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6 Simple Steps for a Pimple/ Acne Free Skin

A little warning before proceeding with this post, it may contain disturbing graphics of my face which i am usually shy to show or even talk about. But i felt i needed to share this as there are many people out there who are also facing these kind of skin problems daily but have no idea what to do, so if you already consulted doctors, tried medications but none of them seem to be working, why don't try going back to basics by taking care of your body from the inside as the results appears on the surface (your skin).

Let me tell you a little back story of my skin condition so you may get a better insight of how this may work for you as well since all of us are different anyways, honestly i won't deny all my life i am blessed with good skin and with awesome skincare brands to care for it like Innisfree, Kose, Hada Labo and a few others to keep my skin looking good at all times. There are occasional breakouts, during our time of the month as women where our hormones starts to bitch on us but other than that nothing too hard to handle.
It is true when they say that people with good skin tend to panic more and not know what to do whenever a pimple or acne is to suddenly appear on their skin compared to those who have it all the time lol. If any of you asked my friends or anyone who had seen me during this period they too would say this is my WORST skin problem ever and i was so depressed over it, lost my confidence to even go out without putting on a face mask :( 

Late November last year i took up a last minute project with a tight deadline of less than a week, so imagine the stress i had trying to complete 16 garments within 6 days (show was on the 7th day) all by myself including designing, sourcing and sewing. Practically a one man show but i am not complaining about that as it's a blessing i even got this gig but i won't deny that this is the the main source of the massive breakouts i had last year.
I barely slept for a whole week, nap 1-2 hours the most but the rest was struggling to keep awake to finish up this project, i stopped going to the gym, barely ate (once a day), drank very little water without realizing and in general i have just neglected my health lol which is uncommon when i have picked up a designing project.  It is bad i know, one must find balance..blah..blah but hey sometimes not all of us have the luxury of time and resources to be that "zen" okay.

When i was younger back in my early college days i remembered that i could stay up for a month straight just to juggle my college assignments, work and blogging life without even feeling like i am going to die, exhausted? Hell yea of course but still manageable, and the best part not even a single breakout lel but when i tried doing that again right now, just a week alone is enough to send my body spiraling out of control, so i ain't gonna test it any further in fear the damage might be harder to recover from O_O

As we are all aware no.1 problem that messes with our hormones is stress and stress is EVERYWHERE, no one can avoid it but the least we can do is manage it by taking control of the situation instead of allowing it to consume you whole. If it helps writing things down in a to do list and ticking them off one by one (some feels more accomplished this way) by all means please do so, or light stretches/ exercises to get a boost of adrenaline to keep you going again when you are feeling worn out. Sweating is proven to be a good way to get your mood lifted, remove toxins and many other beneficial factors that we aren't aware off, so please do yourself a favor and google boys & girls lol don't be lazy since everything is within your fingertips now.

I know i SUCK very badly at managing my stress levels but i am trying, especially with time management area and trying not to be superhero to complete my unrealistic "to do" list which has more than 10 major things to do daily that requires more than 24 hours a day lol.  This is one of the main reasons why my face immediately shows signs of stress whenever it's triggered, how many of you have this problems too?
For those who are used stress would have already gone pass this phase and upgraded to another kinds like missing periods, etc instead (still hormonal related).

My cluster f*ck breakouts started at the jaw area which feels rather unusual for me since most of my pimples would only appear on my T-zone areas and barely the cheeks (hallelujah). So i decided to so some online research (google people!) to see if any of my symptoms matches any of the skin problems listed and boy..it did scare the heck out of me as one of the possibilities could be a kidney problem since i was also experiencing many other disturbing symptoms aside from just breakouts. 
Like wounds that would never heal or sudden random bleeding that wouldn't stop, it literally felt like i was Wolverine loosing his immortality in the recent Wolverine Movie based in Japan lol wtf.

 Even my ear piercing suddenly started bleeding non stop, it got infected and I swore my ear lobe felt like it could just rot and drop off any minute. Cause of it, still unknown but i am glad it's all better now and i can finally wear back my earrings.

My daily sight everyday from my earlobe.

But heck it was scary as F*ck but one must pull themselves together in order to solve problems right?
Trying to stay positive the other alternate conclusion for my sudden change of skin condition was my lifestyle, pimples that appears around the jaw and chin region is a sign of toxins building in your body and not being able to eliminate it because lacking of sleep. Do you know why people always say it is important to get sufficient sleep at a certain period of time?
It's because during that period it is our body's natural recovering process where it removes unwanted stuff that has been accumulated throughout the whole day and by denying they body of that process the unwanted stuff will continue to be stored in our body turning into unwanted toxins that is harmful to our bodies in the long run.

6 Simple Steps for a Pimple/ Acne Free Skin
  1. Monitor your stress levels
  2. Get sufficient sleep, at least 6-8 hours
  3. Stay hydrated (i drank water with a slice of lemon)
  4. Eat properly (don't turn to junk food), get food catered for that busy period if needed
  5. Go for a light exercises (30 mins) to sweat out those toxins, exercising also helps easing bowel movements allowing your body to eliminate waste instead of storing it (constipated). 
  6. Keep your skin MOISTURIZED, dry skin is the source of sudden major breakouts. Not oily skin, the natural oil layer released by your skin is trying to keep it moisturized but instead we are constantly stripping it away by washing.

Now turning to the detox part of the body, i am pretty sure most of you have heard of many ways to detoxing like via juicing, fasting, teatoxing and etc. It might sound like just another health trend to some but putting all those unnecessary social media hype aside it is actually quite beneficial for the body to have a little detox booster to help our body's natural detoxing process (which is actually quite slow lol). Going back on SkinnyMint did help alot with my skin's recovering process but what was more important was the total amount of water intake in a day. Without water we are practically dead men anyways, so do yourself a favor and chug that bottle down.
I usually have mine with a few slices of lemon and mint leaves in it as i read from one of those health magazines that lemon water does have it's health benefits and one of it is detoxification.

Interested to try skinnymint? Read Here.

Can't imagine how much i have spent on skincare products trying everything i could get my hands on just to handle this skin problem, somehow felt it was almost not worth it to stress myself up this much for work as i end up using the pay for medical expenses anyways =.=
Investing in a good medicated skincare brand is much needed during this period, and to find one that doesn't actually dry off your entire face is hard but there was one brand that was sent to me for review much earlier of the year and it worked quite well for my pimples, it was a cream by the brand name of Papulex. According to the brand, it's been clinically proven to aid with troubled skin and easily found in Guardian or Watsons pharmacy.

Ain't cheap though, a bottle of face wash already cost me RM60+ and pimple cream set it totaled over RM120 *ouch* but worth the investment as it is really gentle to the skin and doesn't leave it feeling dry after each wash

Photo from google

Before this i have tried Miacare & Nexcare pimple patches which is effective but super pricey to be used all over the face! And the Miacare pimple roller is highly not recommended as it dried the skin around the pimple/ acne so badly that it hurts.

Next we would move on to types of skincare needed or in other words MOST CRUCIAL whenever you are facing breakouts. Notice how oily your skin tends to be whenever your face is covered with pimples or acne? It's because your body is trying to tell you that you are not hydrated enough, so your skin is thriving for moisture and it turns to your natural bodily fluids for it hence the excessive oil secretion. Face oil isn't the main cause of our breakouts, having dehydrated skin is so don't always try to wash your face too much just because it's oily, you can try blotting it with blotting paper or wipe with with facial tissue but never wash your face with face wash more than 2 times a day. This was based on my experience during this whole skin problem period, thinking it was the oily on my face causing the breakouts but actually it is trying to heal my skin but coating it with an oily layer.

Moisturizers I swear by

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, my all time favorite and best seller worldwide.
It is all natural and gentle that you don't have to worry about it having reaction towards your sensitive skin, in fact it one of the best I've ever used that doesn't irritate my skin troubled skin further. 
Previous review can be read here

Innisfree Tangerine Whitening Pore line that helped lighten my pimple/ acne scars.
Already finish my set, time to restock for these two. To Learn more about this series head over to this link

Hada Labo Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion, this is a new product i've actually gotten for review last year but didn't have the time to write about it yet. I am loving this gel product which o generously lather all over my skin before i sleep because of it's cooling effects that soothes my inflamed pimple/acne covered skin. Also waking up to a more bouncy and supple feeling skin in the morning.

Also notice whenever your skin is dry, pimples tend to heal slower? Likewise in cold dry countries, a single pimple may take weeks to heal compared to a much warmer climate, so it goes back to skin hydration.  I did neglect my usual moisturizer regime after every face wash because i felt it wasn't necessary and i didn't have the time for all these but i was wrong, if only i hadn't neglected i probably the breakouts wouldn't be as bad as it was.  

When i started using my moisturizers and lotions again, the skin showed a significant amount of improvement, over the weeks it was almost completely healed! That's how i went to Japan with a clear skin despite the worrying condition earlier that month itself.
Of course with enough rest and a healthy lifestyle also plays a big part in the healing process.

Now i am glad to present my clear skin again, still there are some stubborn scars here and there but it will fade it time! Hope this post may help some of you who are currently finding a solution for your troubled skin, but if the condition still persists it is time to seek for processional help. If possible best avoid hormonal pills that doctors tend to prescribe as there are some unwanted side effects.
If you have any questions about the products i have used, feel free to ask and i'll help as much as i can :)

Need to cover one side of my face because too chubby lol.

Disclaimer: Just sharing my real life experience and this has nothing to do with products being sponsored or whatsoever, even so my thoughts and opinions on the products remain unbiased as they have been proven effective!



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