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Maybelline Big Eye Showdown Review

How many types of mascaras do you girls own? I am pretty sure the answer would be a few as like my sis always says that each of them have different effects and purposes. But to me i can't say that i am fussy when it comes to mascaras but when it fits all my criteria like: -
  1. Lengthening
  2. Volume
  3. Waterproof  yet easy removal. 
These 3 are very crucial when it comes to mascara hunting, that is why when i find a brand i like you would see me sticking to it :-P
But then again, i am always open to new options and better solutions than the ones i have now though i am quite content with my latest FairyDrop mascara from Japan thanks to Tokyo Luxey.

Maybelline your budget friendly neighbourhood drugstore brand just recently launched their latest product, in fact i have actually lost count of how many mascaras Maybelline has released over the years but one thing is for sure they keep improving ever single time.

Some girls have a very particular way of using mascaras, noticed i used plural instead of singular? That is because they use 2-3 types of mascaras to achieve the effect they want as the brush design is different for almost every single brand.
Sometimes i think there is a conspiracy going on between these beauty brands =_= All of them berpakat* to create different designs that has different functions instead of putting them all in the same darn tube of mascara so that we don't have to buy so many! Lol

*joined forces

It is said on the package that this unique tube covers all a girls necessity for achieving a luscious long lash look without having to use any other mascara wand to cover the shorter lashes.
The top brush with the fuschia pink looks like an ordinary chunky brush wand that is good for Volume effect, recommended to use for top lashes

As for the other half, the brush is smaller for a more precise grasp of lower lashes giving it a clean Lengthening effect without creating a mess below your lashes.
I understand when some brushes are too big it's hard to use them for your bottom lashes as they will leave mascara stains which is hard to remove especially when you already have your full face and eye make up on.

It's claimed on the packaging that it's:-
  • Waterproof
  • long lasting
  • 360 degree effect
  • Dual End brush
  • No clumping
  • Contact Lens friendly
So to see if it's true i've decided to test them out, used the bigger brush for this eye. 
Applied about 3-4 coatings and still no sign of clumping and I also used a mascara curler for this. But not really much of a 'volume' effect, seems pretty mild to me

Since my bottom lashes are pretty pathetic, so i've decided to use the smaller brush on the top lashes of my left eye, as mentioned it easily grasp all my lashes without them sticking together and giving it a super lengthening effect. 
This is applied with 2-3 coatings with a mascara curler.  

Overall my verdict with this product that is definitely travel friendly instead of bringing 2 mascaras you just bring this 1. But nonetheless the effects weren't as dramatic as i expected, it;s pretty much subtle and natural looking which makes it more suitable for everyday use like to college classes, work or even laid back outings. Can be said an 'effortless' look but for people like me who weren't blessed with thick lashes would need more work than this lol :-P

But if you have them (thick lashes), then you might want to give this mascara a try.
It's indeed waterproof, also very hard to remove them. Must use oil based eye make up remover and massage it on your lids a few minutes before it comes off. Which is not my kind of thing as after i come home from a long day out, i would just want to wipe everything off my face so i can have a good hot shower.

I would rate this mascara a 6/10.
 Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment below girls! :)

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