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Gudetama Game App

I have a confession to make.. i've been guilty of being somewhat borderline "addicted" this phone game and spending half my sleeping hours playing this game instead of getting some shut eye lel.
It's not good but really it's just too darn cute that i couldn't resist trying to constantly upgrade and unlock every single type of "gudetama" versions there is available. Especially now since there is a special limited time only Valentine's day campaign ongoing where players can earn extra points upon completing side quests and unlocking their Valentine day Gudetama version which are desserts like cakes, crepe, pudding and other sweet stuff that gives you diabetes except this comes with a lazy face on it lol.

What is GUDETAMA (ぐでたま)?
How can you not know! It's an adorable egg created by Sanrio (obviously, where all cute characters originate from lol) and his name basically derived from the word or sound made by lazy/ strengthless people "ぐで....ぐで"  similar to how "Gashapon" word came about, it's from the sound the machine makes when it's twisted at the knob (gasha) and when the ball drops (pon).
So gudetama's name is no different except it's a mash of 2 words "gude- tama", the tama (たま) means tamago (egg).

Okay, so do you understand Gudetama abit more now?
Watch this video of his laziness, but i would give a slight warning that his laziness is kinda infectious lol and i kid you not with our current CNY heat, makes one feel exactly like our fellow egg friend here.

Cute enough for you? It's everyone's favorite sanrio character now because all his merchandises just looks so adorable, also recalled there are dedicated cafes specially for gudetama serving pastries and buns that resembles him to the point of poking his ass and shit (chocolate) oozes out lol wtf. Too accurate and live-like that i too might have a problem trying to stomach that scene *shudders*.

Have to thank my friend who randomly sent me a link leading to this particular app called QooApp which is needed to run the gudetama game. It's not available in our country via normal android store but through this, you should be able to download and enjoy the game without much hassle except you need stable internet/ data connection to run the game :-(

This app is needed before you can download the gudetama game

Download gudetama here: http://apps.qoo-app.com/app/3237

Click on gudetama himself to access into the game!

Log in your details, there is a step by step tutorial on how to play this game. It's mostly lucky based when it comes to finding a new gudetama design from your "cooking". Each cooking period starts from 1 minute to 5 hours as you advance in the game and unlock more recipes but when it comes to the fortune wheel that's where it begins to mess with you lol. 

Yellow: Successful
Grey:  Another chance/ fail
Blue: Unsuccessful 

You can speed up the cooking process by buying these with golden eggs and the golden eggs require real money as it's part of their in app purchase, if you are patient enough like me to log in everyday then you'll be rewarded with a golden egg for each log-in made.

Side entertainment, doesn't really do much but it's fun to unlock bento box series and create your very own bento as you please, at the end of it you'll find the amount of calories stated on the right lower corner. You can also save your masterpiece and download them as wallpaper.

These are lucky draw eggs, everyday you will get 1-2 chances to draw an egg, inside them are random prizes. Some might unlock rare gudetama designs, some might contain special ingredients that you can use to create gudetama.

For Valentine's Day there are x2 more gifts than average days, so leveling up during this period is faster and they have so many gifts waiting to be collect.

I have this buddy in a keycahin form and it's hanging on my digital camera lol,
it was my first gashapon gift in Japan.

All i can say now is happy playing and make sure to not get too absorbed into the game like me okay lol, play moderately.
Alot of waiting time involved in this game in order to progress, so just close the app and come back a few hours later as there is nothing much you can do except wait and watch your gudetama collection grow :D

Happy Chinese New Year Peeps!


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  1. How do you change the game language to english?


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