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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Fashion Culture Box Review

Weeeeee~~~ so excited to reveal my personalized Fashion Culture box. First ever in Asia! I've seen countless of beauty boxes subscription that eventually started offering almost similar products, there is also Bag Of Love. I love how they designed their own bags every month according to theme,and not only that the pouches that comes with it is reusable.

In Singapore so far is the only place I know of that has their very own subscription box that caters your complete look according to your personality called ValvetCase is i am not mistaken.

Box full of accessories wasn't something i was expecting along the lines but im glad Culture Box decided to come up with this.
There are like so many online stores these days using the same photos instead of real shots so looks can be deceiving. Worst part when it doesn't look a thing like the photo or it's just a cheap knock off version of the original design. Wtf.

And places like Diva, Vincci, Heart Attack and..etc sells their accessories at insane prices but on the bright side at least the quality is assured. The only time i actually browse through these shops is when they have a sale (not cheapskate, just poor lol). 

 Delivery was pretty fast, it arrived via poslaju yesterday and surprisingly in good condition too despite pos Malaysia having one of the worst courier reputations ever. Nearly missed my parcel again because the driver was too lazy to get down and ring the door bell, he honked 2 times and before i reached the door could see the bloody fella reversing his van already =_=

I hate it when i have to run down the stairs every single time risking my own life just to reach the gate.
Lost count of how many times i fell down the stairs already and worse that now since i have a dog and she gets super excited whenever you run. Tessa has a bad habit of running in front of you making sure she is always ahead, well..border collies always assume you are a sheep i guess? -_-;; swt~

For the month of february there were two themes to choose from i seriously couldn't decide between Queen of Hearts and Queen of Fairies cuz i like them both!!!>.<
Thank Yukiko for sharing your review, at least all of us got a peak of the Fairy collection :

Now it's my turn to reveal The Queen of Hearts collection.
The choices really screams my style, vintage and mysterious. Not only that it comes with accessories but also beauty products for your skin like TT Masks latest Sakura collection now available for sale here:  https://www.facebook.com/ttmaskMalaysia

The quality really surprised me! Some of them are even easily available at Diva / Heart Attack at insane prices but this whole box only cost RM58! Judging by it's content it's value could easily reached over RM120+ .
Now this is something worth treating yourself to when you need a lil shopping spree to cheer your monday blues.

Been eyeing this kind of lace chokers since last year, wanted to order from taobao but the quality risk is high so i decided to wait until it's available locally. True enough all the blogshops started selling similar looking ones at insane prices. Like seriously? As a designer myself the material cost is only like RM2-5 at most since materials are usually bought wholesale/ bulk.

Question lies is why didn't i make it myself then? Have you seen our local laces? Horrible beyond all reason. Ain't kidding.
When i had to source for lace for my graduation collection it was hell for me. Not only it's limited designs but the quality is also horrible :-/

So receiving this beautiful vintage necklace really made up for the year worth of waiting (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Lace chokers are also a classic trend in Japan aside for knee high socks :D
When i go Japan, so gonna raid their stores lol

1. How does Fashion Culture Box work:

• Every month there will be THREE styles to choose from.
• Each box will have a specific theme, and the content of the box varies according to themes.
• The contents will remain a mystery, and will only be revealed after the boxes have been shipped out and received by the subscribers.
• Subscribers of the box have no obligation to buy a package; they can just purchase any of the boxes when it is released.
• Each box comes with an introductory price of RM58, inclusive of shipping
• Should anyone wish to purchase individual items instead of the box, they can visit Fashion Culture     Box Shop instead.

To get your's today subscribe to their website for the latest updates, can't wait for next month's themes :D

 Website: www.fashionculturebox.com
 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fashionculturebox
Instagram: @fashionculturebox

How do you like my look of the day? ;-)
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  1. I WANTS THE EARRINGS... GIMMEEEEEEE. I am liking this new prepaid box concept. Too many cosmetics already :P

    1. Lol u live so near me mari lor~~ Jom pasar malam tonight?

  2. Wow~ I love your final looks! You looks so gorgeous!

    1. thanks dear! >///< power of make up lol

    2. Haha.. too bad.. I don't know how to make up.. ><

    3. Come join my workshop on 15th march! :) Can teach you how to do basic make up^^

  3. wah i like ur pear like earing!! i love how they have different accessories in each box!


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