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KOSE Sekkisei Review | Glow from Within

Should start converting this blog into a Japanese related blog already lol some how alot of coincidence it always relates back to Japan whether it's beauty, travels or even just like my hobby cosplay and today it's no different aside from me seldom updating my blog lately due to other projects. Honestly it does kinda tire me out to juggle so many things at once just trying to stay afloat and to pick up even more stuff like i was thinking of Kyudo (Japanese archery) alongside with my Japanese classes, now i am wondering if that is a wise decision or not.
Whether i can cope with all the ongoing commitments i have on-board right now/ flips table.

Oh, and happy leap day! This blogpost is going to be a special one hence it's purposely (well more like coincidentally la lol) scheduled to be up today, a special date that comes once in every 4 years!
I still recall the joke my English teacher once told me back in high school about how babies born on this date would never age because their birthdays are once in every 4 years haha. Example by the time he is 4 years old he'll only be celebrating his 2nd birthday, and the rest go figure.

KOSE is a brand that needs no introduction, just the mention of the name everyone knows who they are and what they are know for. A trusted skincare brand that originated from the land of the rising sun (nipon) that made it's mark all over the world with it's effective radiance formula and users of all ages can use this product too as this particular range is catered to all skin types. 
Yes, you will be surprise if i told you that Kose Sekkisei has other ranges too aside from this but the most popular one would obviously be this range lol.

Disclaimer: To you who are reading this might think i am being paid to glorify this product but let me get this straight that this is an honest review with no bribery or sugar coats involved, i have principles and would rather stick to it rather than to go against them. Have better things to do than to share false about things, really lol

To be really, really honest i have only started trying out this brand quite recently which was around last year when i got back from my first Japan trip. I did recall making a review on their best selling lotion that can be used as it is or enjoyed as a face mask with instant whitening effects. You can view this video below, though some of you might cringe and say what a waste of precious Kose Sekkisei elixir (lotion lol) but if you sit back and think about it, calculate the costs and all. This method beats any facial pampering session anytime, plus you get to DIY at home instead of driving out.

Blog post with before & after pictures can be found here: bit.ly/KoseSekkisei

Moving on to introducing their new additional family member which it's a cute travel pack that came out just in time for those who are planning to travel to Japan for Hanami (flower viewing festival) this spring! Or anywhere else lol since there is a week long school holiday in March so i am guessing, school teachers would take this opportunity to go travel.
Really wish i could too see the cherry blossoms this year in Japan, as I have always wanted to experience the scenery of these amazing beautiful flowers that symbolizes "new life" with it's yearly blooming. But chances now looks kinda bleak for me, unless miraculously i suddenly get another job opportunity to fly there to cover about their spring festival & stuff lol.

Other than that, don't think i can afford another holiday at the moment *sighs*, it's just one of those things where normal medium range income people like us can only admire on the computer screen and hoping one day we'll get a chance to see it real life lol #suchislife

A dream gift set for every girl

This blogpost is actually a contest by KOSE and would very much hope to win it so i can use the prize to go Japan (YAY for sakura season! lol), so i am gonna give it all my best into making this blogpost a fun one to read, as usual if you are lazy just watch the video below that i have made last night lol. Tons of weird random moments that i can only say "No Eye See" myself haha wtf. So please humor me abit for this syiok sendiri blog post, i will promise to bring back Japanese goodies from Japan for giveaway (hor.. bribery in process lel) if i do win!

I even have my "sakura look" inspired by Setsuko-san in this video  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Watch to find out more!

In this particular gift set, it features their best sellers in mini versions and comes with an adorable pastel pink pouch, made easy to be given as a gift or your very own personal travel kit. All ready to take the on the world with glowing skin that shall illuminate your paths (overly dramatic pffttt!). This set is only sold for RM99 and it's limited edition so make sure to get them while stocks lasts as last i heard they are selling like hot cakes!

What's inside?

Basic Care series
  • Sekkisei White Liquid wash
  • Sekkisei lotion (all time fav!)
  • Sekkisei Emulsion
Special care series
  • Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask
  • Bihadagoyomi mask

All this for only RM99!! That's more that you can bargain for to try out almost the entire Sekkisei series :D 
Wonder if they are planning on coming out version 2.0 for this featuring their super lightweight BB cream, saw them selling in every kombini (7 eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, etc) in Japan and regretted not grabbing a few, darn.
But worry not as you can find KOSE in Malaysia quite easily, just walk into your nearest departmental store or pharmacy like Muse by Watsons to get them :)

I can vouch for this product entirely as their formula does wonders for my skin, aside from just making it radiant and supple it also lighten up my acne and pimple scars in less than a week, that's how effective it is and if you don't believe my claim a photo can do all the explanation lol.
Religiously using this whole set for 1 week does miracles to the skin, you notice it's much bouncier every morning and scars slowly starts to fade (well aside from random new pimples la) .
Don't have to wear much make up anymore for a flawless look since Kose Sekkisei set has already being doing an amazing job keeping my skin condition in check so far.

But my advice for maximum effect try masking with their Bihadagoyomi mask + lotion at least 2-3 times a week for maximum supple radiance! 
After this people around you would need sunglasses when they meet you because your skin becomes almost god-liek with it's shine*inserts holy background choir*  lololol.

Hey even my eyebags looks less duller! So if you want healthy glowing skin like me, give KOSE SEKKISEI  a try and you wouldn't regret it!

My say on their face wash is definitely a good one just like the rest of their products, don't think i have a single complaint about any of them lol and i am not bias, really! Only need 1-2 pumps is enough to lather and cleanse your entire face leaving it dust & dirt free, paired with their lotion as the following step this is a guaranteed to give your face a "refreshed" sensation before finishing off with their emulsion. Like all their products, they are lightweight making it easy for the skin to absorb without leaving any irritating sticky or oily residues. 

What more can i say about this product except AMAZING?

As they say make up lasts better on a good and well hydrated skin than a dry one, that is why we invest in having a trustable skincare routine before splurging on all the cosmetics out there right?
Make up can hide your flaws but why hide the largest organ (yea, the skin is the largest)  in your body when you can proudly show it off with just a few simple daily steps? And of course taking care of yourself is important too, so make sure to get sufficient sleep and eat well!

With all those done, you'll definitely get the "Glow from Within" lol.

Currently on their official Facebook page, Setsuko-san is also giving very useful skincare tips along with fun quizzes & giveaways, so make sure to connect with them on Facebook to not miss out on the fun! Who knows you might actually win yourself a travel kit from KOSE :D

To win join them on KOSE Malaysia

What's your favourite pick from Kose Sekkisei?
Mine's the lotion!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and till then, we will keep our fingers crossed that i'll win haha :)
Thank you Kose Malaysia & The Butterfly project for this amazing collaboration opportunity,

Pink is the way to go and really, in my photos it feels extra brighter somehow even with normal settings lol, time to tune down the exposure to -0.5 haha!
Good to know the brightening effect from Kose Sekkisei is working!



  1. Thank you for the review! I have been wanting to try kose sekkisei lotion and emulsion, now I may as well purchase the whole kit instead! I have tried their lotion mask from b-glowing and loved it so I should love these as well!

  2. most welcome sammy dear! And i'm glad you found my blog post helpful :)


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