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Shinjuku | Keio Plaza Hotel

Been collaborating with quite a number of Japanese companies lately and it's kinda making me miss Japan even much more now lol, but soon. In time, i am sure that i will be back there again in my favorite country, hopefully to work & move there. But that's just a dream, so don't think it will ever come true haha, but no harm hoping for something right? :)
For now the very least i could do i brush up on my language, so that i can survive dependently on my next travels without あなた. 

Recently just met up with an old friend from Tokyo Luxey (Japan beauty website), Chie-san who comes down to visit us annually to share about the brand and their loyal collaborators such as Keio plaza hotel one of the biggest hotels (tons of rooms) in Japan that has currently 2 branches. One is in Shinjuku the other is in Sapporo.
What gives about this particular hotel that most of you would have probably came across an advertisement or article of it online by now. After the dinner gathering we had that night i got to know abit more about this hotel which i will share all the interesting things with you on this blog post :)

Thank you Reiko for helping me with this picture!

As far as i know, i have yet to explore the rest of Shinjuku area since my last trip to Tokyo was a brief one which you can read about it here, Discovering Japan: Shibuya & Shinjuku.
If i had more time in Japan i would try to take one whole day cover each area, and that reminds me i haven't even been down to Harajuku yet :-(
Such a sad failure coming from a fashion lover like me to not visit this district first before anything else. But for now we'll focus on Shinjuku area because that's where Keio Plaza hotel is okay? 

Why Keio Plaza Hotel?

First of all it's strategic centralized location, in Shinjuku which is accessible by JR line (Shinjuku satiation) and it's a 5-10 minutes walk from there. If you are arriving at Haneda airport, travelling by train all the way is the easiest mode of transportation.

Darn..if only i knew it was THIS close to the station i would have dropped by and have a look around the hotel myself! Well at least now i know la, always a next time no?
Surrounding the hotel area there are tons of shopping malls like:- Lumine, Isetan, Odakyu dept store, Takashimaya Times Square and many more. Sounds like shopping heaven no?

But in Keio Plaza Hotel, one can enjoy shopping within the vicinity without having to leave the place at all, imagine how convenient it is to be able to enjoy cultural and modern events without having to go through the hassle of going all out especially if you are only there for a brief period.

Keio Plaza hotel promises to provide their guest with an amazing stay experience, the one that you can't forget and would definitely come back for more no doubt! From the sounds of it, i too wish that someday i would be able to experience all of the amazing activities Keio plaza hotel has to offer.
Their latest renovation has just been completed leaving more space for bigger surprises, this whole hotel is big enough that it feels like it's a city of its own separated from the outside world and has all the facilities you need.

It is also a Muslim friendly hotel, yes you read it right. Prayer rooms, to prayer materials & halal food are available to cater for Muslim tourists. Just make sure to request upon booking so they can prepare in advance.

Hina-Matsuri (1st feb- 31st March)

Keio plaza hotel is also known for their detailed seasonal decorations which both locals and tourists would flock to get a glimpse of it and based on the photos i have seen shared all over social media it's definitely something you want to get a selfie with for memory keepsake! I do admire the amount of work and efforts put into each decoration set up because working in the line of Visual merchandising, i understand how important our jobscope is to plan yearly event decorations from proposals to the end product. One of their most notable decorations is during Hina-matsuri (Girls' festival), it's a festival that has the most amount of traditional dolls displayed in tiers based on their ranking like in imperial court. 
Hanging above are handmade ornaments using precious silk cloth and with each charm brings happiness to girls, you can catch the decoration display from 1st February to 31st March 2016.

Even inside they have their very own "sakura tree" haha, don't need to go out to find one already for your hanami :P

 Exploring inside Keio Plaza Hotel

One of Keio Plaza hotel's main attractions are their Hello Kitty Themed rooms that is sure to capture the hearts of every true hello kitty fan out there. This is Japan after all, the land of possibilities and dreams, and if you wished to live hello kitty's life for a day, book with them in advance to avoid disappointments.
As much as i love hello kitty, i don't think i would be able to sleep in such a beautiful room! I would take pictures in it but won't dare to even jump on the bed haha.
There are 2 types of Hello Kitty themed rooms:- Princess Kitty & Kitty TownAccommodation Packages ranges from 24,800 yen inclusive of breakfast, service charges & tax.

Glimpse of Princess Kitty room with western style breakfast served as part of the package
I would definitely go for this room, more of my style! :)

There's even s special limited edition (can't be found anywhere else) Hello Kitty doll for you to bring home when you book a stay at any of their Hello Kitty rooms.

Haven't seen nor stayed the the real room myself, but if i do happen to i will make sure to take tons of pictures and share about it okay? For now i will just stalk other people's posts for the Hello Kitty themed rooms lol. 
One of the biggest goals i would love to try out in Keio plaza aside from their delicious food buffet (considered 5 star hotel type with renown chefs), hello kitty rooms, strawberry dessert buffet is their Wedding Ceremony Kimono rental!

In Keio plaza hotel, you can even host your own wedding reception here as they have the function rooms and materials for it, a wedding in Japan. Sounds like a dream come true and not just any type of wedding but a traditional one with tea ceremony and all, the full package. Even if i am not married to a Japanese, i would gladly op for this outfit instead of the usual boring white wedding gowns.

All you have to do is request for a reservation at the Guest Relation Desk at the lobby and they'l; arrange for you a session which takes about 1 hour to dress (need at least 1-2 people to help you wear it) and get your hairdo done.

There are a few types of designs and colors to choose from and trust me each of them are beautiful and unique on their own. And to wear a complete traditional ceremonial wedding kimono like this would usually cost more, so take this opportunity to get unique wedding photos taken while you enjoy your stay in Keio plaza hotel.

For the complete kimono experience package, fees ranges from 32,000yen (women)- 32,400 (men), and they do have a special couple package- 54,000yen

Next is their desserts, i did remember seeing one of my favorite Japanese fashion idol, Rinrin-chan posting about her buffet experience in Keio plaza last year with Cheesie, everything there looks amazing, could bet all my money that the taste is out of this world too. Who doesn't love strawberries, especially if it's all you can eat?
Reminds me of my recent trip to Chiba where i had 30 minutes tops of stuffing my face with delicious freshly plucked strawberries from Dragon farm haha, best 30 minutes of my life!

Keio Plaza Hotel also serves strawberry dessert buffet! It's about time and in season for strawberries, what wouldn't i give to have such delicious buffet, could easily skip a whole day worth of meals just to try every single dessert they have there :P #diefatme

There is actually so much more to share about Keio plaza like their traditional tea house, shopping center (yes inside the hotel lol), hotel facilities and of course their cuisines from Japan and around the world all under on roof, but i'll leave that till next time when i have visited the place myself lol.
Till then, i will be saving up for my next trip, hopefully i'll get an opportunity to be sent there for work again soon :)

More details about Keio Plaza hotel, feel free to visit their official website: www.keioplaza.com
And follow them on facebook for the latest updates: Keio Plaza Hotel

Address |  西新宿2-2-1Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Contact  |  +81 3-3344-0111

Nice seeing you again Chie-san from Tokyo Luxey (far left) and it was nice to meet the representives of Keio Plaza hotel, Sunaho-san (middle) and Junko-san (right).
Hope all of you enjoyed your brief stay in Malaysia before heading to Thailand! And if we do meet again, i'll make sure it's in Japan :)

Missing Japan Dearly,

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