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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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TOKYU HANDS in Malaysia

Great new guys, Tokyu hands is now available in Malaysia for the very first time! So glad that all these local japanese commercial departmental stores are slowly arriving at our shores making their quality goods available to all Malaysians who have yet to visit the Land of The Rising Sun.
There are just so many to name at the moment but maybe next time i'll make another post with a list of it lol, but these kind of stores are very common in Japan, everything under one roof!
That's one of the many things i love about this country, convenience is EVERYWHERE and it doesn't really costs more because why should it especially if it makes everyone's life so much easier right?

Quality is something they wouldn't compromise as usual, so when buying Japanese products (food or anything else) you can always rest at ease unless you are paying 100¥ (daiso stuff) for the stuff then don't expect it to last very long la lol and even if it does, that would be a miracle because these type if items are kinda like a "use & throw away" hence the cheap prices.

High quality multifunctional bags are being sold as well.

In Tokyu hands, it's another kind of store which offers a wide variety of items ranging from household goods, beauty, fashion and other miscellaneous items just like every departmental stores except Japan's kind is slightly special that normal because they have all those weird (bizarre) household inventions sold there as well lol.
Saw them brought down a few of them like a banana cutter, kiwi cutter and apple corer, think that's only the tip of the iceberg because i remember seeing even weirder ones while i was in Japan XD

Yep, all the cutters under one table lol.
I'm still deciding whether i should get that ice shaver and make my own kakigori at home or not because i love eating shaved ice alot and with our heat it's just prefect. 
Should i? lol wtf

This current pop of store currently features some of their best seller products which some of you might already be familiar with but the prices are still kept low without the other additional costs like transportation & import fees. So what you see here is likely the exact same price (converted) or even lower from Yen to MYR.

 Cute stickers available for RM13 & 20 each depending on size

NekoZushi! RM27 each surprise lol.
First saw them being featured on RocketNews (my fav website to get updates about JP btw!), was dying to get one because it's just too darn cute and now i got one bwahaha~
Official site: nekozushi.com

Have a few personal picks which is on my highly recommended list in case you have no idea what to get there :-P
Try PureSmile masks for instance, it's the one you guys saw me wearing on my instagram post last time but that design is a "special edition". PureSmile is one of Japan's famous skincare brands and if you have been to Japan you probably even see it in 7eleven lol. Over here an 8 day pack is sold as low as RM36 only, a definitely steal price!


Hey they also brought in the Cat design! RM27 each though lol

Maikohan cosmetics is also here! Been eyeing this brand since my last visit but never got myself to purchase it because i currently have too many cosmetics sitting at home lol.
Love the innocent approach made by the brand.

If you have not tried BCL products then you are definitely missing out on the good stuff .
Known for their water, smudge proof and long lasting eye make up (liners/eyebrows/mascara) which is only priced RM50+ over here while in Sasa the prices would have probably jacked up lol.

For those who are into brushes, please buy this and it'll def' be worth your money. I am amazed with the immediate effects of this brush but currently no budget to get this /sobs
It's super duper soft, cleanses your dead skin layer effortlessly leaving your skin one shade brighter and if you don't believe me drop by for a demo!

For now there is no confirmation news about whether they will be here to stay permanently, which i do hope so they do but for now you can catch them outside of Tokyo Street pavilion from today till 3rd of February 2016.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Tokyo Street- Level 6

Address   |  35, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang,
                  55100 Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia

If they do plan to stay and expand in Malaysia, this would definitely revolutionize our way of shopping and lifestyle of all ages, it's something we need to learn from them too lol.
Don't you guys always find it troublesome to hunt high and low at different places just to get the stuff you need? That's why i decided to pay abit more for quality and to save time by shopping in places like Spotlight, Jusco (don't go wet markets anymore) and other stores that carries more just one item. 
Lately i've been noticing AEON too is slowly expanding their goods by bringing their local (Japan) stuff like TopValue skincare, health, food and even sports drinks which are available in AEON WELLNESS.

That's how i got my food replacement cookies restocked locally instead of always asking friends to help me buy in Japan. These cookies are heaven sent by the way, tastes good and only 100 calories each block. Each packet (2 fingers) keeps you full for a meal, works well for busy people on the go like me and in Japan it only costs about 105¥ each while it's sold RM5.99 on promotion but original price is RM8.99.
Also reminds me, i totally need to share about this delicious fiber meal replacement drink i bought during my last visit in Aeon Japan @ Makuhari New City,Chiba this stuff i so good and i regretted for not getting more boxes of it D:
Please Aeon Malaysia, if you do decide carry them in one day, do give me a notice!
Love, Your faithful brand shopper lol.

What's there not to love about Japan lol.

My Hauls, damage today was 1800 ¥

And i got this guy instead of  ニャー太

You can watch the cute video here lol:


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