Party lol). Not sure who's bachelorette's party this is since we all took turns to play the bride haha! But I assumed it's a hint for Tammy's since she is the one currently engaged :-P ohoho~

A nice calming view greeted us, though the place is slightly hidden from view and easily missed for first timers it's located very near Raffles College. Didn't expect this kind of traditional setup especially since it's located in he heart of KL! 

What I like most about this whole spa is the unique interior design, when you walk in this is the first sight that greets you. It's their fish pond, how cool is that? :-D

My weird obsession with taking pictures of my feet from this angle lol no idea why (-_-;;)

The waiting area

As you can see the whole place is big and spacious, I've not been to Bali, I guess this is the closes I could get to it Lol!  

Chibineko was the earliest (as usual lol) We (setapak gang-Reiko, Jean & I) bumped into Tammy outside the Spa:-D
Whilst waiting for the session to start we were served some nice cup of warm ginger tea which I didn't manage to snap a picture of it before chugging it down (was super thirsty! :-P) I'm not a big fan of ginger based stuff but this made me ask for 2nds /paiseh >.<

Photo credits to Reiko
Don't they look yummy? Cooked by the Vila Manja owner herself!:-D

 Moving on to the Sparty, the package directly includes food and beverages which consists of 1 salad, 2 snacks (we had samosas and mini curry puffs but I think this would be at random), 1 main course dish and a pitcher  of drink with the option of juice or tea.

Photo credits to Reiko

Jean and I were the first to try out their orange coffee footsie spa, it's a soak of warm water filled with orange slices and after you are done with the soak trust me, your feet will feel super refreshed :-D

My calf muscles are always tense because of the insane amount of walking I usually do but this footsie spa is practically the first best massage my leg has ever experienced! It's about 10-20 mins session, to be honest since the moment I stepped into Vila Manja I've totally lost track of the time. It's like you are feeling so relaxed till nothing else matters in the world! Lol.

Coffee scrub made from real coffee yo! :-P Meant for your feet not drinking haha! This scrub helps exfoliate the dead skin on my feet. 

The footsie spa ended with a full leg massage, really felt in cloud nice 

While makan we carried on with our hand massage session, it's a free and easy session so you can have your food while enjoying the massages.

Photo credits to Reiko

Lol, don't worry she isn't breaking my arm but massaging it :-P Followed by our Hot stone massage, according to the owner of Vila Manja, Marianne we were lucky to experience the REAL hot stone massage for first timers at least next time we can differentiate and Tammy shared with us her first  time hot stone massage experience in another spa was apparently a con >.< 

Now It's Reiko's turn to be pampered! :-P

Our session did not end just there, after our sparty we had a mini tour around the bungalow makes me feel like i just came out of the jungle lol It's rare for me to set foot inside a bungalow >.< It's huge and well furnished in traditional Bali sense of style.

One of the massage/spa rooms upstairs

Love the warm ambiance of the whole bungalow :-)

Photo credits to Reiko

Though we slightly dragged on our session abit due to our gila-ness, this is BEST girlie hang out session my entire life! It's great to finally have girlfriends to hang out with and talk girl stuff  (time to bid my tomboy side goodbye? haha) 
Thank you so much for the great time girls! We should do this more often, ohoho~ (●´∀`●)

Most voted next potential bride to be, Jean! XD

An additional top up gift is also available in this package for the Bride-To-Be at RM50. It includes a pink goodie paper bag with RM50.00 Vila Manja cash voucher, Guest’s Wishes Cards, Pink Gift of the Month (It will be random but ranges from bath glove, slippers, towel etc).

However Manja Pink Gift Set for Guests are priced at RM20 per gift inclusive of RM50.00 Vila Manja cash voucher & Pink Gift of the Month (every month will be different)

The total spa session allocated for the party is 3-hours but the actual spa session for each guest depends on the numbers of guest.
During the 3 hour session party guest are entitled of  private usage at their dining lounge which includes the following mini manja treats:
  • Free usage of steam room
  • Shoulder and neck hot stone massage
  • Orange coffee footsie spa (soak and scrub)
  • Hot stone footsie massage
  • Honey milk hand spa (soak and scrub)
  • Hand massage
Price Ranges from RM150 per pax or RM600 per party, whichever amount is higher. (ie: 10 pax will be RM1,500; 3 pax will be RM600)

Top-up Options available:
  • Margaritas (optional) @ RM70 per jug
  • Manja Pink Gift Set for Bride-to-be & guest
For more information about this Bachelorette Sparty or any other enquiries feel free to contact Vila Manja :

Villa 41, Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Tun Razak,
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan,
Tel: +6 (03) 2161 5418
Fax: +6 (03) 2161 5417

Email: enquiries@vilamanja.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/VilaManja?fref=ts


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