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DIY with Vanity Trove

Laid back Sunday, as I'm taking a break from work advertorial blogposts but don't worry :-) I'll be back on track by next week! 

Just needed a break and a rest since I'm currently on medication, hate the fatigue feeling the meds is giving me. My mind is all hazy, fuzzy and blurry and there is so many things going on in my head @_@ I can't even differentiate my I'm feelings right now.
Hope there are no other visible side effects or I'll swear I might just jump off my balcony :-( This brain of mine can't handle anymore mental stress! Help!

Okay..sorry for running out of topic :-P 
Back to my little Midnight D.I.Y Session a few days ago, remember that Vanity Trove has been nice enough to sponsor me 3 months of these beautiful troves since they launched their first edition in February? I'm really grateful for it and here is what I did with my empty VT boxes since it is of such high quality and to leave it in a corner collecting dust is such a waste, nothing but a little cutting and pasting can revamp these lil guys :-)

So for all the girls who have been subscribing to Vanity Trove on a monthly basis, this is what you can do with your boxes! The more you have the better ♥ It's simple, fast and you don't require any extra expenditure (๑・ω-)~♥”

You'll need :
  • 3 Vanity Trove Boxes
  • Manila cardboard
  • Masking tape

  • Double sided tape
  • Wrapping paper of choice
  • Scissors 

The box usually comes with the soft recycled paper which i just neatly folded in to protect the base of the box in case I'm storing anything that stains or might create a potential mess. See? every single item can be reused! Thank God I didn't throw any of the stuff away :-P I even save the shavings! Lol. Call me cheapskate but those shaving are reusable for your next hamper packing gift in the future.

First neatly stack them up and bind them together with masking tape. The only reason why i would suggest using a masking tape is because if you have any errors it is easy to remove without leaving any sticky residues behind:-) 

Warning! : It's not as easy as it looks :-P trying to bind them together with a tape while making sure they are aligned properly at the same time since you only have a pair of hands.

Followed by the manila cardboard layer to protect the box from the wrapping paper :-) In case you get bored of your current wrapping paper design you can always easily remove it without damaging the boxes.

Almost completed your little DIY shelf :-) Hang in there! I used double sided tape to tape the wrapping paper together, so it looks neater without those glossy sellotape sticking out like an eyesore :-P 

End result~ Voila! (‘∀’●)♡
You can use them to store anything at all! Here is my suggestion ;-) I store my sunglasses, jewellery and cosmetics ♥

Storing suggestion ♥

It's the perfect size to fit on your table or bookshelves :-)

Had so much fun making this because I ♥ the end result :-) Vanity Trove only sponsored me for 3 months, so I was actually considering of subscribing to another 3 more months just for the sake of  collecting 3 more boxes to make it a 3x3" mini drawer. LOL call me crazy, I know :-P

Just as I had that crazy idea, i received an email from Vanity Trove saying that they would like to send me May's Trove. I was so overjoyed to see that email :-) Thank you so much VT for making my day~ Love you guys loads! *muacksss*

Remember today is the last day to subscribe for your May edition at a new price! :-)



  1. That's an awesome DIY idea! I also just cleared up some of my makeup collection last night, and used a couple of the boxes to store my makeup samples and stuff. Super useful! :D

    1. yep! and VT is the only one that came out with a unique design like this :)

  2. wow!! awesome!! if for me, i already throw the box =,=lll

    1. Aiya D: you could have donate to me the box T__T *sobs*

  3. wow good idea! thanks for sharing! :D

  4. This is really creative and awesome idea indeed! :D haha

  5. yeah.. was planning to do the same too! =D
    thanks for sharing~

  6. I was just thinking of making the DIY thingy today. Now I am inspired. thanks

  7. Omg that's awesome! Great idea of storing it instead leaving it aside :D

  8. wow....that's a brilliant idea. I like it!
    Thanks for sharing the idea, Arisa ;-)

  9. haha was planning to do this too but only have 1 box so far

    1. Make sure to subscribe to their upcoming troves swee san! :D you'll soon have your own mini drawer collection!

  10. I'm planning to do this too, but u definitely acted faster than me, haha LOL

  11. I was figuring what to do with these boxes until I saw your post, definitely a good idea! Better than throwing them away since the boxes are made of real good quality material. Thanks for sharing!

  12. such a great idea! shall give this a try :D


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