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STAGE The Lash Expert & Kohl Intense Pencil Review

"The Eyes are the window to your soul." It's one of Shakespeare's quotes that seems to make alot of sense to me especially since I didn't take advanced literature back in high school :-P At least I read most of his plays (unabridged)!

These will be one of my last post reviewing lashes from other cosmetic brands because a new surprise is coming soon ;-) Stay tuned~ ♥

STAGE is one of those cosmetic brands that comes out with a range of "Flamboyant" false lash designs aside from another brand we are all familiar with- Shu Uemura

Thank You StageAsia for the generous sponsored items :-) Really love the bombastic lash designs released by STAGE! 

Stage Kohl Intense Pencil (2.5g) - Onyx

Comes with a blending tip and a pencil head, makes the blending very easy so you can create a smokey eye effect without even using black eyeshadow. Less one item in your emergency make up pouch, Yay!

The pencil tip isn't soft like most Kohl eyeliners I've used before but nonetheless the color is very pigmented and intense :-)  The texture reminds me  of a color pencil crossed between a crayon, it's not too soft and it's not too hard. Available only in Onyx color and affordably priced at RM33 

Naked face, I'm always amused at how I look without make up lol never fail to look so dead ಠ_ಠ or maybe it's the hectic week worth of stress finally showing up on my face trololol~

Here comes the lashes! :D
We all know that not many women in Malaysia uses false lashes on a daily basis let alone make up itself lol but there are times when you need fancy lashes for special occasions like celebrations, wild theme parties or even company dinners (they usually come out with funky themes lol) and when the time comes it's usually so much of trouble looking for the right make up materials and accessories ಠ_ಠ
Don't worry I understand how that feels because my cousin who works in corporate line always comes to me when she has a company dinner LOL

Well save you some time and narrows down your search quest lemme introduce to you the gorgeous lashes by STAGE!

Stage The Lash Expert - 52 Pina Colada

This baby is definitely suitable if you are going for a FIESTA! Imagine yourself in Brazil in the middle of a Rio de Janeiro carnival! Woots :D Cha~ Chaaa~

Surprisingly it sticks on easily despite looking so uncomfortable and bulky lol and I know judging by the weight it looks like it can drop off any minute but I can ensure you, it stays on without making your lids feel heavy. This one cost RM40 only and it's reusable with proper storage :-) I consider this one of the more affordable priced fancy lashes that I've ever came across! Most of this fancy lashes usually cost nearly up to RM100 a pair! @_@

I'm actually one more their more natural looking false lashes (top designs) :Stage The Lash Expert - 27 Kate for my bottom lashes in this look lol It's called improvising :-P
Priced at RM28 a pair, comes with a small bottle of lash adhesives.

If you have any ideas of dressing up as Poison Ivy for this year's Halloween Party, I would recommend getting this ;-)
The color and designs speaks for itself.

Don't have a red wig to go with the look :-P Sorry~

Stage The Lash Expert - 61 Midori
Midori already means green in Japanese lol Priced at RM40 a pair.

Stage The Lash Expert - 19 Britney
Here is a fancy but not too over the top false lashes that is suitable enough to make you look like a Diva for a ladies night out ♥ Top it up with a simple smokey eye look using STAGE's Kohl Intense Pencil and blending tip.
This designs is available at all  local STAGE outlets at RM30 a pair.

P/S : sorry for my messy blending >.< I really need to learn how to control the blender lol

The lashes are easy to use and causes no eye irritation :-) You get your money's worth because the quality of STAGE lashes are superb! Not your average stiff cheap lashes that irritates the eye like mad >.<

All items are available at STAGE / STAGEASIA outlet nationwide :-) So drop by your nearest outlets to check them out today ♥
Or if you are lazy, there is always an option to shop from home :-P
STAGE is available on Hishop.my and Zalora.com.my

Do follow them on Facebook for the latest updates : STAGE COSMETICS



  1. Hey dear ^^ Was wondering if the lashes comes with the eyelash glue :)

  2. Hi dear your review made up my day, you're funny!
    Actually I am looking at STAGE Kohl eyeliner
    This is my first time hearing this type of eyeliner and I wonder how does it differ from liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner & gel eyeliner, what do you think?

    1. Hi dear, sorry for the late reply!
      Thank you for dropping by :-)
      It's actually similar like any other pencil eye liners but the texture is crayon-ish because it's kohl. Blends quite easily to create an eyeshadow effect meanwhile compared to the usual liquid, pencil and gel draws perfect lines but you can't blend them due to their texture and fast drying properties upon application.

      Hope this helps!


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