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Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ Review

Teeth..hmm..not something i am very proud to flash, that one of the reasons why you barely see me smile with my teeth haha. Don't have those advertorial grade pearl white teeth instead mine is crooked and stained from drinking too much tea.
But it doesn't really bother me much since smiling like that makes my face looks extra rounder than it already is pfftt, so i'll just smile tight lipped okay?
Out of curiosity, how often do you guys change your toothbrushes and visit the dentist

Trying hard not to laugh while this is in my mouth or else the toothpaste gets everywhere lol.
The vibration tickles, really.

For me i usually change my tooth brush after 2-3 months or when the bristles are totally worn out from "keganasan" (sorry, can't help for being too violent) and i can't remember when is the last time i visited a dentist lol, i admit. I am terrible at taking care of myself, the only time i visit a specialist is when shit hits the fan.

Oh well, but i think i am great at taking care of other people though :D *syiok sendiri*
Start of the year this is my first new high tech toy that came in just in time to replace my old tooth brush and to be honest electronic stuff or anything that vibrates in general kinda scares me especially if i am putting it into my mouth lol, sounds SO WRONG.
I'm not referring to that "other" thing, so don't get dirty ideas in your head okay lol wtf.

Allow me to introduce this high tech revolutionized toothbrush from Phillips called "Sonicare", it doesn't only work as a toothbrush to clean your teeth but also to help with gum care without needing additional tools to do the job. It has functions like refresh (for after meals or just to freshen up), Sensitive option for those with sensitive gums/teeth and last but not least a massage options for gums stimulation (this feels ticklish for me lol).

Multi functional indeed right? 

Some might say it's too pricey to own one but look at it this way, which is more expensive? Frequently visiting the dentist because of tooth complications (waste time + money) or investing on a tool that is proven clinically to improve your gums and overall oral health?
Your pick.

The design is made for easy grip but it feels abut too long once you insert on the brush head.
Comes with a travel casing so you can pack it together wherever you go instead of using those uncomfortable hard hotel disposable toothbrushes.

As for the wore there's also a special storage casing for it that allows a tangle free experience while charging or storing and at the same time you can use it as a brush stand while it's not plugged in.

Q&A Section

1. Is it worth investing on?
    For long term oral care, yes it is. 
    Like how we invest in a good shaver to get a proper close shave.

2. How long does the battery life last each charge?
    Span of 3 weeks if used an average of twice a day (each session 2 minutes)

3. Is it tech-noob friendly?
    Yes, one button does all the work including ON & OFF

4. How much does this costs?
    Retailed at RM635 and inside has a complete set including a storage box, charger and 
    3 brush heads.

5. There is no retailers near me, how can i purchase?
     You can try purchasing online from www.blipmy.com

6. Is there warranty?
    Yes, 2 years and the warranty card is inside the box.

Comes with 5 functions as mentioned earlier above, each one of the controls the speed and vibration of the brush according to your needs. Just click the green button to ON and it immediately starts vibrating, press again to switch modes to either GumCare, Refresh, Sensitive or Massage.
Once you are done press the green button again to stop and it will auto off in a few seconds.

It's really easy to use despite looking so advanced and it's really effortless, barely need any energy to move it back and forth like our traditional brushes, just direct the brush gently around your mouth and the rest will be done by the brush.
After 2 minutes is up, clean the brush's head with water before storing it and if you are worried that the water might seep into the motorized handle, remove the head and wash it separately.

This brush would definitely come in handy for Chinese New Year, as i recall all those pesky cookies, nuts and other snacks always tend to get themselves stuck at the back our teeth and it's almost impossible to remove lol wtf.

Battery indicator is below the brush, 3 bars= fully charged

Like this, remove the head and just wash it. Try not to loose the rubber bands (they provide 3 pcs) as it holds the head of the brush and handle together tightly.

Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ is priced at RM635 for the complete set as seen above with it's accessories. For those keen to purchase you can visit any Philips authorized retailer located nationwide or even purchase from a certified online dealer: www.blipmy.com
For more information about the product and any inquires, please log on to www.philips.com.my.


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