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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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SkinnyMint Holiday Detox

Gosh..time flies it's end of January already wtf! I haven't done much of anything except blogging, crying and trying to lose weight lol, really should pay more attention to important stuff than to lag around the house packing. It's really kinda stressful to see both Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year so close to each other leaving us hardly any space to recover from our food coma indulgence over the holidays lol.
Even i too feel that my progress this time isn't as good as the last but still at least there is some results and it wouldn't even be this obvious if it wasn't for my trusty detox method with SkinnyMint.

I still do eat like normal, indulge abit here and there but nothing to severe aside from 2-3 binge episodes from a sudden relapse (mustn't be depressed or the binging will come back) and other than that it's just trying to get my lazy ass off the couch to the gym on my off days lol.
Really with our current heat, it feels like a sauna everywhere we go and the thought of going for a sweaty workout makes one shudder haha, but heck NO EXCUSES!
Or else how are we supposed to reach our "typical new year resolution goals" if we keep on procrastinating?

Had a fair share of holiday tummy like everyone else (we are all humans) from having too much good food while i was travelling and with the festivity all around, makes one feel like exploding just like a firework.
One thing i noticed about exercising, you have to be consistent or else results won't show or your hard earned abs will just disperse into thin air.
Here is a scenario example- you take average of 2 months to get a small nice sculpt (outer abs start to show) but it only takes you 2 weeks to loose it haha.

How to stay right on track, alert and motivated?

That is why i have SkinnyMint morning boost to start my day, i try not to derive caffeine from coffee but instead from a more natural and purer source like tea leaves.
The fruity concoction is pleasant and doesn't give you a horrid aftertaste like coffee, i usually use one teabag for 2 cups of tea with a small fruit/bread and i am good to go for the day or until at least till lunchtime. 

For my night cleanse regime which has proven without fail since i have first started SkinnyMint early last year and till today is one of my favs because it helps very much to "lighten" the load in your body. Like after a heavy dinner or you feel that you over indulged that day, SkinnyMint's Night cleanse will work it's magic into removing whatever that's bugging your gut.
Take note that drinking sufficient amount of water throughout the day helps smoothen the process of "toxic removal a.k.a shit". 
Some people who are not used to this powerful cleansing tea might find this abit too strong from them to handle though, so if you are new to this i would recommend to take it easy but using it on alternate days or once every 2 days instead.

My Workout Routine (28 days) - 1 Hour (3-4 days a week)
  • 15-20 minutes interval cardio
  • 80-150 sit ups (in 7-10 minutes)
  • Push-Ups (10 rep-  x3)
  • Squats with 7.5kg dumbell (10 rep- x5)
  • Plank 1-2 minutes
  • Russian Twists (1 minute each side)
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions (10 rep- x3)

What i am doing are overall body exercises and i usually keep my workout sessions to one hour tops give or take because i believe it's crucial to focus on a productive exercise for effectiveness rather than the hours spent in the gym but not actually pushing yourself to perform.
If you are able to keep up with this routine for 1-2 months and increase abit every time to challenge yourself , you'll be able to see amazing transformation results but make sure to be CONSISTENT.  
And please, please don't be easily disheartened if you feel your efforts are not getting you anywhere, just stay focused and my favorite line is go "slow and steady", don't rush things.
If you feel low and i need of motivation feel free to talk to me on any of my social media posts, like on my blog (here), facebook, email and even instagram!
Let us Motivate each other to build a better and happier life for ourselves :)

By the way, muscles built over time stays longer than those made in crash fitness courses. 

Honestly what helped speed up the process was my trusty teatox program, i would highly recommend to try them out while starting on your #fitspo journey.
You can purchase your first 28 day detox program here: GetSkinnyMint
Great news for all my readers, get an  exclusive 10% off your purchase by using my discount code : "Arisa10"* 

*Valid till 14 February 2016

Some of you may ask what is the difference between the 14 day detox and 28 day detox, nothing much actually but for a full complete cleanse from the inside, 28 day detox is preferred and if you have a friend to share with, save up to RM61 on their Besties Value Package.


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