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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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SkinDulgence with DOVE!

How many of you actually can say that you take care of your own well being with your daily hectic lifestyle, by that i mean in terms of "Eating Right, Exercise & Pampering.

Those 3 words seems almost non existent right? Especially on girls who has already left the nest and now busy earning a living, looking at things even non working ladies barely take care of themselves lol. I can shamelessly nominate myself as a fine example, during my early schooling/college years i barely ate right at all. Tons of junk food, barely workout and pampering (?) sorry haven't heard of that word lol.

Explains my constant weight fluctuation, health problems and not to mention all these symptoms shows clearly on your face (no kidding). After a hullabaloo rollercoaster ride with tons of health issues over the past 3 years i am glad that i finally realised the importance of eating right, exercising and pampering.

Just noticed that my who get up seems so blue lol @@ and it was unintentional too! Those who see me often would notice my trusty blue messenger handbag that i use daily (reason: lazy to change lol)

Last night i attended DOVE's school of Skindulgence enrollment ceremony to learn more about the program thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invitation. Not only i got to know that one small effort can make a huge difference in your life especially for every adult especially ladies out there who are constantly on the go (like me). Spa/ Massage sessions are too expensive and we don't have the time to even go for those.

So far on the eating part i am glad that i am currently on the right page, so that is nothing i have to worry about. One of the great stuff i learned last night was how to prepare simple variety of healthy dishes that doesn't require much cooking or cleaning as well.
Dump everything into a bowl, stir and serve. Simple as 'A, B, C..'

Chicken and broccoli salad with lemon zest dressing was the first dish, honestly this isn't something new for me because when it comes to clean eating I've already made it part of my healthy routine :)

Instead of struggling to decide between McDonalds or Mix rice i rather have mix rice with the proper amount of nutrients my body needs. Don't expect this will power to grow over night, it took me a year to actually get a hold of it lol.

2nd dish was edamame mushroom soba with sesame sauce. Believe or not all these 2 dishes done in less than 30 minutes. 

Healthy doesn't mean it is tasteless and boring, you can even whip up your own healthy version of  your favourite potato chips by using sweet potatoes and zucchini.

As for Staying active....errr....does walking everyday counts? XD *kena piak*
Since i graduated, there isn't anymore free college gym for me to attend T__T does anyone know any gym that pays per entry around kelana jaya?
I can't afford monthly gym fees at the moment and i know that people say you can easily workout at home but the difference is vast when you have proper core exercising equipments.  

I might be less than 30 years old but i do get comments about my current lifestyle is almost equivalent to a lady passed her 30s. Well... FYI i see there is nothing wrong of taking control of one's life from an early start rather than you wait to be diagnosed with a serious health problem before you are forced to change your lifestyle habits. Like one of my favourite quotes: "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.-William Shakespeare"

That is why i eagerly decided to participate in Dove's latest campaign which is the School of Skindulgence. A 21 one days program where you pledge to do simple things to live a healthier lifestyle.
I've just enrolled today after the orientation last night, just log on to their Facebook: My Dove Body Wash 

to participate in their 21 days program because not only you discover a better living lifestyle but also you are being rewarded for your efforts!
Weekly prizes up to RM100 each to be won and grand prize winner will get a 3D2N stay at Krabi Island.
Imagine all these for just tweaking in a few healthy habits into your daily routine (which was supposed to be there in the first place :P)

There are 3 pillar topics you must highlight for this campaign: Eating Right, Stay Active & Love Yourself.

It's just a simple instagram contest where you post pictures of your progress daily with the given hashtags for each pillar but take note that each pillar must have at least a minimal of 7 photos each! More the better ;)
And to motivate yourself better throughout this whole program you can check out how are your other friends doing too. Doing something with friends is always better than doing it alone, that is why studies proved that gym buddies tend to stick to their workout routine more than those to goes to the gym alone.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to make a pledge for a better you? :-)
Register here:

Long time haven't seen you girls! Kelly and Sarah :) We are the IRON CHEFS wannabes!! lolol.



  1. i think walking everyday can consider as stay active :P hahahaha

    1. cuz i don't drive XD so boleh kira la? hahha XD

  2. walking is a way to stay fit and healthy! that's why i walk to work and balik pun sama, even tho sometimes rimas berpeluh and bau asap kenderaan XD you are so fast leh buat post!

    1. haha! Yeah!! cuz this week busy week T__T so better clear b4 jadi backlog lol

  3. actually if u walk at least 10k steps a day.. u're staying active even if u're not exercising!


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