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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Horsing Around: Happy Chinese New Year 2014

It is always hard to believe when another damn year just flew by with a blink of an eye and worst is it's already the 2nd month of 2014 =_= oi...slow down la. Ain't getting younger from all this rushing around because i admit, i am no longer the energetic kid that could go on without sleep for days for the sake of finishing work. Now sleep is more important or my brain will stop functioning, sign of old age i guess? Lol, wtf. 

After my last attempt to bake cookies ended with disastrous results : http://www.arisachow.com/2014/01/baking-with-arisa.html
At least this time my cornflake clusters and peanut butter cookies turned out fine *pats self on the back*

This year is my older sister's year, the horse and being getting kicked in the arse by one wasn't something i expected at all (figuratively speaking, not literal lol). Why? Because my skirt tore on the first day of Bainian back at my hometown -_-;;;;
What the..................................so embarrassing wei. Well, at least 'Siapa-ni' and Sarah agreed that at least i have a decent looking ass not a saggy one lol wtf.
Some supporting siblings i have -_-

My OOTD was completed in 2 days including hunting for materials so i didn't expect it to be super perfect but i am glad of the outcome. At least this year i didn't have to spend a bomb just to hunt for CNY clothing. Budget fashion ftw =w=b and as much people have to say about the slit at the back it's part f the design, that is what makes in unique instead of the usual thigh high slits on cheongsams (boring).
One of the things i plan to focus on is also creating my own collection of affordable yet fashionable ready to wear clothes target for students/ young adults because of our budget.

By the way the skirt is actually double sided, you can flip it inside out for a different color XD this is just a prototype and i am glad it turned out well~

My look of the day with Eyemazing eyelashes & Kiss Me eyeliner

This is the ultimate 'Once A Year' dish my mom cooks in a large pot that could last us about a week.
Eating the same thing everyday can really kill your tastebuds lol.

My dad is really (REALLY) a traditionalist but sadly none of his kids (all 5 of us are grown up now) practice it anymore. I can't even remember the name of this dish but i clearly remember having it on the first day of CNY every year. It's a cantonese dish called 'Lo Hon Chai' after so many years i finally asked my mom the name of this dish wtf. HAHAHAHA! Imagine all this years i've been so ignorant about the stuff i eat, well as kids it's best not to ask questions at the dinner table because you just don't want to know how some dishes are made. Ugh.

Before heading down to Malacca my family usually visits my grandmother first, i've missed doing so over the past 2-3 years because i always volunteer to go back earlier to help with the cleaning. Well..already missed a few reunion dinners so why not join this year?

Heavenly sight greeted us!! Best Lunch ever!
I kid you not when i say these Karipap (Curry Puffs) my grandmother makes are TO DIE FOR next to her awesome beef stew and cheesecake (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Found this in my mom's home, i thought only designer bakeries selles all these kind of fancy stuff but i never expected that something this is available anywhere. But it looks too cute to eat D: 

Guess the age of all these dogs my bro has :-P

Yep, 3 giant younger siblings (literally) i am saying that not because i am mean but the real fact is i am the smallest sized in the whole household while the rest of my siblings are taller and bigger than me/sobs.
And having 3 of them in a picture at this age doing something together is a rare sight lolol makes a good prezzie for my mom's photoframe  

Say Hi to my ancestors :D

One thing we all rejoice about the Baba & Nyonya culture is the food (as always), first time getting to see and try the real authentic Apam berkuah and Pulut Tekan.

Honestly never seen nor tasted these before because our breed is a dying one (sadly) T^T
If you do ever go down to Malacca, skip all those satay celup nonsense and go for the real food instead! I mean you can get satay like anywhere but Nyonya food is one of the rare delicacies you can find. 

Apam Berkuah with banana sauce

Pulut tekan with kaya topping *yums*

Yee Sang presentation this year wasn't as attractive as last year's  even though we had dinner at the same place:

Never been a fan of Yee Sang but when my cousins and I do toss them we ended up tossing it up into the air and lands outside the plate creating a huge mess XD
How many Yee Sangs did you guys toss this year?

Meet "Roti-kun" another experiment that i might launch pretty soon ;-)

Not much outings nor feeling in the festive season this year because of the intense heat *melting* while other corners of the earth is experiencing cold weather (no fair!) =(
It also hasn't rain for more than 2 weeks, everything is shriveling up including me lol.



  1. I like your ceongsam design ~ cool new ceongsam look and fashionable :D btw~ those food and cookie makes me hungry XOXO

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah!


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