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Pretzels and Good Coffee ♥

Just got back from the hospital, wasn't a pleasant wait from 7am in the morning and after seeing the doctor, hearing tons of bad news thank god for comfort food ♥  
But I'm gonna make this a short post to share with you guys on the good stuff happening for this month, so you you miss out on it on the next round! ;-)

And trust me if you are on Facebook long enough you would have noticed the amount of food promotions that are ongoing for April is insane Lol.

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Today Auntie Anne's @ Sunway Pyramid was giving out free pretzels from 11am - 2pm. My mom, sis and I rushed all the way from Universiti Hospital right after our appointment to Sunway Pyramid just for this trololol~ So I got my Free cinnamon sugar pretzel! Yummy ♥

I've previously blogged about their Giveaway dates and locations, you may refer to the link below :-)

Don't worry if you have missed this round :-) They are having the next KL giveaway on the 19th April, so make sure to mark that down on your calenders babes!

Here, have a Cinnamon Sugar coated Pretzel! :-P

And I found a new place to have my weekly dose of expensive good coffee! So move over Starbucks, as much as you claim to serve "good coffee" you never fail to disappoint me with the sugar sweetness level :-/ Whenever i order, I'll ask for no sugar at all but yet it still come tasting bloody sweet.Wtf.
And it only happens in Starbucks.Why do you people like your coffee so sweet?? -_-;; That isn't called coffee anymore, more like Caffeinated Brown Sugar Water lol and talk about expensive and not meeting your expectations! :-/

I saw the buy 1-free-1 promotion poster on the way in from the hotel carpark in sunway. And my mom is a coffee addict (runs in the family) so we went "why not?" since we haven't tried this place before :D lol imagine having coffee before lunch.

Located on the 1st floor (new wing) of sunway pyramid, beside Marks and Spencers.
I think they must be new because I've not seen them around before, but then again it's been ages since i last visited Sunway Pyramid lol!

The buy 1-free-1 promotion is only valid for Tall size (which is small size for us lol):-) which is priced RM8.50 for hot and RM12.90 for ice blended if I'm not mistaken. Promotion is valid from 1st April - 30th April 2013 @ Sunway Pyramid.

One of  FIRST and BEST ice blended coffee I've ever tasted in my entire life! 

We ordered both Espresso Mocha and while we were ordering I asked the cashier to switch my milk to low fat and no sugar at all. To my surprised she explained to me saying that their ice blended does not contain any trace of milk, just the powder mixture and crushed ice. To hear that was such a HUGE relief! And she was even nice to suggest since I didn't want my coffee too sweet she can increase the espresso dosage and lessen the chocolate powder, which i was most grateful for! 
Thank you so much dear friendly cashier girl! Sorry I didn't catch your name T___T

From now on I'll be a loyal Pacific Coffee customer, even though for a small cup is so expensive if you were to compare it with Starbucks's price. But for good coffee I don't mind paying that price! Anyway It's not like I'm drinking it everyday lol :-P If not sure pokai liao~  

P/S : Mine is without whip cream lol for low fat purposes :-P Just kidding! My mom and I preferred our coffee au naturel and both of us were sharing one cup while my younger sis had a whole cup to herself lol.Piggie.

They have a comfy eating place with free wifi connection :-) But that they might need to fix cuz i tried to connect but it wasn't working.

I really recommend giving them a try if you haven't ♥ 


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