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Tokyo Luxey Beauty Box Review- Part 2

Here is the part 2 of my Tokyo Luxey beauty box review girls! You can read part 1 of this blogpost over here: PART 1 :D
Sorry for the long wait, been tied down with work and preparation for events so it's best i get this done before delaying it further.
This round i am going to focus on eye cosmetics which is always my favourite topic to talk about.

One of my most favourite product in this box is definitely the mascara. First of all the packaging illustrations is just so adorable and it's pink lol
When i first took it out to take pictures, the brush is really something different from all the mascara brushes that i've encountered throughout my mascara hunt years (yes, i'm a mascara hoarder lol)

Not sure of the brand but i think it's called Platanium Mascara (?)
Proven to be waterproof and giving your lashes an upright curl throughout the whole day

States on the box that it's main characteristics is for Volume and Curl, which is so true. I can vouch for it as this is now my all time favourite mascara after my Kiss Me one just recently finished.
Because of it's unique brush design it actually easily grasps all my lashes even the shortest ones with just one coating and the secret to making it curl without using an eyelash curler is brushing it upwards while holding it for 3 seconds.

Here is my naked eye with pathetic sparse lashes, so you get the reason why i NEED mascara on a daily basis? And before i coat my lashes with this awesome mascara let me elaborate on the glitter eyeliner that i am going to pair with this mascara to complete my eye look.

Who doesn't like a good glitter eyeliner to enhance your eyes giving it a hint of fun without overdoing it. Who says glitters are only for parties and clubbing? 
KIRAAN! proves that you can rock this look anytime of the day like those trending Japanese/ Korean celebrity eye make up where they use bright coloured eyeliners to give it a little pop instead of using eye shadows.

The smooth and fast drying texture is one of the main things i like about KIRAAN! But to achieve a more obvious glitter effect you might need to coat it about 2- 3 times, to me that is somewhat common problem for all glitter eyeliners (like the Maybelline one) but what makes this different is it's fast drying speed which makes topping up the following layer much easier. 

By combining the mascara and glitter eyliner here is my complete eye look. Clean and simple for work or normal outings :)
Earlier my eyelashes were barely there but after 2 coats of the Platinum Mascara, just look at the length of my lashes! Insane results right?

Though the 'volume' part isn't exactly that obvious but the 'lengthening' is really superb, never came across any mascara that is able to deliver such results in just 1-2 coats. Usually it annoys me that most mascara you need to coat your lashes a few times to achieve the desired results but most of the time it ends up a disaster.
Lashes end up clumping together or looking like spider legs (ewww).

Looks as if i am wearing false lashes but it's 100% real babes!

Now the last part of this blogpost would be Chie-san's all time favourite make up remover by Make It & Co (MIC), after hearing her testimonial during the Tokyo Luxey gathering in KL.
Made from pure sunflower oil that is suitable for all skin types.

Infused with Citrus, Tea Tree and Lavender oil which gives it a calming scent as you use it but overall to me it smells strongly like sunflower oil :-P
Maybe it's because i have a super sensitive nose lol

Face & Body Wash Citrus oil and Day Cream 

 The amazing thing about this product i, it works as a make up remover and facial cleanser at the same time!
Perfect for super busy people who wears make up daily and reaches home late. Instead of wasting another 10 minutes to remove your make up this 'Wash Oil' can easily remove all kinds of waterproof make up (even hardcore waterproof mascaras) by just gently massaging it all over your face.

After massaging it all you have to do is wash it off with water, just like that. Seriously.
You won't even feel the oil on your face like those usual oil based make up removers, the oil residue from this make up remover gives your face a moisturised and fresh feeling .
If only they sell this in a full sized bottle here in Malaysia!
Would ditch all the make up removers I have and just use this, imagine how much time i can easily save by just using this in the shower after work.

See how fresh and clean my skin is after using MIC's face and body Wash Oil (the make up remover)

This brand apparently is no stranger in the beauty world, It's reputation has garnered so many users all around the world from European to Asian Countries like Japan, do hope it will one day reach Malaysia :)
Who else want to give this make up remover/ face wash a try? If i can get enough orders to request from Tokyo Luxey who knows they can help us ship it in with a reasonable shipping price.
Any takers?

Now that you have read about all the amazing products offered by Tokyo Luxey what is there to loose? Get your hands on your very own Tokyo Luxey box for only USD 32, the whole box content itself is worth over USD 300!

Website: http://www.tokyoluxey.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokyoluxey
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tokyoluxey
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/tokyoluxey


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