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[Teaser] Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming to Town! ♥

Holla people ♥ 
How is your weekend treating you so far? :-D Mine? As usual you will see me running all over KL, one minute I was in Pavilion and the next KLCC for another job. Lol. Those who know me well would have gotten used to the idea of me teleporting myself everywhere XD

Guess who I bumped into?

Basically spent the earlier half of my afternoon outside being serenaded by Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-launch performers in front of Pavilion yesterday.

It was non other than the most anticipated Galaxy S4! Gosh It's the 4th generation already? Time really flies and technology is advancing every single second @_@ I still remember the day I attended the S3 launch which was somewhere around May last year :-P haha!

Thanks to a few blogger friends who posted about Friday's surprise performance, I managed to catch the epic Samsung S4 acapella performers right on time (just as I got down the bus in front of Sephora they started performing lol :-P) in front of pavilion yesterday! Saw a few familiar faces at the scene too, guess we we are all there for the same reason. To stalk S4! 

Have to admit they sure put up a show stopping performance. Random passer-by instantly stopped to either take pictures or record the whole performance.

At the end of their performance they gave out colorful balloons to the crowd! Weee~ Happily got one but gave away to a little girl whose balloon kept dropping off the stick lol kesian the little girl -_-lll 
Well.. to think of it, anyway I'm wee bit too old to be walking around with a balloon especially ALONE :-P Unless it's a special gift from a special someone LOL!

Thank you Ryan for helping us snap ze photo :-D

Best of all my long "lost" friend whom i haven't seen in ages! OAO Nice seeing you Michele! I've known her since i was like 13? 7 years already we lost contact >.<

Bumped into babe Yeeing & her boyfriend Ryan whom happily left a little "souvenir" in my camera haha! Great seeing you guys again after so long :-)

So there you have it peeps! All excited and ready for S4? Cuz I am! *winks* ;-)



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