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Chiba Sweet Potatoes | Taste of Chiba

Sweet potatoes, who doesn't love them? It's one of the most heavenly food you can every eat especially during cold seasons like Autumn and winter, a pretty common food to find in Japan food stalls. Out of the few types i have tried, honestly i like the ones from Chiba prefecture most and i can vouch that they produce one of the sweetest, fragrant and most delicious tasting sweet potatoes in Japan!

Don't believe me, head over to Bangsar Village today outside Village grocer from 10am-10pm today & tomorrow to try them out. Chiba prefecture has come all the way to Malaysia to share the joy of their sweet potatoes to our country, so i can assure you that your efforts are not wasted if you can head over to Bangsar Village this weekend to catch them!

They will only be there for this weekend, not sure if they will be having other roadshows after this so best to catch them now, especially since they have Chiba prefecture representatives there who can share more in depth about their sweet potatoes. 

Ready to be eaten

On the spot, testers are given out and if you like them they do sell freshly baked ones that are ready to eat or if you would like to stock them up at home they have uncooked ones sold by the packet. Affordably priced at only RM17.90 per kg but don't worry each bag is prepacked average of  500g+ so it's about RM9-12 each.

Bought myself a pack of itm but i am regretting i didn't buy more right now *sobs*, most probably i will try to head there again tomorrow to buy a few more bags for my mom as well lol, me and my terrible planning =.=/slaps self.

Considered super duper affordable for imported Japanese goods from my observation because i shop alot of Japanese goods too lol. Sometimes i don't mind paying abit more to get good quality and fresh produce if it's available, most of the ones i buy are usually from Japan but different prefectures, easily available at ISETAN KLCC aside from Jaya/ Village grocer (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

For those who shop often in the imported goods section too would agree with me that this is a deal not to be missed, but i do hope that they sell them in other grocery stores like Aeon (since it's also from Japan) where it's more easily accessible to shoppers as Aeon branches are almost everywhere!

Did you know that Chiba sweet potatoes also comes in different sizes?
I just found out too that they have "small (S), Medium (M) & large (L)" just like clothing sizes lol.
And their large is really HUMONGOUS, it's almost the length of my face ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Look at that large 薩摩芋 (satsumaimo)- sweet potato

Eating freshly baked hot sweet potatoes today reminded me very much of my previous winter trip in Chiba, manage to share some with the Chiba monitor tour group while we were freezing along Omotesando (near Narita Shinshojin) as it was getting dark haha.
And it did give us a very warm, fuzzy feeling aside from careless ol' me for burning my tongue :P

If you go to Chiba, you will find their sweet potatoes almost everywhere as it's considered one of the prefecture's specialty when it comes to fresh crops. Here in Chiba, it's almost like a countryside with farms, rice fields, mountains but a developed one of course that is easily accessible by tourists who prefer countryside landscape to relax than the usual hustle and bustle of Tokyo metropolitan.

For a person who rarely eats carbs, i do give potatoes exception especially sweet potatoes because they not only can easily replace my rice intake but also it is high in fiber, very nutritious and a versatile kind of root vegetable 
Don't believe me just google "sweet potato" and you will see the first result is "World's healthiest Food", isn't that more than enough reason to add in sweet potatoes into your daily diet? :D
One of the healthy & beauty benefits i've read is eating Japanese sweet potatoes helps you to lose weight since it's low in calorie and high in fiber making you full quite easily.

Benefits of Eating Japanese Sweet Potato
  • Low calorie yet filling
  • Skin is edible & nutritious (don't waste it!)
  • High in dietary fiber, prevents constipation
  • High in vitamin C, that's good for the skin

There are many ways to prepare them, for ideas you can visit this website i found that has quite a number of easily ways to cook Japanese sweet potatoes: japanese-sweet-potato-recipes
But too me i prefer to enjoy them baked as it is without any other seasonings or whatsoever because on it's own it already tastes great!

The taste of their sweet potatoes really live up to their name, when baked to perfection inside of it is yellow and the surrounding skin gives it a perfect crunchy texture that goes well with the softness of it's sweet flesh. The sweetness of this sweet potato feels it's a product of a normal potato+ honey = chiba sweet potato lol. Not too overly sweet, just a perfect balance, that doesn't feel too overwhelming.  So does this post make you crave for creamy soft oozing hot Chiba sweet potato flesh right now? Head over today & tomorrow!

Village Grocer (Bangsar Village 1)
1, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

If you guys wan't to learn more about Chiba prefecture and my Chiba adventures, head over to the links below!


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