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Escape with Galaxy Life App!

One thing I thank god is for having friends with the same phone (or brand) as me, not only it makes communication, file transfer..etc much easier. Have any of you ever tried out the first Escape Room in E@Curve before?

I very shy to admit….


I haven’t step foot in that place before till last week! WOHOOOOOO..Everyone was like telling me “Like Finally Arisa played this game!!”

Many times after watching a movie at Cathay Cineplexes upon exiting the cinema which the Exit tunnel is located beside of Escape Room. Have to really hands down to the owner of Escape Room for building Escape Room in such a genius location.

Sure it kept me wondering what’s inside and can sometimes hear people screaming and whatnots accommodated with eerie sound effects. To make things even more mysterious the room was practically dark (or pitch black) just minimal dim lighting near the registration counter at the entrance. Looking at a place like that my first impression was obviously an upgraded version of the usual carnival “Haunted Houses”, therefore I didn’t even bother to look twice. I am a totally a chicken, and I am not afraid to admit that (lol). Dark places do scare me.

First of all I’ve also heard since this place is usually hard to get a place due to the walk-in crowds they attract in are massive daily especially weekends and people actually call to pre-book the rooms! Didn’t expect them to be that popular, but always the sight of people waiting outside at the registration counter to get their turns to play the escape room makes my hopes of ever trying out that place go down the drain (literally)

But the start of this year seems to be a good one for me because so happen my friends and I were at The Curve (beside E@Curve) when Chat On sent us a notification about Escape Room entry passes for FREE!
No need to make reservations, which was hard to believe! On the spot even though it’s rather impromptu but since we are close by why not right?

True enough all we did was flash our FREE redemption coupons on Galaxy Life app and we finally got to play ESCAPE ROOM! Never in my life I ever thought I would even had the chance to try this place out due to its popular demand. Thank you x1000000000000000000000000 (infinity please :D) Galaxy Life app for granting my wish to try out that place.

After seeing our group get access so easily without reservations (just flash our phones), next thing you know the group behind us started checking their phones wondering if they had missed out on any online promotion LOL!

This is my first time discovering that Galaxy Life app offers such extreme privileges for Samsung users! Darn! If only this app is available for all Samsung models, can at least poison my whole family members to join me that day to play as well.

As much I love mystery novels, movies and animated ones like Detective Conan never once it ever occurred to me being in their near death situations is ever so exciting. So for those who wished to have a fantasy moment of being your favourite detective character, Escape room is the best place to unleash your inner Sherlock. No joke when it came to cracking the codes, to some people it’s easy but for people who easily panic like me would find it hard to solve or even think straight @_@

But overall it’s such an exciting experience, this is seriously the first time I am being rewarded for using a particular phone brand J getting a Galaxy S4 was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made last year till now. Now I am looking forward for more upcoming deals and other promotions on the Galaxy Life App. Hoho..who says there are no benefits for being faithful? =P Think again.

P/S: And when people say it’s not scary, next time please do define your level of “scary”.


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