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Waku Waku Contemporary Japanese Dining

Haha, another blogpost that was long overdue, left to rot in my draft box :-P Was in Mid Valley about 2 2 weeks ago to watch Oz the Great and Powerful all thanks to Seventeen Malaysia! Thank you BluInc! :-)
I won't say much about the movie because my rating for it was pretty terrible -_- To the point where I actually fell asleep in the cinema! First time wei~ I usually enjoy watching any kind of movie as long the story line and effects were decent enough, but for Oz...hmmm.. I can't even seem to give it 5 stars out of 10  >.<

As usual, fickle minded me couldn't decide what to have for lunch until we passed by Waku Waku Contemporary Japanese Dining (facing directly opposite the MV exhibition hall, Sushi King's old spot) 
As we browse through the menu, the staff handed us at RM10 voucher valid only if we dine of the spot, so we decided why not give it a try? New place, can check out the food at least lol

I pretty much like the interior because it was something different from the usual Japanese restaurants and not to mention the crowd that day was huge @_@ and Waku Waku is seriously understaffed -__- Big place but only a handful of staffs to deal with the crowd.

They really control the ratio for sauces o_O Usually most Japanese Restaurants would leave the bottle of sauces next to the tableware and napkins for customers to help themselves to, which i find kind of convenient because at least we can control the amount we want instead of having to flag down a staff just to get a refill :-/

Waku Waku's specialty and best seller seems to be their Hamburg steak patties (*´・v・)
The pricing for this place seems decent enough for a mall, like most restaurants a decent Mall restaurant meal starts from minimal RM10 (unless it's McD! Haha! :-P) 

Side dishes, I've always wanted to try Natto (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ But the staff that took my order said most customer's feed backs on Natto was "bleh" lol. Guess it's true when they say Natto isn't for everyone.

It's pretty cool that they have a section in the menu for Malaysian and Japanese fusion dishes lol If i wasn't so paranoid about my weight i would have tried one of these XD

Ah ♥ Never miss out the dessert section :-P

My sayang ordered the Beef Hamburg Steak (no.3), the hamburg section seems to be the pricest in the whole menu, this dish is priced at RM19.90
It came rather small, again kena troll by menu pictures but the funny thing is after finishing the whole patty he felt really full. Well, pure protein i guess is bound to fill your stomach fast. The sauce goes very well with the beef patty, i think it was almost similar to a barbecue sauce.

My usual konon "healthy" food lol It was called Green Mayonnaise sashimi or something *can't remember the name* But I requested it without the dressing since I'm not a fan of mayo *eww* >.<
Portions was decent enough though I felt like i was cheated becuase the slices of sashimi came smaller than expected :-( Damn you misleading menu pictures! This was priced RM15.90 (If I'm not mistaken)

Menu pricing starts from RM3.90 onwards :-) Overall the experience was fair enough, great for first timers but not a place you would want to often was to visit because it hurts the wallet lol A decent meal for 2 people with 2 green tea drinks costs up to RM50 >.< 

Facebook : Waku Waku Malaysia

Website http://www.mywakuwaku.com

Location : Lot T-015B, Level Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone : 03-2284 1172

Email:  (Customer Service) customer.service@mywakuwaku.com
             (Reservation) reservation@mywakuwaku.com



  1. I came here before and it seems like they have changed their menu? :o Last time I came here their foods were so so only and the green tea tastes weird! :/

  2. i can see how hurt our wallet can be. but the food seems great.

  3. they really ratio the sizes served.... hence i only ended up visiting once... and never again after that >_<


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