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Empro Aqua BB & Aqua Gel Base Review

Empro 's Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB SPF 30++ is back with a whole new look and not to mention completed with an improved formulation too. It's not just about repacking this time :-P Empro has taken another big step in perfecting their product because they know every girl's needs. So now not only they are just known as the "EYEBROW" expert, they might very well be soon known for their Skin products too!

Thank you so much Empro for giving me this opportunity to tryout your latest products, it's an real honor! And it so happens that this is my very first time trying/ using Empro brand too *malu* \(//∇//)\
And thank you to fellow blogger babe Isabel Lee from SugerCoatedMuffin.blogspot.com for recruiting some of us to do this review :-) *hugs*

Apparently this Aqua Gel Base is one of Empro's award winning product that helps covers all kinds of skin imperfections such as blemishes, scars and uneven skin tones without clogging up pores. The texture of this base is purposely made light weight and the skin benefits by being able to retain more moisture to keep the skin hydrated, giving it a luminous radiant glow.

Their main ingredient contains Natural minerals such as coral, pearl, diamond and amethyst which is proven to improve dull skin under prolonged usage.

Swatches of the Base and BB cream 

Empro Aqua BB now comes with a higher SPF protection, SPF30++ which is a huge bonus (we can skip the sunblock now, Yay!) helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays as we all know it's one of the main harmful enemies of every girl's skin. The culprit of skin pigmentation and other skin related problems. It is extremely convenient because not only it works as a foundation, it also functions as a moisturizer, primer and sunblock too! Talk a miracle all in one BB cream in a convenient packaging so you don't have to carry so many stuff in your emergency make up pouch now  

It contains organic ingredients which includes flower extracts from Roses, Golden Chamomile, Plum Blossom, Marigold, Dandelion, and herbs like Japanese Ashitaba and Shiso Leaves, Chameleon and Thyme.

Blending the Aqua Gel Base

After the base dries, it gives a pearly finishing because it slightly glittery. But don't worry, it's not too obvious :-)

With indoor lighting the Aqua BB cream doesn't appear too fair, but with outdoor it's slightly obvious that the color doesn't match my skin tone.Well anyway most Chinese girls (and I even know quite a number of Malay girlfriends of mine who are fairer than me *jelly max*) are fair anyway lol ╮(─▽─)╭

In my personal opinion, the coverage is great! The texture of Empro's Aqua BB SPF 30++ is lightweight, so you don't feel like it's too thick and blends easily on the skin, It gives a flawless and brighter looking skin finishing with just a thin layer. 
It might feel a little sticky when you first spread it all over your skin, but once it settles on your skin you won't feel a thing.

I'm amazed that with such a thin and watery like texture it's still able to conceal all my acne scars and my horrible humongous eye bags!

As you can see the difference above, It's slightly abit too fair for me (it comes in only one color tone apparently) because my skin town is slightly more towards the yellow hue >.< That is why i always call myself a Simpsons lol the yellow skinned people. 

P/S : No editing is done to my skin except cropping and joining back the photo to create this collage. Taken with natural lighting :-)

Complete coverage with Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB SPF 30++
Loving the natural flawless look! ♥

The base and BB cream is best used together, first of all to keep your skin moisturized and protected before applying any make up. And it also lasts longer that way since (for me at least) it helps control the oiliness of my skin so that my make up stays on for longer hours. 

These products are stated suitable for all skin types :-) I did not experience any skin reactions nor had any breakouts upon using it. I was actually kinda paranoid when it comes to reviewing skin related products because the fear of having breakouts if the product doesn't work on me >.<
Guess that's the risk you have to take as a blogger lol but thank god the formula is gentle to the skin

These must have fabs are now available at all Empro outlets. Retailed at :
  • RM78.80 (50ml/ 1.5floz) for Empro Aqua Gel Base 
  • RM98.80 (50ml/ 1.5floz) for EMPRO Aqua BB

List of Outlets
* Mid Valley Megamall (03-2288 8111)
* Ikano Power Center (03-7722 2121)
* Sg.Wang Plaza (03-2143 0333)
* Ipoh Jusco Kinta City (05-5454 333)

For more details or more products, feel free to browse through the website and don't forget to "LIKE" them on Facebook for the latest updates.

Oh almost forgot something important! :-P Empro products are also available online if it's more convenient for you girls to shop from home :-)
Get them at Rakuten.com.my, here comes the exciting part both Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB are now having discounts on Rakuten! And free shipping with every purchase above RM100 :-)

For more Empro products : http://www.rakuten.com.my/shop/empro



  1. The base seems to be so promising O.O

  2. Never knew that they have BB cream. The glitter looks very natural and gives off a healthy glow :)
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