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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Bubblegum/ Cotton Candy Hair by Daisuke Salon

How many of you heard of this term from your hair stylists? "Color butter".
That's something frequently hear whenever i pay my favorite Japanese hair salon a visit for my hair care sessions, and this time I've got to try it out myself too! Ever since i started going blonde during October 2015, I've been frequently visiting a salon than i usually do averagely in a year LOL! Because bleaching requires maintenance every month, but if you are not too fussy then at least once every 2 months but by then your stylist would have given you an earful for neglecting your  precious hair to allow it to grow out more than an inch haha :P

Seriously, having beautiful is hard work & dedication which i never had before this, so now i am determined to do so for the sake of having pretty & presentable hair when i attend any functions, events or for my travels.
Goals this year is to keep up the hard work in taking care of my hair, cherish my close friends, travel more to write so i can be happy :D

That aside, from all my recent vain selfie photos spamming my instagram (love it so much that i can't help posting it lol) most of you would have known i took a drastic hair color makeover from my usual blonde shade to a beautiful colorful pastel shades of pink & lavender lilac during my recent trip to Chiba that even the locals there were asking where did i get my hair done (which salon in Japan) lol and you can imagine how surprised they were when i told them it was done back in my country BUT by a Japanese hair salon. The irony :P

Honestly even i too was actually scared to go pink/ purple at first when Daisuke-san suggested those colors lol, really sometimes i question myself about always claiming to be "adventurous" lol wtf. But after he whipped up two bowls of color butter pastel frothy hair dye, i immediately fell in love with it!

Reminded me very much of cotton candy (others call'em bubblegum) and have to say the results of it were amazing. さすが Daisuke-san!

Turned out so pretty that i was reluctant to sleep that night in fear of messing my beautiful hair (pfft) and definitely i wasn't planning to wash my hair at all throughout this whole trip since it's winter and every moisture secreted by your body is naturally sucked dry in a matter of seconds. Won't be surprised if one tells me they haven't wash their hair for a month during winter lol!

But yea, the weather itself played a big part in keeping my hair fresh & fluffy throughout that one week in Chiba, Japan before i touched downed in Malaysia, that's when my scalp started to itch so badly from the humidity so I went for a full scalp cleansing session just 2 days before new year to get my fluffy fresh hair back ;D

You guys should try this treatment out too, priced only at RM130 but your scalp and hair will feel fresh for up to 4 days (if no gym/ yoga sessions) before needing another wash.

Color butter dye is considered one of Daisuke Salon's specialty where they are able to produce beautiful pastel shades suitable for blonde hair base as that allows the pastel color to be
more vivid. This coloring method is good for those who constantly like to change their hair colors as the it doesn't stain your hair as much as the usual solid common colored hair dyes. Using color butter, one must be aware that the colors are just temporary (semi-permanent) and will fade gracefully after a few washes.
Great for pastel hues.

That is why Daisuke-san advises us not to wash your hair everyday once you have done color butter service, unless necessary to enjoy the color for a longer period.
I am currently on my 2nd week, 3rd wash already and noticed it has started to slowly faded to strawberry milk pink instead lol. So no more bubblegum/ cotton candy hair guys :-P

Was starting to love that color combo very much, but can't wait to see what's in store for me on my next hair appointment before Chinese New Year.

Amanda is always the best! Highly recommend her aside from Daisuke-san himself.

As usual, if you a first timer in Daisuke Salon, just mention my name to enjoy 20% your bill :)
Trust me you won't regret getting your hair done here!
For those planning to get their hair done for CNY, i would advice to do an advanced booking to avoid disappointments as festive periods tend to be quite packed.

Contact     | 03-7960 0140
Address    | C-25-01, 3 Two Square, No. 2, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

My favorite photo, by Daisuke Salon :D
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