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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Time.Together @ Puteri Harbour | The Black Pearl - FCMS

Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me, hah (i wish) but in the modern world plundering and piracy ain't acceptable anymore if not i would have got on a boat with one and never return again, sail ahead to explore the seven seas. Gosh, really do wonder why was i born in the wrong era, feels so empty somehow even with the advance technology all around me and yet i am constantly searching for "something"- don't ask me what because heck i don't know! 
That brings us back to the main topic of this post today about spending time together with people whom we love to fill in that empty void.

When was the last time any of you actually took the time off your technology ridden lifestyle and work to be "THERE" for your loved ones?
Can't recall, then please do read on for the sake of saving your family bond lol.
I came from a traditional family where my parents are constantly busy being breadwinners of the family (both mom & dad), plus i have a big family so going on holidays was never much of an option for any of us. Not saying they deprive us of it, but i am glad they do so for the family's wellbeing like roof over our heads, education and food on the table.
But what made us all distant was the lack of time spent together as a family like doing activities together, instead we are usually told to find things to do to entertain ourselves lol.

As i got older i realized how much sacrifice my parents made for us and the only thing i can do right now i try to restore those those times we have lost being as a family by just being there when they need it but i'm honestly terrible with family stuff lol, black sheep of the family. Don't judge lel wtf.
Wish i could bring them to my favorite travel destination- Japan, some day since they have already been to Europe and all (leaving us behind, how could you!) and spend time with them there. But i'll do that when i am more financially stable lol, now i'm barely surviving myself with our sucky current economy and low baller people all around us taking advantage of bloggers.

That aside, talking about spending time with families it's just like how Puteri Harbour has recently launched their new campaign titled- Time. Together 
and not just about promoting tourism (that's one of the main points la lol) but also to encourage people to take a break from their busy lives to breathe and where else to do so than the ports of puteri harbour.

This place might be new but the progress of this place is growing rapidly with new F&B sprouting all around offering wide selections of food choices for staying/ visiting guests.
Bonus for family with young children since they have children's all time favorite character attractions like Hello Kitty, Thomas & friends, legoland nearby and many more to come.
Shopping haven for those who just needs to shop aka shopaholics and every month, Puteri Harbour also hosts “Port of Call”, the destination’s signature outdoor carnival featuring pop-up music, arts and a street market. Encapsulating all of the harbour’s offerings in a single event, it is an event that has to be experienced by every family.

More updates follow Puteri Harbour on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Puteri-Harbour

So why don't you take this time to experience a "cruise" lifestyle without actually burning a hole in your wallet to leave the country since there is one nearby, about a 6 hours drive from KL.
If you like to bring your family to experience a short cruise around the bay, you can too do so now thanks to FCMS for having charted services.

Remember my recent picture of boarding "The Black Pearl"? And no, i am not talking about dear ol' Jackie's Balck Pearl lol but a modern sleek one that can beats the speed and tides any day.
Dress your kids up as pirates for a more fun and memorable experience as Capt'n Jones (ironically same name as Jack's debt collector- hint: squid guy) will bring you for an hour cruise passing by the borders of our neighboring country Singapore before heading back.

FCMS also do charter for private functions/ events on board like birthdays, bachelor/ bachelorette parties (sorry no Liam Hemsworth to swim up and crash your parties ladies), Honeymoon or if you have anything in mind just ring them up or drop them an inquiry: Flying Colours Marine Solutions.

I am so proud of myself that i didn't puke on this cruise lol as i am easily prone to seasickness and no this isn't my first time on ships, had my fair share of boarding them on and off during my high school days thanks to survival camps and used to kayak for island hopping too!
The once reckless and adventurous sea loving girl has been reduced to a "puteri lilin" who is easily scared of the sun because it burns and gives me rashes haha wtf.
You know..i do constantly ask myself what if i had take the adventurous path in life instead of this, maybe i would have probably already visited places i always dreamed off, not afraid to take risks just to properly experience life beyond these 4 falls.
Who knew right?


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